Hermione was miserable the moment she walked into her flat. After their little debate, she assumed her relationship with Snape would return to the way it was before. She continued to push him away; not letting him in was easier than explaining everything. She walked over to the fireplace, starting it up. Hermione was still damp from the rain and sitting out in the moist alley. Escaping to her washroom, Hermione performed the laboring task of stripping off her wet clothes and running a scalding shower. The small bit of room was big enough to move around comfortably in. With a porcelain toilet adjacent to the white tub-shower, she usually only stood before the mirror above the sink when standing in the loo.

Finally leaving the washroom, Hermione snuggled herself in the plush white towel wrapped around her body, and untwirled the one on her head. Shaking out her sopping curls, she let the towel around her body slip off before pulling on a pair of grey leggings and a thick purple jumper with a pouch in the front. As she left her bedroom, she stopped by the dark washroom to hang her towels. A familiar scent flooded her nostrils as she exited to the sitting room. "Ow!" She exclaimed after bumping into the table just beside her sofa. Feeling the spot on her hip where the collision occurred, Hermione felt tears spring to her eyes. It wasn't just the pain of the table hitting her, but also the loneliness with Snape not on her sofa or in her bed. She realized how terribly she missed him after she could sense his scent again . 'Must be my wet clothes by the fire,' she thought, after emotionally collapsing onto the plump sofa. Bending her body forward, Hermione slumped her chest against her knees. Suddenly, what felt like a finger journeyed up her spine. Before she could scream, something clasped over her mouth. A black-clad figure straddled her, pushing her back so that her spine was touching the arch of the sofa. Recognizing the face, Hermione was not as frightened, but still equally shocked. Snape s hand covered her sound-permitting orifice, continuing to apply the pressure and weight of his body against her. "Shh!" He muttered, a dark smile smeared across his face.
Her eyes pleaded with him to release her as he moved on top of her. He was dressed in black trousers and a white button-up top underneath a black pea coat. Under his hand, she moaned something and finally he released her, his hand falling to rest comfortably on his thigh.
"What the hell are you doing here!?" She questioned erratically.
"Why do you think I'm here, you little witch? I came here for you." The reacting from his comment on Hermione's face was not one Snape expected. Her face began turning red, clearly boiling with anger. She attempted to push his broad body off of herself, but couldn't because of his force against her. "Severus," She muttered, her jaw jutting out slightly.
"Shh," He whispered, pushing himself against her, taking ahold of each wrist with his hands, his lips finding the sweet spot on her exposed neck. She couldn't move her arms, but she was able to bring her knee up and make contact with his groin. Shouting angrily, he rolled off of her, falling to her right on the sofa and clutching his groin.
"Damn you!" He shouted, his face reddening in anger. "Severus, if I wanted you here, I would have bloody invited you! I don't want you here! I'm in an awful mood!" Her anger soon dissipated to tears, extremely moist and large tears streaking down her cheeks before she even realized. He sat up, tossing one side of his coat over his torso and pushing his streaky black hair out of his eyes. He sat erect, taking a deep breath which permitted his head to move forward as he looked at his young lover. "Well, off you go then. Go to your bloody chambers and stay there. You can be all by yourself!" He looked away from her, towards the glowing fire, wild with fury. Hermione crossed her arms, sniffling, trying to control her lip quivering. "Fine!" She squealed in frustration, finally giving up and turning to sprint down the way to her bedroom.
After slamming the door and slumping against it as she had earlier in the alley, she realized what she had done. Sitting uncomfortably for a few moments, she stood back up, opened the door to let a bit of the light from the fire sneak in and climbed onto her freshly made bed. The thick cream duvet was fluffy and yet ever so light as she slid her exhausted body underneath it. Curling into her ever-familiar sleeping position, Hermione fell into a satisfyingly deep slumber.