Chapter 1

AN: Grace Days Three is unable to continue on with her stories and has graciously given me permission to continue on with her stories. The first four chapters are the ones she has created. I hope I am able to keep up to her standards. I hope you will enjoy the story.

The woods always made her feel better as she walked through them near her village. Scythe was considered an outcast in her village because she was different from the rest of the villagers even her name was very strange. However she didn't let it bother her Scythe knew how to take care of herself and gather her own food because the villagers rarely let her eat with them. Even if she was an orphan the villagers took no pity on her and it seemed to only intense their hate towards her. Taking a deep breath Scythe enjoyed the smell of leaves of the forest floor and the calmness the forest always seemed to offer her.

"Do you want to be my friend?"

Scythe was suddenly brought out of her thoughts as a little girl no more than the age of six peeked around a tree at her.

"What is your name little one?" Scythe asked politely.

"I am Rin and what is your name?" Rin steeped out towards Scythe.

"I am Scythe and I would love to have you as my friend. I have never had a friend." Scythe smiled down at he little girl.

"Do you want to go to the river with me to catch some fish?" Rin offered.

"Sure I was just about to do that anyway." Scythe began to follow the little girl to the nearby river.

"Rin, you stupid girl you shouldn't run off by yourself or else Lord Sesshomaru will get very mad if something was to happen to you." Suddenly a small green imp came out of the bushes yelling at Rin.

"Who is this little demon Rin is he your friend too?" Scythe wasn't scared of the demon at all.

"Oh, this is master Jaken and he looks after me. Though personally I find him to be a bit annoying." Rin giggled at Jaken's annoyed expression.

"Rin who is this filthy human you are talking to?" Jaken suddenly glared at Scythe.

"This filthy human has a name imp." Scythe glared right back at Jaken.

"Rin, Lord Sesshomaru is leaving soon so come back to camp so we can be off." Jaken decided to ignore Scythe completely.

"Hey Scythe do you want to join us?" Rin asked excitedly.

"Sure if it is okay with this Lord Sesshomaru guy." Scythe knew for a fact that she would not be missed.

"What do you think you are doing Rin inviting scum in the presence of Lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken squawked as he raised his staff in protest.

"Jaken what is taking so long?" Suddenly a silver haired demon walked up to the little imp.

"Um you see my Lord, Rin has invited scum into our group and I was trying to get rid of her." Jaken bowed at his Lord's feet.

"Lord Sesshomaru this is Scythe and I was wondering if maybe she could come with us?" Rin asked timidly as she played with her kimono.

"She may come along." Sesshomaru said nothing more as he inspected the golden haired girl who looked down at her bare feet in nervousness.

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru." Scythe bowed to Lord Sesshomaru trying to stay on his good side. Without another word he turned on his heels and walked away. Rin shouted in happiness as she grabbed hold of Scythe's hand and led her after the inuyoukai. Scythe was a little excited as she was now realizing that her life was about to drastically change for the better hopefully.

"Scythe this here is Ah-Un. They are really nice." Rin ran up to the two headed dragon as she patted their snouts in turn. Scythe had never seen such a creature before but she immediately walked up to the beast without fear and smiled as she let them sniff her hand before beginning to pet them.

"Hey you guys you're really neat looking you know that?" Scythe loved animals and was gently speaking to the two heads as she ran her hands through their manes of soft fur. Discreetly staring at the girl Sesshomaru sensed that something was off with the girl and that she was somehow very different from other humans he had encountered in the past. Her human aura seemed too strong for it to be human but Sesshomaru didn't dwell long for he began to walk away with his small pack following after him including the newest member. Scythe kept whipping her head around taking all of the sights in for she had never ventured far form her village even though she was not welcomed but she felt that it was safer than being by herself in the wilderness. Rin sat on Ah-Un's back as they walked while Scythe walked next to the dragon keeping a hand on his side as she gently stroked him enjoying the feel of his smooth scales under her touch. That night after they made camp and had something to eat Rin excitedly told Scythe all about her travels with Lord Sesshomaru and how they were hunting down an evil hanyou called Naraku. Scythe listened with interest evident on her face. Sesshomaru was sitting propped up against a tree across from them and he was lost in his own thoughts as he observed Scythe. Soon Rin fell asleep exhausted from all the days activities but Scythe was wide awake and quietly got to her feet as she approached Ah-Un.

"Hey you guys, you not tired either?" Scythe gently spoke to the two heads as she began to pet them. Soon Ah-Un was relaxed under her touch as Scythe immersed herself with gently massaging the dragon and Ah-Un laid on his side as Scythe rubbed his soft under belly scales. Smiling at the dragon Scythe had not realized that she was being carefully observed. No matter how he tried to reason with himself Sesshomaru could not shake the feeling that Scythe was more than she presented herself as. Scythe now was massaging the dragon's ears and Ah-Un rumbled in happiness as he leaned into her touch. Sesshomaru could certainly tell that Scythe had a way with animals that most people did not.

"Are you not tired human?" Sesshomaru suddenly spoke to Scythe causing her to jump in a slight startle.

"No Sir, I take a while to fall asleep. Don't worry it is nothing." Scythe didn't like the intense glare that shone in Lord Sesshomaru's golden eyes.

"Sir?" Sesshomaru was taken aback by Scythe's strange word.

"What would you prefer I call you?" Scythe was unsure if Sesshomaru was angry or just intrigued.

"I do not care. Who were your parents' girl?" Sesshomaru suddenly blurted out before he could stop himself.

"I do not know Sir, I never met them they passed when I was very young and the villagers' never told me anything. They hate me for no reason though and I find it a bit strange. I have done nothing to provoke them so I do not understand where their anger is emanating from." Scythe turned her attention back to Ah-Un as she continued to gently massage their ears.

"Hm." Was all Sesshomaru responded with before resuming to stare at the girl's back lost in his thoughts.