Top Secret Love

Meet Juliet. She's a pink penguin. She wears her black belt proudly everywhere she goes. She breaks rules from time to time. But the biggest rule is one she has yet to break. 'Never fall for the enemy' But soon that rule will promptly be shattered before her eyes.

Meet Ashley. She's an orange penguin. She wears her dancing gear proudly everywhere she goes. She has always been a goody-two shoes. And she always keeps her relationships between co-workers professional. But soon she'll fall for a genius co-worker, breaking that streak.

Meet Brittainy. She's a purple penguin. She wears a tour guide hat proudly everywhere she goes. She has a secret relationship with Rookie. She hasn't told anyone. And she doesn't intend to tell, either. But soon she'll be caught, and she'll have to choose. Her love, or her job?

I don't own CP. Also, I'm completely changing the storyline of missions. No flames about any of the changes.

Juliet's POV

I stared up at the large mountain, then looked at my sisters, Ashley and Brittainy. They looked back at me with wide eyes.

According to G, we had to climb this thing, and look around for some sort of hideout that Herbert would be in. He claimed that his polar bar tracker had picked up DNA from there.

"He could've given us the tracker. It definetly would have made this easier" I remarked. Ashley's beak fell open.

"You can't say that about G! He's very capable of being able to fire us!" she cried. I shook my head and turned back to the mountain.

"Brittainy, got the grappling hook?" I asked, with my eyes still on the peak, as if it would shrink if I stared at it long enough.

"Yeah, here" I heard Brittainy mutter. She handed me the rope. I wound up and tossed the hook to the peak of the mountain. I climbed the first few feet, then waited for Ashley to follow. I climbed a few more feet, and then Brittainy was right behind Ashley.

While we were climbing, it gave me some time to think. The first, and last time Brittainy and Ashley met Herbert I was in the hospital with a fractured skull from our last mission. I had dropped off a rooftop, don't ask. Anyway, according to my sisters, Herbert was hideous. Of course they would think that. They weren't the ones who flipped through magazines with animals other than penguins in their free time.

I snapped out of my thoughts when we reached the top. My sisters and I split up to find the hideout.

I spotted a wooden door in the middle of a large rock. It had a sign that read 'H's lair'

'Geez, could this guy be any more obvious?' I thought, irked that there wasn't more of a challenge.

I quickly pulled out my spy phone and called Ashley.

"Hey, Ashley. I found the hideout" I said in a low voice.

"Oh, okay. Well, Brittainy fell onto a ledge, and I have to get her up. So you start him off, and we'll meet you there" Ashley said. I said okay and hung up.

I marched up to the door and, before I could make a move, the door was flung open by who I guessed was Herbert. Though, he wasn't as ugly as Ashley and Brittainy said. Actually, he was kind of... Cute.

I shook my head. Cute? No, I must have been light headed from lack of oxygen or something.

"Hello, I'm a reporter. I'm here to interview the first polar bear ever to set foot on Club Penguin" I said, pulling out a camera... Well, it looked like one. But G rigged it to shoot a net when you press the button.

"Oh, okay" Herbert muttered. He allowed me inside.

"I'd like to go ahead and take some pictures, if you don't mind" I asked politely. He nodded.

I pretended to look through the 'lens' and pressed the button. A net shot out and wrapped around Herbert, and he fell to the ground.

"Ha! The Elite Penguin Force places you under arrest!" I declared. Just then, my sisters came in.

"Aww! You already got him! Darn!" Brittainy whined. I laughed and called G on my spy phone, making sure that Ashley and Brittainy kept an eye on our prisoner.

"Hey, G. You can send Jetpack Guy and his team, we caught Herbert" I said into the phone.

"Excellent! He'll be there soon" was what he responded with. I hung up and went back to glaring at Herbert.

Hmm... He really was cute... Wait. Did I just think that? I shook my head again, trying to get that awful thought out of my mind.

Sure, I've broken rules before. But they were small. Rules like 'Always eat a good breakfast before coming to work' and 'Don't recruit just anyone' I had broken rules like those. But the rule 'Never fall for the enemy, or engage a relationship with the enemy, friendly or romantic' had always meant something. Mostly because I had heard the last agent who broke that rule was not only fired, but they banned her from Club Penguin.

I never fell for the bad guy. Of course, I knew it wasn't under my control. But I had special training. I was trained to not feel any emotions towards bad guys.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Jetpack Guy land outside. Ashley, Brittainy and I dragged Herbert outside, and Jetpack Guy helped us carry him back to HQ. I decided not to think too much on it, and just try and have business as usual.

But that thought was erased when Rookie gave Herbert his spy phone, and the polar bear transported out.

"You three girls are going to need to keep Herbert's antics under control" G said, and my heart sank. I thought this feeling would go away if I never saw Herbert again. But if I was forced to keep him under control, it probably wouldn't. Still, I knew better than to argue with G, so I just nodded.