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We're onto chapter five already, huh? That was quick. We're flying through these pages like…um…like, um…Arc! Arc the Bookworm! Yes, he does fly through pages particularly fast…a quick reader he is…Ahem. Sorry, I was murmuring on about Arc the Bookworm, as I like to call him. You know, because he likes books? And he reads fast? You know what, never mind. Let's get on with the chapter; I assume you're not even listening to my ramblings about Arc anyway…

Anyway thirteen days had past, and it was now the twenty second of December, the date of the ball. The whole kingdom was buzzing with excitement. There were crowds and crowds of people in shops, looking at even more dresses and suits for the occasion. There were even gossipers on the loose, talking about the Princess and their ideas of what she would be wearing.

"No doubt she'll outshine us all." I heard one murmur as I passed them.

"And her date! I can't believe she's going with Ingus!" I had seen a girl swoon just mentioning the dashing knight's name.

How cliché.

I passed the stores with all these fancy dresses in the windows, but I never went in. Why? Because I already had my dress. And in my honest opinion it was quite stunning.

I trusted Luneth and Arc to have their suits already, as well as Refia and Aria to have their dresses. Of course, they did, but Refia and Aria were just in one of the shops looking at different dresses. I was just as confused as the boys were. I stood with them in the shops that day, just watching the girls shuffle from one dress to another. I was getting dizzy with them just going around the shop!

"I don't get it," Luneth began, scratching his head, as they watch the girls flutter around the shop, looking at all of the dresses. "If they already have their dresses, then why are they looking at more? They're hardly going to buy another one, are they?"

"But that's girls for you, Luneth." Arc sighed, as he continued watching the girls around the shop. "I have theory to this. Girls have to go into all the shops and see which dresses are still available, and depending on what dresses are still available in the shop, girls will try and narrow down what 'competition' they have."

"I think I might have to agree with Arc on that one." I murmured, not wanting Refia and Aria overhearing our conversation.

Eventually, the five of us left the tailor shop – without Refia and Aria knowing about our conversation – and went our separate ways, obviously going to get ready for the ball that night.

The day had passed quickly, and the boys eventually began getting ready for the ball. Nina was busy fixing Luneth's bowtie while Arc was making himself presentable in the he mirror.

"Mom…" Luneth moaned.

"Luneth, I want you to look presentable tonight," Nina instructed Luneth. "Especially for everyone at the ball and for your girlfriend."

"But, Mom, she's not my girlfriend!" Luneth moaned again.

"At least not yet anyway." Arc added for Luneth, chuckling a little as he fixed his own bowtie.

"At least Arc can tie his own bowtie, never mind you!" Nina laughed. She stepped away from Luneth and got a good look at him. Her eyes scrolled up and down Luneth. Nina nodded in approval, admiring her work. "Yep. You look great now!"

"What? I didn't look good before?" Luneth asked offended.

Nina chuckled. "You just needed a touch up," Nina walked closer to Luneth and pinched his cheek. "And you still look as handsome as ever!"

"Mom…" Luneth blushed slightly, embarrassed how his mother was cooing over him like she had done when he was a child.

"Your date should be the judge of that." Arc chuckled, walking over to his mother and Luneth.

The two both looked smart – and handsome, as their mother kept telling them over and over – in their black suits and bow ties.

Nina giggled, scanning the boys again up and down with her eyes. "You two look so handsome!"

"How many times have you said that?" Luneth laughed.

"I just can't get over how grown up you both look!" Nina giggled again, pinching the boys' cheeks. "It seems as if I've raised you well!"

"Mom…" The boys bushed, embarrassed by their mothers yet again.

"Boys, you better get going," Topapa smiled as he walked into the living room. "You don't want to keep those lovely girls waiting."

After prepping themselves and making sure they had everything they needed – as well as Nina checking them over again – they headed off to Kazus, where Refia and Aria were waiting for them.

Just as soon as the boys walked in through the door, the girls were already waiting for them. The boys stopped in their tracks, and their jaws were opened wide.

Both of the girls were wearing beautiful dresses, which looked like they were quite a lot of Gil to buy!

Refia was wearing a long, sleeveless light pink dress, which just about reached down to the floor. Her dress was held up by light straps, and on the waistline of her dress, there was a pink bow. The skirt of Refia's dress had a few light pink clear layers on top, and then eventually it got to the actual skirt of the dress. All of the layers of the skirt were puffy. Refia had her hair up in a bun, with a few strands of her hair hanging down.

Aria was also wearing a long sleeveless dress which reached down to the floor, except this dress was a light shade of sky-blue. Her dress was also held up by light straps but on the waistline of her dress, she had a bit of glitter around it. Aria also had a couple of clear sky-blue layers over her dress, and then it eventually got to the skirt of the dress. The layers of her dress were puffy like Refia's. Aria had her hair down as normally, but had a few silver clips in her hair.

The boys stood astounded. They knew the girls were pretty, but they didn't think they would get any prettier! But, it wasn't as if they thought the girls weren't as pretty before, but they…you know what I mean. They thought they were the most beautiful girls they had ever seen, but really, the girls would beg to differ, since they hadn't seen their 'competition'. But the boys really didn't care about that. They really thought their dates were stunning. This was obvious, since the boys' mouths were still wide open.

The girls giggled. They walked over to their dates, and closed their mouths shut. They giggled again.

"You know, you've cleaned up nicely, Luneth!" Refia grinned.

Luneth shrugged his shoulders. "I guess." He grinned, laughing.

"We had to fix him up a couple of times, but hey, he's presentable now." Arc laughed, explaining about Luneth's state before he got more organised.

"Well, as long as you're presentable, that's what matters." Aria smiled. She honestly didn't care less, as long as she was with Luneth.

"We better get going; I don't know about you but I don't want to be late!" Refia laughed, checking over herself for the last time.

"Same here." Arc nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's get going then!" Luneth grinned, interlocking arms with Aria.

Arc done the same with Refia, and sooner than you knew it, the two pairs were off. But they weren't going almost immediately.

Takka – Refia's father – had taken hold of the back of Arc's collar and dragged him back inside, with Refia, Aria and Luneth all waiting outside in the freezing cold.

"I wonder what father wants…" Refia wondered aloud, waiting patiently outside of her house.

"He better not be long with Arc's beatin-I mean talking to!" Luneth began but quickly corrected himself. He began laughing though, with Aria scolding him with his 'immaturity'.

"You better not try anything funny tonight." Takka stared Arc down with those threatening eyes. The kind of eyes that say 'you touch my daughter inappropriately, I'll break you' kind of look. Plus, he had a hammer in his hand. He could be doing anything with it.

"I won't, I won't, I promise!" Arc whimpered, feeling very intimidated by Takka, hoping he wouldn't clobber him with the hammer.

"Oh, well, that's okay." Takka laughed as he tousled Arc's head with his free hand, much to Arc's displeasure. He pointed to the door. "Now, make sure my daughter has a wonderful evening and make her happy."

"Um, o-okay…" Arc stuttered, still feeling intimidated by Takka and his hammer. He walked shakily to the door – and this wasn't the cold, winter weather from outside. As soon as he opened the door, Takka gently pushed him outside and he had fallen face-first into the snow.

"Have a nice evening! Be home by twelve, or else!" Takka shouted out the door before slamming it due to the cool air.

"Arc!" Refia ran in the snow towards Arc to help him onto his feet.

Luneth and Aria walked over to them both.

"I'll be having a stern talk with father later!" Refia huffed, helping poor snow covered Arc to his feet.

"No, really, it's fine…" Arc murmured, dusting the snow off of him.

As soon as the young couple with the extremely overly paranoid father had gotten over the trauma and were made presentable again, the four were finally off to ball.

Sheesh, it sounds like some stupid fairytale. It's stupid. I'm sorry, I don't have my dictionary beside me so I can't look up words in order to make me sound intelligent. Well, I used that word without looking up a dictionary. I must have a wide range of knowledge then. See? There I go again!

Well, I was on my way to the ball at the time, my long, sleeveless black dress trailing slightly behind me. It was just all black with a bunch of jewels on it. And then my hair was just down as normal. So, it was just a matter of sneaking through the top window into the ball. Security would be down and I shouldn't have had a problem. Plus, Luneth would be helping me sneak in. It was all good. Or was it in the end?

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