Hermione rounded the corner, oblivious to everything around her. Feeling the broken and jagged brick wall, she slid her body down, using it as a guide. Shaking and shivering, Hermione gripped the end of her denim skirt, her legs were spread slightly as she brought them to her chest. Like a knife in her spine, Hermione's jagged breathing only grew worse. In an attempt to calm herself, she lit a cigarette, holding the match up to her wobbling cig, she inhaled sharply. Crouching over, Hermione let her forehead touch the top of her curved knee. Approaching footsteps did not alarm her the slightest, even with a figure dressed in black before did not scare her.

"For Merlin's sake! Hermione, please get off the fucking ground! You are mess." She didn't even shift. Not one of her wispy curls fluttered. "Hermione, please!" Snape's guttural voice hit the brick and bounced off. It did not touch her.

"Don't make me grab your bloody arm," There was a slight hesitation between bloody and arm, making Hermione lift her head.

When Snape caught sight of her tears he defiantly reached down, gripping her wrist. "I said, get up!" He pulled on her, yanking her to stand.

The top of her curls were level with his chest, forcing him to put his hand on the back of her neck, twisting her head up to have her golden eyes meet the black of his.

"Please," She whispered, ever so softly. Her meek voice fell velvety against his chest.

"I- I'm- It's jus.." His face twisted in agony when he finally understood how much she was truly hurting. She was hurting terribly.

"Fuck me," she muttered under her breath, raising up a single finger to wipe her tears from her sparkling cheeks.

"What?" He asked, stuttering.

"You heard me." She reached out, fumbling for the buttons on his long black coat.

Unbuttoning them viciously, her hands clawed under his vest for his belt.

"Hermione," Snape tried to reach out for her, but saw how determined she was. The mere thought of her wanting him so bad at that exact moment made him become erect to the point that he throbbed for her.

The metal clanging against other metal on his belt resounded gloriously as he pushed her against the wall. He left his belt undone and pants half unzipped. Ignoring the details, he felt his way up between her legs, finding a lacy barrier. Sliding them down over her pale legs, she lifted up her skirt and spread her legs for him. His jaw became clenched, a vein in his neck squeezing out suddenly. He pressed himself against her, his heavy bulge between her legs. As they pressed their open mouths together, Hermione felt him move his strong hands up her legs, reaching his fingers out to touch her wetness. Moaning in sweet ecstasy simultaneously, he lifted her up in his arms. She felt his hardness against her and she ached for him. Opening her legs, Hermione reached down and guided his cock inside of her. Riding him aggressively, Hermione crossed her ankles for security and a better position as she pushed Snape's long raven locks from his face. His left hand moved from the small curvature of her back and up her loose and half-unbuttoned blouse. In a sweet symphony of sounds, Hermione gripped on the back of Snape's head, a low moan escaping her lips.

"Say my name," He grunted, milking her breast tenderly while pushing her roughly against the brick wall.

"Severus," She whispered, barely audible with the rain blanketing the sound in the alley.

"Severus." She spoke, loud enough so he heard her. A bolt of lightning flashed, revealing the glow in each of their lust-filled eyes. In a sudden fury, they both climaxed, following with Snape allowing his fingers to slip into her mouth, dampening her passion cries.

"Yes!" He uttered, allowing himself to fall with her against the wall.

"You expect me to let you stay out here by yourself?" They were seated next to each other in the alley, Hermione huddling against Snape's black-clad chest.

The rain had finally subsided, leaving deep puddles which reflected the moon at the right angle. They were still damp, Hermione's hair frizzing beyond belief and Snape's hair hanging by his face in a stringy mess.

"I'm not staying out here, Severus! I'm going back to my flat. Alone." She said sternly, a soft yet firm attempt to let him understand.

"I'm walking you there, though. I don't feel comfortable with you being out here so late in the dark. There are still suspicious characters around here, even with The Dar-"

"I know who you're referencing. Please don't bother. I can walk a few blocks to my flat. I'm a grown woman."

Suddenly, Snape reached his free arm across his chest to grip Hermione's wrist. "You may be a grown woman, but I will not allow any grown woman to walk in this neighborhood, at this house, alone. Especially a grown woman I am very fond of."

Hermione stared into Snape's glassy, black orbs, wondering what went on in the beautiful brain he had. She did not like the idea of him babying her, but she knew it was all part of his protecting her.

"Fine then. But I don't want you to walk me to the door. I can bloody do that myself." She said, rubbing her arm after Snape freed it. She could see how tightly he gripped it, turning away so that he didn't see the pain well up in her eyes.

"I know you can take care of yourself, I'm just there to oversee." He unfurled his arm from behind her, pushing himself off of the brick wall to stand. Offering his hand for her, he flipped his long, raven hair away from his face.

"Are you ready?" He questioned her, allowing her time to gather herself. Reaching down, Hermione tugged down the bottom of her skirt. As they rounded the same corner she had been at earlier, Hermione looked down to see a button on her top was missing. It had not been that way before their impromptu sex.

"Severus," she giggled, smiling up at him. "What?" He asked, sounding snippy. "You broke a button when you reached under my shirt!" She laughed, her left hand sliding across his back, the right across his chest.

He looked down, hair falling in his eyes, to see the damage he had done. "Oh for Merlin's sake! You look better with your breasts exposed anyway!" He chuckled light-heartedly, his right arm reaching across her shoulders. She blushed deeply, her face feeling the familiar heat rush all around.

"When do you back to Hogwarts?" Hermione inquired, tilting her already pointy chin up towards Snape.

"I return next week. Why are you asking? Did you want to stow away with me in my trunk?" His hands were knotted behind his back, his words tainted with disdain for that reply.

"I didn't mean to seem as if I was interrogating you, Severus. I was just making small talk."

They had been walking for several blocks now, the both of them growing increasingly tired as their walk wore on.

"Do you ever NOT talk?" He spit out, realizing how harsh his words were after they left his mouth. He had no control of his lips, sometimes.

She walked in silence for a few moments, pondering times when she actually held back her thoughts. "Besides answering the pointless questions in your class, I actually stayed relatively quiet." He swiftly whipped his head down in her direction, his eyebrows coming together to form a few wrinkles in fury.

"Pointless questions!" She defiantly walked ahead of him, the anger of his bitterness biting her. "You were never quiet! You blurted out every bloody chance you got! I remember deducting many, many points from your house thanks to your poor lack of self-control. You could never hold your tongue." He spoke loudly towards her, still strolling at his own pace.

She did not reply, though he knew she was brewing something mad in her head. After walking two additional blocks in silence, Hermione stopped in front of a set of cement steps.

"This is my flat. Good night, Severus." She waved him way, the flick of the wrist being enough to give him the idea he should no longer be there.

As she opened the door, Snape continued to stand at the front of her staircase, hoping she would come back down, planting a sweet kiss about his forehead. But of course, she was furious at him. She was giving him the cold shoulder and he couldn't understand why.