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Can We Not Grind?

I want to punch Edward Cullen in the gut. No, correction. I want to take a meat tenderizer to his precious little head. Wait, correction again. I want to put him through a meat grinder and watch him get pulverized. He's pissing me off. Like really really pissing me off. Most people must wonder what in the world he did that made me so angry.

He touched my boob…again. He claimed it was an accident but seriously, I wasn't born yesterday. I've told him repeatedly that I don't want him groping me, but he responds saying that its "practice for the future". The boy thinks he's going to marry me. No way.

It's not that I don't find him attractive. No, he's definitely attractive, but he's a big douchebag. He's smart and extremely musically gifted…I'll give him that, but he can't stay with one girl long enough to know her favorite color. When I ask him why he does it he says that it's "practice for when we get together so I can be an amazingly explosively wonderful kisser".


"You look like you're a bomb ready to explode" I hear my friend Alice say.

"Yeah, Edward decided to grope me at lunch today" I muttered, "He needs to keep his hands to himself, I don't know where they've been"

"Oh come on. You know if his lifestyle was different you'd be all over him"

"Yeah right" I say sarcastically. No way am I ever going to give Edward Cullen a chance, no matter how good he smells, or how strong his arms look, or how messy and soft his hair looks…ok shut up brain!

I don't date players. They go against everything I believe in.

I believe in solid, committed relationships, not quick makeout session in the janitors closet with a different person everyday. Alice says it's because I tend to have stronger emotions than others, which leads me to get attached too quickly. She wants me to drop this trait of mine so I can have one night stands once we get to college. She's weird but she's my best friend.

"Emmett's throwing a party tonight" Alice says.

"He throws one every week"

"Nah, just once a month. His parent's are really cool ya know? Big parties are ok as long as there is no alcohol involved"

"His parents are also Edward's parents" I state, "I wonder where that one went wrong"

"Oh Bella" Alice laughs, "You'll be there right?"

"Maybe, as long as Edward doesn't try to grope me again."

"You like it when he does that, you just won't admit it"

I blushed.

"I don't know…"

"Yes you know." She says firmly, "It's Friday and we have a three day weekend. You are not backing out of this!"

So that's why I'm currently sporting a really nice curling iron burn on my neck. I've been with Alice for the last two hours, trying to make myself look nicer than usual. Unfortunately I'm not the most coordinated person in the world and I burned myself with a curling iron. Alice quickly tended to it, adding ice and a special cream. Luckily it feels fine now, but it's an ugly red color.

"Maybe I should do this" Alice says, taking the iron out of my hand. I let her.

Ten minutes later, she's done and working on her own hair while I dig through her closet. She gives me permission to wear whatever I want from there are long as I don't tear any of her precious designer fabrics. I tell her that they are just cotton but she claims that they are "better than normal cotton", I can't really argue with that.

I've picked out a nice bandage dress and low heels. It's a really nice coincidence that Alice and I are the same size, except her boobs may be a big bigger than mine…

"Ready to go?" Alice asks, putting on earrings while trying to put on her shoes at the same time.

"Yeah" I say, grabbing my clutch and following her to her car. She has a nice car, I'm slightly jealous because my car is a big truck that always clanks. Hers glides along the road silently and can go more than 50 miles per hour. Lucky.

She drives us to Emmett and Edward's house. Edward and Emmett are brothers, twins actually, even though they look nothing alike. Emmett is bigger and more muscular with dark hair, and Edward is lankier with bronze hair. They're both tremendously attractive though.

We park along the road and see that the party is already in full swing. There were a few people sitting around a fire pit outside roasting marshmallows. Lauren Mallory and Tyler were making out by a tree.

"Lovely sight isn't it?" Alice mutters, gesturing to Lauren and Tyler. Tyler had his tongue down her throat and she was stroking his butt.

"I hope that was sarcasm"

We walk into the house and see a lot of people dancing to music with too much bass. You couldn't even hear the lyrics because the bass was turned up so high. I saw Emmett walking around with a big bucket of sodas, offering them to everybody.

"Hi Bella" I heard a smooth voice say. On no.

"Hi Edward" I say as politely as I can, not turning around.

"I'm glad you came" He says, "You look hot."


"I'll leave you two alone" Alice says, walking away to find Jasper most likely. Jasper is Alice's boyfriend. They are so cute together it makes me want to puke sometimes.

"Just you and me" Edward says, "Want to dance?"


"Ok. How about make out. Do you wanna make out?"


"Geez, loosen up"

He grabs my shoulders and shakes me a bit. I notice his hands slowly creeping down and I slap them.

"Ow!" He exclaims. I finally turn around to face him, giving him a mean glare.

"Don't do that" I say.

He gives me a smirk and a funny look. I narrow my eyes.

"You're hot when you're angry" He says, wiggling his eyebrows.

I huff and walk away. Ignore him Bella, he's just a player trying to get you. Don't let him have you. You'll just be another one of his girls.

"Hi Bella" I look and see Jacob Black looking at me with his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, hi Jake" I say.

"Do you want do dance or something?" He asks.

Jake is cute. He has this adorable puppy dog face that is hard to say no to. I think he might have a tiny crush on me. It's quite cute.


So he leads me to where a bunch of people were grinding and fist pumping.

"Can we not grind?" I ask.


So we just dance along to the beat, his hands on my waist and my arms thrown around his neck. I'm actually quite enjoying myself. Jake is really warm and it's comforting. I look at him and he throws me a cute smile.

Our dancing is interrupted by the devil.

"What the freak?" I hear, and then I am pulled away from Jake. I give a glare to Edward, who rudely interrupted us.

"I should say the same!" I yell, "I was having fun!"

"With him?" Edward asks incredulously.


"What about us?"

"What do you mean?"

"I can't believe you would do this to me!"

"What the heck Edward?"

"I'm hurt Bella. I thought we had something"

I groan and shove him.

"We have nothing."

At his point Jake looks a bit scared and looks between me and Edward. Finally he stutters out a goodbye and then runs off.

"Congrats, you scared him off. I was enjoying myself with him" I spit at Edward.

"He's not a real man. I'll show you a real man. Dance with me"









"Yes—I mean—no!"


And then I find myself in Edward's arms. He presses his body against me and smirks. Then he looks down at my and frowns.

"Who gave you that hicky?"

"What hicky?"

"The one on your neck?"

I groan and think about my curling iron burn.

"I don't like you with other men Bella" He whispered into my ear, "It makes me jealous"

"It's a burn Edward. And we're not even together Edward"

"We can be"

"I'm not going to be another one of those girls you get together with and then dump. I'm not that type of person"

"I wouldn't do that to you"

"Sure you wouldn't"

He grips he tighter and I find myself enjoying the way he feels a bit more than I want. He's really strong and he smells good. I try to take a deep breath without him noticing that I'm sniffing him. Luckily he doesn't notice. He's too busy kissing my neck. Ok. This has gone too far. I quickly shove him off of me.

"Hey!" He says with a pout.

"That's it Edward" I say.

He huffs like a little boy then walks away muttering words I can't really understand.

I decide to get a drink in the kitchen. From the corner of my eye I see Edward dancing with Jessica Stanley. I roll my eyes.

I refuse to fall for Edward Cullen, no matter how hot and charming he is.

You walk in the room, and all the girls talk
I guess you get used to most of them fallin'
Down at your feet
'Cause you got the charm and the debonair down
So tall and dark like you just came out
Of some kinda fairytale dream

Baby, you're something
But I'm not your Cinderella
You're not the one-in-a-million fella
Slipper ain't gonna fit me
Give my regards to Mr. Disney

Oh, I'm not Sleeping Beauty
One kiss alone won't do it to me
Hate to be the one to tell ya
Oh, but I'm not your Cinderella

Not Your Cinerella—Payton Rae

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