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Evil Overlady


Police swarmed the abandoned warehouse district, collecting whatever punks had decided to try their luck at retrieving the shipment of weapons, and they weren't few in number.

Kisko whistled when he saw the scene Gerraro had somehow known to direct him to.

"I swear to you! I'm telling the truth!" an old man yelled, handcuffed and being hauled away. "It was a car that changed shape and color! Red one minute and gray the next!"

Kisko turned his gaze to the slowly lightening sky as a gold car sped down a distant road followed by a red one.

Kisko smiled. He seemed to recall some mention of a Metropol project involving some sort of high-tech pursuit vehicle. His partner had once taken an interest in it. Official records said it was destroyed.

Now, he wondered what sort of dark secrets his fiery partner kept hidden from the world at large...