Author's Notes: The following is "episode" 3 in my "A Look In The Mirror" series, which takes the Viper series starting in 1994 in a whole new direction, circumnavigating the syndicated series (partly because I've never seen it... or at least not much of it). But anyways, Viper and its original characters belong to Pet Fly (the car to Dodge) and this series and any characters I add belong to me, so if you want to use any of this for your own stories please ask first via e-mail. Enjoy!

Summary: Sally Gerraro has a dark past, one that endangers her career as a police lieutenant and her life unless Joe and the Viper team can help her before it's too late to save either...

The day after tomorrow...
A time when criminals rule the city.
The only weapon that can stop them needs a driver.
"A man without a memory can be supplied with one...
"After a little cosmetic fine-tuning he'll be our driver."
"Let's initiate change over."
"Three... two... one... Activate."
The most wanted man on wheels is about to change sides.
Now, against a corrupt system, a lone fight for justice...
Viper is taking back the streets.

~ * ~ *~ * ~

Evil Overlady


A buxom blonde in revealing tight black leather strode across the headlights of the braked golden corvette into the center of the street before a navy-blue Toyota STX. Both cars rumbled.

Spike-heeled boots stabbed pavement and a crimson handkerchief hung from one hand.

A pink bubble popped before her lips and she chewed lazily, jingling cone-shaped earrings.

The scarf rose slowly high above her head, waited, and she karate-chopped the air.

The cars were off, screaming tires tearing up the pavement.

The blonde chewed a few more times and smiled.

Several blocks down, gold and blue cut a corner, scraping sidewalk.

Gold swerved at Blue. Blue moved with it like an elegant ballet.

Gold moved back, feigning defeat, then struck hard and fast, crumpling navy metal.

Blue squealed but met the attack, locking sides, pushing against each other.

They were approaching a streetlight at high speed, the lights flipping from green to gold.

An old brown Pinto was purring up the side road, oblivious to the danger.

Red glared.

Blue still pushed against Gold, fighting for supremacy and finally gaining road.

The Pinto pulled out.

Blue screeched to a long ear-shattering halt.

The old man in the pinto looked up and screamed.

Blue bumped it but no more. A female voice within cursed.

Gold sped off down to the finish line, the winner of tonight's illegal race.

The old man stared, face whiter than usual.

Brown hair tossed and a pair of fists abused the steering wheel.

Lieutenant Sally Gerraro had a lot to answer for...