Kovu and Simba lay by the Water Hole. They were allowed a day of rest-not only because they just came back from a pride of only lionesses-it was a hot day in Pridelands. Kovu looked over at Simba, he was asleep. He thought it was great opportunity to prank him. He tried to be as quiet as possible; he went into the water and started swimming towards Simba. He got over to Simba and carefully tried to drag him into the water. He almost got Simba in, until he muttered, "I would love to see your demise."

Kovu stopped for a little bit, he shrugged and continued dragging him. Then, he yanked on his tail and he fell into the water. Simba emerged and started coughing. Kovu started laughing. "You're such a stupid cunt."

Simba got out of the water and glared at him. He growled, "I was having the best dream."

Kovu regretted asking, "What was it about?"

Simba shook off first, then answered, "You were dead."

For some weird reason, Kovu got out of the water and felt like running away. I have feeling this'll end badly. A smile crept across Simba's face. He informed, "They say some dreams come true. I'll get my paws dirty. But, hey, I'll get my wish."

Kovu asked, "Can I get a head start?"

He sighed, "5 seconds."

"That's it!"


Kovu instantly started running. Simba crouched down and laughed, "Nala was right, you do learn to appreciate Kovu." With a roar, he started chasing Kovu.

In a bush

Kovu hid in a thick bush. He sighed, "Why did I ask? And what happened to Simba being so gracious? He's as gracious as a pack of hyenas fighting for their prey."

"I don't know about the hyenas. But, I found my prey." A voice said. Do I even want to turn my head? He did it anyway. Simba found him already! Kovu let out a girlish scream. He tackled him down.


He pleaded, "C'mon Simba, it was just a joke. Have a sense of humor."

Simba shrugged. "I don't know about that prank, but I think I'll find this very funny."

He unsheathed his claws. Kovu shut his eyes. Where the fuck is everybody? His fate didn't come. He opened his eyes and saw Simba, looking hypnotized. He asked, "What're you staring at?"

He didn't answer. He got off Kovu and lifted him up. Kovu saw what it was, there was a figure lying on ground. It looked dead. Since, curiosity killed the cat, the two walked over to it. They got closer to it, it was another male lion. He had golden fur and a blonde mane. The mane was styled like a mullet. He also was well built. Simba said, "I call dibs."

He bent down to bite him. Kovu stopped him and gave him a disgusted look. "Simba we can't eat him. He may be alive."

Simba sighed, "Nala says I can't eat you, every night. But, you may be right."

"You bet I'm ri-wait, you try eating me?" Kovu asked.


"I thought we were friends."

Simba just looked at him. "Where'd you get that from?"

Kovu was about to say something, until they heard grunting. They looked down and sure enough, it was the lion. His eyes opened up, they were a greenish blue. He asked, "Who are you two?"

Simba answered, "I'm King Simba and that's my co-king, Douche."

Kovu growled, "That's not my name. It's Kovu. Who are you?"

The lion got up. He answered, "Moto."

Simba and Kovu were surprised by his height. He looked like he was bigger than Mufasa. Moto asked, "Where's your pride?"

Simba's eye got small. He laughed, "Whoa! Hold on there, Schwarzenegger. I can't just show you the pride. I don't know if they'll accept you. Not that I don't, I just don't think they will."

Pride Rock

All the lionesses gathered around Moto. There was a lot of commotion.

"He's so cute."

"What pride are you from?"

"Do you have a mate?"

Simba and Kovu watched the whole thing. Simba glared at Moto. Kovu laughed, "Jealous much?"

Simba laughed, "What! Me! I'm not jealous. I mean so what if he's younger, better looking, bigger, and probably make a…better king."

Kovu heard Simba growl. He started laughing. Simba looked at him. He explained, "You're Uncle's genes are showing."

Simba growled, "I'm not jealous. I'm just,"

He stopped when he saw Moto hitting on Nala. He said something to Nala that made her giggle. Anger boiled inside of Simba. Kovu covered his ears. He roared, loudly. They all looked at him. Kovu just ended up laughing harder. He dragged Kovu inside the den.

Main den

Kovu asked, "Why'd you bring me in here?"

Simba took a deep breath. He admitted, "Alright, I'm jealous."

Kovu mocked, "Really?"

"Don't make me smack you to the other side of Africa."

Kovu asked, "What're you gonna do?"

Before he could say anything, Moto came in the den. Simba held back his urge to beat the hell out of him. Moto laughed, "I love your pride, a lot of pretty lionesses, especially that one with the blue eyes…what was her name?"

Simba snarled, "Her name is Nala. My mate."

He didn't seem to care. He asked, "Do you guys fight a lot or something?"

"Don't go near her!"

Moto growled at Simba. Kovu just sat there feeling awkward. He cleared his throat. He asked, "Uh…Moto. So, what brings you to the Pridelands?"

He gained enough composure to answer, "Well, my pride kind of…decreased in numbers."

Simba kind of looked concerned. He asked, "What happened? Was it a drought, hyenas, herds leaving?"

Moto laughed. "No it wasn't any of that. I killed them all."

Simba and Kovu both had a WTF face. Kovu started laughing nervously. He chuckled, "You know for a second there, I thought you said you killed your pride."

"Oh no, I did."

The two just kept staring at him. Simba stammered, "I-It was f-for a g-g-good reason, right?"

He thought for a few minutes. He guessed, "Well, if not doing my absolute bidding is a good reason, then yes. I had to do something. Exile, didn't seem like a good enough punishment. Shun, was too old. So, I kind of got upset one day and I snapped a lioness' neck."

The two kept a WTF face. He continued, "Seeing the fear on their faces gave me an idea. If they don't follow my orders, a random lioness gets killed. I don't know, the first few times seemed really harsh, and then as time went by, I wanted to kill more. That doesn't mean I'm crazy, right?"

Kovu answered, "Hell, ye"

Moto glared at him.

He rephrased, "Hell to the no! That's what I meant to say."

Moto smiled and started walking out. He stopped and turned back around. He informed, "Oh! If you tell anyone about this, you two…are first."

With that, he left out. The two looked at each other and said, "WHAT THE FU"

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