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3. No Thanks, Romeo.

The rest of my night flows smoothly like water. I end up finishing my homework around midnight thanks to Edward's rude interruption.

I'm grouchy in the morning. I grumble and groan as I wash my face and brush my teeth. I stumble around cursing the fact that I have to go to school today. My bed looks really inviting. It's really toasty, warm, and It's calling my name. It's asking me to come back.

Oh my bed, how I wish I could.

Too bad I have school.

Speaking of school, guess who greets me again as I walk into class? Surprise, surprise, it's Edward. He is wearing a dark blue shirt that looks really good with his skin tone and I hate how attractive he looks leaning against the wall. He looks me up and down as I walk in and grins.

"How's my favorite girl today?" He asks


"Aw, want doctor Edward to make it better?"


I think I say the word 'no' to him more than any other word.

"I had a great time last night" He says.

I see Jessica's head snap up and she looks over at us. I can see her eyes calculating. She's trying to figure out what exactly we were up to last night. By the scowl on her face, she's clearly thinking about more than just talking. She sneers at me and flips her hair over her shoulder.

Edward walks me over to my seat and smiles before he sits down. Jessica has her claws on him as soon as he plops down. She's shamelessly flirting with him. He flirts back, looking at me every so often. I ignore him.

Alice and Jasper are having a lunchtime rendez-vous in her car so I'm eating with Rosalie today. Rosalie is Emmett's girlfriend. She's freaking gorgeous and knows it. She doesn't flaunt it too much, which is what I like about her. She's down to earth and caring. She and Emmett are practically made for each other.

Emmett is with us too and he's scrambling to finish homework while Rosalie munches on an apple.

"What's fifteen times thirteen?" He asks.

"I'm not a calculator" Rosalie says.

I'm not either because I can't come up with an answer for the life of me. Maybe it's because I'm not really trying to multiply numbers in my head, but still…I hate mental math.

Emmett sighs and pulls a big graphing calculator out of his backpack and mumbles about hating math before turning back to his work.

I love Emmett. He's a lovable guy. In fact, he has more friends than I can possibly imagine. It's like every single person in the school knows him and he has well over one thousand facebook friends. He's really caring too, which is nice. Him and Rosalie are clearly in love even though they tease each other all time. I wish Edward were more like his brother.

"Mike is throwing a party this Friday" Rosalie says out of the blue.

"Oh yeah, I know" Emmett says, "I'm there. Are you Bella?"


"You should go" Emmett says, "Mike always has good stuff at his parties. He always gets a keg and it's so funny to see him get wasted"

"I don't drink"

"I don't either" Rosalie adds, "And you better not Emmett—not for another few years"

"Of course Rose" He grins. He's so lying.

"Good" Rosalie says.

"Drinking is not required" Emmett says, "Rose is going because she's with me, but you should too Bella."

"Alright, as long as things don't get too crazy"

"I'll strike a deal" Emmett starts, "If things get too crazy let me know, and I'll get you home so you don't have to be uncomfortable"

"Thanks Emmett"

See what I mean? He's so much nicer than his brother.

Life continues as usual for the rest of the week. On Thursday, I stress most of the day about a physics test that I'm sure to fail because I was working on an essay rather than studying. I vow to never wait to write an entire essay the day before it's due ever again. I know I won't keep that promise.

When Friday rolls around, I'm just excited for the weekend. This week has been too long and I want to take a breather. Alice and I are headed to Port Angeles tomorrow to do some quality shopping. Alice says that her credit card has been crying from lack of use. I love that girl.

At around seven o'clock I head over to Rosalie's place to get ready for Mike's party together. Alice is already there, and she's squeezing her legs into a pair of too tight skinny jeans as I walk into Rosalie's room.

"Glad you're here" Rosalie says, "Hair irons are in the bathroom, you can hang your clothes on the green hanger in my closet before you change into them."

She continues to dab on lipstick.

I reach into my large tote bag and pull out my makeup bag and change of clothes. For this event I decide to sport a shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt. I decide to wear a pair of gladiator wedges on my feet.

We all get ready in silence, Rosalie occasionally breaking the silence with gossip.

"Lauren and Tyler hooked up last weekend after Emmett's party"

"No surprise" Alice says.

"They did it in Lauren's parents' room"


"Yeah, apparently they have a giant comfy bed."


Lauren is really disgusting.

If my dad caught me having sex in his bed…well let's just say there would be a few gunshots, a lot of screaming and crying.

"Alright girls" Rosalie says, "Emmett's picking us up in five minutes. Let's finish up"

We quickly apply final coats of lipgloss and smooth out our outfits before walking downstairs.

Emmett is already waiting outside in his giant jeep. Behind him—oh no. Behind him is Edward's silver Volvo. What is he doing here?

The two boys get out of their cars and walk over to us. Jasper is with them. Emmett gives Rosalie a quick kiss and Jasper and Alice hug. I look at Edward and he's looking at me expectantly, nodding his head towards the two happy couples. I just roll my eyes at him.

"What are you doing here?" I ask

"Picking you up"



"Thanks, but you don't need to"

"I want to. We never get to spend time together"

"You were over at my house earlier this week"

"It's not enough"

I push past him and follow Alice and Rosalie over to Emmett's car. No way I'm riding with Edward.

He doesn't think the same though. He grabs my arms and walks me over to his car.

"Oh no you don't" He says, "You're riding with me."

"Save me" I mouth to Alice. She gives me a wave and climbs into Emmett's car. I take back what I said about loving her. Right now I'm not too happy with her.

I reluctantly get into Edward's car and he reaches over to buckle my seatbelt for me, his hands lingering too long on my hips. I don't think he can take a hint.

We ride in silence over to Mike's house, which isn't too far away. He keeps looking over at me.

"Your lips are shiny" He says.

"It's lipgloss" I say

"What flavor?"

"Strawberry, why do you care?"

"I want to know what it'll taste like when I kiss you"

"Keep dreaming"

I wore the lipgloss because I thought that guys didn't like kissing girls who had gunk all over their lips. An Edward repellent. I'm clearly wrong.

We arrive at Mike's house, and it's hard to find someplace to park because there are so many cars already. Lauren and Tyler are making out by the bushes again. I shudder when I think about them and her parents' bed. That is wrong on so many levels.

"We're here" Edward says, "Want me to help you out?"

"No thanks Romeo"

He chuckles, but runs around the car to open my door for me anyway. Its actually kind of sweet.

"Let's hit this club!" Edward shouts, grabbing my hand and running with me into Mike's house.

I've never been to any of Mike's parties before and now I see why. There are people with red solo cups everywhere, dancing like crazy. Mike himself is standing on a table doing the cat-daddy while people around him cheer him on. Some guy takes his phone out a snaps a picture of Mike.

"Want something to drink?" Edward asks.

"Not beer" I say.

"Alright" He says.

I stand where I am, taking in my surroundings. Mike has hung up a disco ball that's reflecting rainbow lights everywhere. It looks like a Vegas club gone wild, and I look out the window and see a boy puking in the trees. Gross.

Edward comes back with two cans of Coke. We pop them open and he leads me over to an open couch a bit away from the crazy dancing. I think Mike is taking his shirt off. Avert eyes right now.

"Enjoying yourself?" He asks.


"You don't have to lie. We can go somewhere else if you want"

"Nah. I'm fine here." He's getting a bit too close to me so I scoot away a bit.

"I'm glad you don't drink" He says to me.

"Thanks, I guess"

"I hate girls who drink. They have no clue how much they are harming their bodies"

I look at him, shocked at his admission. I would've thought he didn't mind drinking. Maybe even doing some himself.

"Wow Edward" I say, "That's surprising"

"I guess it's just something you didn't know about me. There's a lot you don't know" He says this solemnly.

"Yeah I know"

"Maybe we can get to know each other."

I look at him suspiciously.

"I'm Edward Cullen, eighteen years old, senior at Forks high. My favorite color is blue and I play the piano and guitar"

He gives me a 'it's your turn' look.

"I'm Bella Swan, also eighteen, also a senior. I like green and I don't play any instruments"

He smiles at me.

"See that wasn't so hard. We're getting to know each other!" He says happily.

I don't respond to him. I can hear cheering from the party and a girl screaming "Mike you have fabulous legs!" Looks like the pants came off. Let's hope that nothing else comes off after that. If anybody gets naked, I'm out.

Edward looks at something behind me and then grins like a Cheshire cat.

"Let's go!" He says, pulling me up.


"They're playing spin the bottle!"

I'm being dragged off now. I liked him a lot better when he wasn't trying to get with me.

I got close
To your skin
While you were sleeping
I taste the
Salt on
Your hands
I reached out
To touch you
The morning light disarms you
Won't you let me

How long till your surrender?
How long till your
It's a long way
For heart break
Let your heart wait and bleed
How long till your surrender to me?

Your Surrender—Neon Trees

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