Chapter 4

"Where we going Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked in an innocent voice.

"To my castle." Sesshomaru responded without stopping to look back. Subtly looking back Sesshomaru could see that Scythe was uncharacteristically quiet. Focusing his attention to the front Sesshomaru kept walking. Scythe had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that something bad was going to happen and she didn't know what it was. Suddenly the air turned green and Sesshomaru snarled viciously before taking a fighting pose and Scythe was right behind him in case he needed back up not like she had a weapon or anything. Suddenly Sesshomaru's body went lax and he toppled backwards and Scythe was not fast enough to escape and got pinned under him. Gasping for breath Scythe heard a couple of her ribs crack and it also seemed that one of Sesshomaru's swords had impaled her in the side. Gathering her strength Scythe tried to push Sesshomaru off of her but her arms shook with fatigue before she flinched in pain as her injuries flared up.

"Scythe are you okay?" Rin asked as she could not see the girl.

"Rin… can you….get my water…jug from …Ah-Un's saddle and …try to wake …him up?" Scythe instructed Rin between gasps. Rin did as she was told and dribbled some water on Sesshomaru's face and soon enough he opened his eyes groggily.

"Get…Up." Scythe all but growled between her clenched teeth. Sesshomaru just then realized that he was laying on someone and got up quickly. Scythe slowly rolled onto her side where she wrapped an arm around her ribs and took deep gulps of air.

"For someone...who doesn't eat you…sure weigh a lot." Scythe had her eyes closed in pain as she tried to focus on getting to her feet.

"Scythe you are injured!" Rin gasped as she saw the blood begin to seep through Scythe's clothes.

"Rin I will live it is okay." Scythe tried to calm down the panicking little girl.

"Sesshomaru do you have an extra piece of cloth?" Scythe now opened her eyes and looked up at Sesshomaru who was standing over her observing her silently. Without saying a word to her he went over to a fast asleep Ah-Un and pulled out an extra strip of cloth from his saddle bags. Hissing in pain Scythe wrapped the cloth around her side covering the open wound.

"You should not stand so close behind me." Sesshomaru told Scythe as he felt a twinge of guilt upon seeing and smelling the girls pain.

"Thank you for the advice unfortunately the lesson was learned the hard way." Scythe replied with a pained smile. Suddenly Rin screamed and both Scythe and Sesshomaru looked at the girl.

"What…what is that?" Rin pointed to a cluster of bushes where a little white head was poking out of.

"Arrow you didn't follow me all the way from the village did you boy?" Scythe greeted the strange looking creature who gave a happy chirp and ran to the girl.

"Scythe what is that?" Rin asked a little curious as she watched the creature circle Scythe.

"This is a ferret some time ago a ship from a foreign country came by and someone got him and he has been in our village ever since. You see the red arrow like mark on his forehead? That is why he is named Arrow." Scythe explained to Rin who timidly reached out to pet the ferret. Scythe was still in great pain and was struggling to get to her feet when she felt a supporting arm. Looking startled Scythe saw that it was no one other than Sesshomaru who was helping her up.

"Thank you." Scythe stumbled a bit before she could properly walk without doubling over in pain. Arrow climbed up Scythes leg and onto her shoulder where he licked her face with his little pink tongue.

"Hey there boy did you miss me? I wonder if the village misses you?" Scythe scratched the ferrets little white head. Sesshomaru did not have any opinion to the sudden new addition but he could sense that there was something not quite right with the little creature.

"Scythe are you well enough to travel?" Sesshomaru asked Scythe.

"Yeah just not so fast." Scythe replied.

"Milord what just happened I was walking when suddenly the green smoke came and I don't remember anything else." Jaken just came around and sat up rubbing his head with his little hands.

"It seems that Naraku has a new weapon." Sesshomaru responded as he began to walk and Ah-Un was waking up as well and was soon on his feet and Scythe rested some of her weight on him as they walked. Sesshomaru was impressed that the girl could hide her pain so well. If it had been anybody else they would not have made it back to their feet. Rin was giggling as Arrow had decided to go and have a sniff at her and was climbing all over her shoulders causing her to giggle happily. Scythe was smiling as she watched him interact with the little girl and was glad that he was such a nice animal and not a biter.

"I think he likes you Rin." Scythe told Rin after some time.

"We shall camp here for the night." Sesshomaru suddenly announced to the small group. Scythe was very grateful for she had accidently re-opened her wound a while back and was slowly loosing blood. Sesshomaru smelt the blood a while back and was waiting for Scythe to say something about stopping and attending to her injures but she stubbornly stayed quiet and after some more traveling Sesshomaru sensed that Scythe was loosing a dangerous amount of blood.

"Stop the bleeding or you will bleed out tonight." Sesshomaru told Scythe as he went off into the woods to go hunting. With shaky fingers Scythe fumbled with the strip of cloth she had around her side and she undid the cloth before she retied it tighter causing the bleeding to stop.

"Are you sure you are going to be okay?" Rin asked as she now saw Scythes blood soaked side.

"Yes little Rin I will be fine." Scythe reassured the girl though at the moment she was not feeling very sure herself. Soon Sesshomaru came back with a boar and he gutted it and cleaned it at a nearby river. Scythe was too tired to stay awake and watch Sesshomaru prepare the meat as fascinating as it was and soon her eyelids drooped shut as her breathing evened out and Scythe was fast asleep propped up against Ah-Un's side. As Sesshomaru prepared dinner he wondered if the girl was going to make it through the night with all her blood loss. Arrow had taken a spot in Scythe's lap and soon was fast asleep as well.

"Lord Sesshomaru I think Scythe has a fever she is sweating." Rin pointed out the sweat drops appearing on Scythe's brow.

"Hm." Sesshomaru instructed Jaken to wet a rag in the nearby river and put it on her brow to try and bring her temperature down. Jaken grumbled a bit but obeyed his master anyway. Scythe mumbled deliriously in her sleep as her fever went up a couple of degrees. Deciding that the rag just was not going to do it Sesshomaru picked up Scythe and walked to the river when suddenly Arrow shot out from between his legs chattering angrily. Sesshomaru ignored him and kept walking and soon he was at the rivers edge and he dunked Scythe into the cold water ignoring the fact that she was fully clothed and soon Scythe opened her eyes and looked at Sesshomaru before her eyes closed again. Sesshomaru sure had a long night ahead of him. Arrow was sitting at the rivers edge watching everything while chattering nervously. Sesshomaru ignored the little creature while he felt Scythes body temperature cool down in his arms. When Sesshomaru was comfortable with Scythe's cool temperature he brought her back to camp laying her back in her spot propped against Ah-Un. Sesshomaru ddid not fail to notice how the water turned red when he dipped her in the water and was glad to rid her of the smell of old dried blood for it would surely give away their spot or encourage an attack.