All the windows down! Woohoo! Caroline shouted along with her best friend as the chorus boomed throughout her car. Their windows were in fact down as they drove haphazardly through the neighborhood. Whatever quiet serenity the community had was long gone before the song even ended. It was a normal routine that occurred every Monday through Friday after the seniors' school day. Many of the neighbors were looking forward to their graduation day.

The two blonds sang/shouted the final Woohoo! then burst into giggles at their obnoxious performance.

"I think we killed it that time." Caroline announced with an award-winning grin while Rebekah turned the radio's volume lower.

Rebekah rolled her eyes, a similar smile on her lips. "At least, we were better than last time."

"Way better." She agreed. She turned the car effortlessly into the long driveway of her friend's mini-mansion. No matter how many times Caroline stayed over, she couldn't get over the glamour of it. Rebekah refused to say what exactly her father did to supply, but based on the size and contents of the mansion Caroline decided he had to be either a hired assassin or the creator of Facebook. Despite having known Rebekah's father for what felt like forever, she was leaning towards the hired assassin profession. The man was freaky as hell, a trait that hadn't faded with familiarity.

Caroline parked the car in front of the huge castle-like home as if it were her own and followed her friend to the door. The ornate piece swung open and the view was replaced with a smirking young man.

"Welcome home, Bekah and Friend." He greeted as his sister brushed passed him.

"We've been through this, Kol." Caroline shook her head in disapproval as she followed Rebekah into the home. "I have a name." She stopped, turning her head to give him a disapproving glare.

"Ah, yes. What was it again?" He tapped his chin with a finger, feigning consideration as he took a step closer. "Clarice? Candice? Cathy?" His eyes were bright with amusement.

"Ignore him, Caroline." Rebekah grabbed her friend's hand and pulled her away and up the stairway. "He's still offended at your refusal to sleep with him."

"An offer which is always on the table." He interjected.

"Kol, leave the girls alone." A cool voice ordered, pausing the two girls as it echoed throughout the open space. Kol made a face at his elder brother stepping from the connecting library into the scene. Caroline's lips formed a genuine smile and she wordlessly hurried down the few steps she walked to his location. He watched her progress towards him, unable to contain the soft chuckle he lets out when she pulls him into a hug.

It had been ages since she had seen Elijah, a fact that she despised immensely. Ever since she and Rebekah had become friends, she had seen him as a stand-in big brother for the one she never had. He always played the part beautifully; at times, protective and at others, preachy.

"It's good to see you too, Caroline."

"What does a man have to do to get a welcoming like that?" Kol complained, leaning against the banister.

Caroline pulls back and points her finger at him. "When you become a man, we'll talk." A smile tugged at her lips and her blue eyes danced.

"Oh, you wound me, love." He held a hand to his heart dramatically.

Caroline ignored his theatrics and returned her attention to the elder. "Rebekah didn't tell me you were visiting."

"It must have slipped my mind." Her friend appeared beside her, arms crossed in front of her chest. Rebekah's jaw was tense and the look she gave her brother was less than heart warming.

"It was a last minute decision to come and visit-a surprise visit, really."

Rebekah rolled her eyes, "Come on, Caroline. We need to get started on our homework." She turned without a glance towards her brothers and started back up stairs.

"She's right, but it's really nice to see you again, Elijah." She waved good-bye before she followed her moody friend to her room.

"What was that about?" She asked once the door shut behind her, eyebrows raised. Rebekah didn't look up from her place on the queen-sized bed.

She flipped a page in her new copy of Vogue. "What was what?"

"The whole attitude with your brother?" She walked across the room and settled herself next to the other blond. "Did he forget to bring a gift this time?" She half-joked.

Her friend looked up and made a face. "I'm not that conceited,


"Well then what is it?"

Rebekah sighed in exasperation and threw her magazine to the carpeted floor. "He brought a girl with him." Her voice was dull, hiding the array of emotions the subject stirred in her.

"Oh." Caroline responded, comprehension dawning. She had realized long ago, when the two were in second grade, just how-possessive her friend could be of her family. Katie Rodgers, the unlucky girl who had been in crush with Kol, wasn't aware of the strong characteristic until she found herself locked in the janitors closet for a whole school day. "What's her name?"

"Katerina." She spoke with a snobbish tone. "But Elijah is the only one that calls her that. Everyone else calls her Katherine."

"What do you call her?"

"Nothing. I don't speak to her."

Caroline bit her lip, considering a change of a lighter topic. Her eyes brightened, "Matt was totally flirting with you in Physics today!"

"What?" She noticed the rush of blood in her friend's cheeks. Her eyes flitted to the comforter. The atmosphere in the room became immediately lighter. "No. He was just helping me with the assignment."

"I didn't see Stare Cheesily Into Each Others Eyes on Mr. Hutchinson's worksheet." Caroline teased, remembering the forty-five minutes of being the third wheel as the quarterback made horrible science jokes and her friend giggled like she was on laughing gas.

Rebekah's mouth formed an indignant O and her cheeks flamed red. She grabbed one of the fluffy pillows on the bed and swatted at her friend with it. Caroline dodged the attack, laughing. "You're not even denying it."

"You're one to talk. The same could be said about you and Tyler in Trig." She gave her a pointed look.

That stopped Caroline. "He-He was just showing me how to do a problem." Tyler and her were just friends. That's what she told herself as she felt her own cheeks redden.

"You mean showing you all the ways to flirt via triangles." Her friend's jab interrupted her thoughts.

"Rebekah!" Caroline protested and lunged at her friend. Rebekah yelped and jumped off the bed. Caroline followed and the two were in a crazy chase until they both collapsed on the bed in laughter.

She was still laughing when she felt her phone vibrate. She flipped it open, seeing she had a message. She groaned aloud.

"I gotta go. Mom made dinner and is forcing bonding time." She shook her head. Her mom was only like this after she cracked a case. A small part of her wondered which case it was. A larger part didn't care and was thoroughly annoyed at the interruption.

"Good luck with that." Rebekah smiled mockingly and picked up her discarded magazine.

"Good luck with Katerina." She dodged the flying roll of paper as she slid out the room.

Caroline shut the door to her friend's room and turned to walk down the stairs when she crashed into a wall. She stumbled backwards and almost hit the ground when said wall's arms shot out to catch her.

She felt herself being pulled upwards. Okay, not a wall. She looked up and met a familiar pair of sea painted eyes and smirk.

"Klaus?" Her voice came out as a squeak, totally caught of guard.

"It's amazing you survived so long without me, sweetheart." He laughed, letting go of her.

She mentally shook herself, surprise wearing off. "I managed fairly well. I didn't realize you were on break already. I thought you semester didn't end till next month." She pretended to be interested in her nails, which were in desperate need of a manicure.

"Keeping tabs on me, are you?" She practically heard his eyebrows raise.

"You wish," She returned, walking down the stairs.

"My classes finished early." He supplied, following the descent behind her. "I heard Elijah was visiting and I decided it was a perfect time to come home."

"Mr. Big College Boy finally decided to come back to his roots." She peered at him from the corner of her eyes. "That took some time. What's it been? Two years?"

"Don't be angry, love." He gave her a faux innocent look that made her heart leap. "Life's busy once you leave this little town of ours. It makes it difficult to stray back."

She laughed humorlessly, shaking her head at him as she reached the front door. "Klaus, tell Rebekah that I'm picking her up tomorrow." She waved, "Goodbye now." She walked out the door and slammed it shut.

Caroline rushed to her car, settled herself in her seat then let out a sigh of relief. Her heart was beating way to fast for comfort but she thought she did pretty well. She played it cool and disinterested. She didn't fawn over his return or anything remotely close to that.

She stopped herself. Why did it matter what she came off as? He left. She moved on. She shouldn't care about what he thinks. He shouldn't matter to her.


But he does matter, to a part of her at least. She still, after the years, couldn't deny it. Her heart had practically burst at the sight of him and she had barely been able to look him in the eye. She thanks all the gods in the universe that she hadn't blurted out something awkward or started laughing randomly like she had when she was younger. What would he have thought if she had? He probably already-

She groaned and hit her head on the steering wheel. Not five minutes back into her life and she's reduced back to the old her, the 16 year old her that had a thing for her best friend's brother.

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