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Chapter 1

The sun's heat beat down on the earth relentlessly. The trees did their best to stop its light from reaching down to the lone figure walking through the woods. Dressed in a black muscle shirt, gray shorts, and black knee high boots was Lillian Blake. A black bandana covered the bottom half of her face, a pistol rested on her hip, and a silver baseball bat was held with a ready grip in her right hand. The clothes made her appear like some kind of warrior but the backpack on her back though not too heavy gave the look of a wary traveler.

Wary she was indeed. Ever since this whole thing went down, Lily went into survival mode. She admitted that the mode itself had to be tweaked due to some of her mistakes, but now she was sure that she had it right because it was this mode that she was in for so long that had gotten her this far. Without it she was sure that she would be dead, or worse, a geek.

Not for a second did she let her guard down as she continued through the woods. That was a one way ticket to getting killed out here. But her senses weren't like that of a dog or cat. They were average which only motivated her more to pay attention to detail and to be on the lookout. Her life depended on it.

The woods were pretty quiet. Daryl only managed to catch a few squirrels but even they were starting to be hard to track down. Nevertheless he endured and kept up the hunt.

Soon he came across a deer. A small grin formed as he approached it. He cursed mentally as the deer moved and continued doing so as Daryl silently inched closer.

Then the deer took off.

Something caught its attention, something that most certainly was not Daryl but something at a distance. The way its ears twitched about, listening intently told Daryl that something else was out there and possibly headed in the direction of the deer. It didn't really matter what it was, all Daryl cared about was getting his deer. He made haste and followed the tracks left behind.

Lily had awkwardly packed her baseball bat into the backpack and pulled out the tranquilizer gun she carried. One of the things she picked up from a group she stayed with. She rarely used it and only used it for big game such as deer. Guns were too loud and she carried a knife which allowed her to give her kills the sweet fantasy of dying in their sleep.

One deer happened to catch her eye and she followed it. She kept a safe distance from it and followed it for what seemed like forever. The deer seemed to only stop for a few seconds before moving on. At one point it just took off, but fortunately Lily kept up with it and continued pursuing it.

It came to a stop and she waited. The deer stayed still for a few seconds before picking at some grass on the ground. Lily let the deer continue doing so before she pulled the gun up to her shoulder. She looked through the scope she attached to it and aimed. A smile spread across her lips as her index finger lightly squeezed the trigger.

Daryl had his crossbow up and ready. He put his finger on the trigger and exhaled.

Both Daryl and Lily pulled the trigger to their respective weapons of choice, but they did not expect the deer to move.

Daryl cursed as his arrow flew through the air, but Lily's eyes widened as she saw the arrow through her scope. Before she could let out half a gasp, the arrow shot into her bicep and before Daryl knew it he felt something pierce his skin between his shoulder and neck.

"Wha-," he said as he pulled out whatever hit him. It was green and had a fuzzy thing at the end. Before his mind registered what it was he blacked out and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The deer had fled and Lily was left on her knees, gawking at the arrow stuck in her arm.

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