Katherine groaned as she threw herself onto the queen-sized bed. "That was utterly exhausting." She rubbed her fingers into her temples, trying to dispel the migraine that was pounding against her skull.

It was only minutes after their return from the surprisingly long lunch with his parents who were still in town. Katherine had never been fond of the whole meeting the parents' bit of a relationship. Although, not too many of her relationships lasted long enough for her to be required to do so. Suffice to say, this wasn't going to go down as her favorite memory.

Elijah smiled and kept his eyes on the tie he was loosening, "You did exceptionally well. Mother and Father really like you."

"Hardly, your dad and I butted heads about everything." She reminded him. "He was red at the end of it all,"

Elijah remembered their mid-lunch argument fondly. After eighteen years of living with Mikael, he was fully aware of how stubborn he was. His father always had to have the last word. Amusingly enough, Katerina was similar in the fact that she was equally stubborn. When the two argued, it was as if him and his mother were stuck watching an intense tennis match with points being shot back and forth.

"It was fine." He assured her as he laid his suit jacket on the back of the chair carefully. "Father needs a fiery opposition like that every once and a while." He wasn't lying. It had been years since his mother had spoken out against Mikael.

His girlfriend merely covered her face with her hands in response. He chuckled and walked over to the bed. He pulled her hands away gently. She met his gaze with rare anxiety. Katherine was hardly one to show any vulnerability, in fact she'd sooner sprout wings and fly, but this whole vacation had stressed her more than she liked to admit.

He read her worry clearly as he always did, an uncanny ability, "They like you." He told her slowly without a hint of humor.

She searched his eyes for any hint of exaggeration before letting out a sigh of relief. Her confidence returned, "Of course they do. I'm perfect."

"Yes, you are." He leaned in closer and kissed her. She responded instantly, tugging him closer with the limp tie.

His hands pressed on the detailed fabric of the bed covers as he shifted his legs against the side. Her back arched to match his movement. His lips were hungry, breaking the controlled air he maintained almost continuously. This was one of Katherine's favorite things—the way he only forgot composure with her, for her, because of her.

She sighed as his lips trailed down her throat at an excruciatingly slow speed. The grip she had on his tie lessened and her hands move to press against his chest. The clean, pressed dress shirt did nothing to hide his muscles. Her fingers tugged at the cool buttons until she could push the bothersome fabric away. How he had managed to stay so fit was a constant mystery to her, considering she never saw him work out ever. In all honesty, it didn't matter how as long as she could reap the benefits of whatever voodoo he was using. Her fingers danced along his abdomen and an appeased grin spread on her lips.

Suddenly, he stopped his entirely enjoyable actions and pulled back. Her smile of approval turned into a pout as she kept her hands on his chest. The curve of her eyebrows said What? He didn't speak. His eyes studied her with a concentration she hadn't seen before.

"Does the proverbial cat have your tongue?" The sarcastic remark covered the discomfort she felt under his intense gaze. A strange feeling of warmth spread through her stomach and into her throat, almost taking her own ability to speak.

It seemed to take him a moment to register the question. The concentrated look he held did not disappear entirely, yet he shifted his position until his legs straddled her body. He shook his head and his already mussed hair moved to cover the top of his gaze. In a matter of seconds, their previous activity continued.

Katherine was no ditz and didn't plan to leave that moment go untouched. However, it could wait until a better time. Maybe when his tongue wasn't so damn distracting.


"I told you so."

"Shut it."

Mockery was the last thing Klaus wanted at the moment. Taunting was hardly the medicine for his bruised ego. He should have expected it, though. Stefan had never been one to sympathize with him on his amorous excursions.

"I'm sorry." His friend laughed, almost spilling his drink onto the counter. "I just wish I could have seen your face." No doubt if Stefan had been present, he would have photographed the entire event for future generations' sake.

"I'm glad my troubles amuse you so," Klaus took a sip of his own beverage. The bitter taste of alcohol managed to match well with his current mood. It was only a few hours since Caroline had shared her adventures with that Lockwood boy. No doubt she was still gushing over the details with his sister. Somehow today felt unbearably long.

Stefan had stopped laughing, but kept the grin on his face. "If I'd been smart, I would have bet some money on Caroline."

Klaus considered an ugly retort before settling on, "It was hardly anything to gamble over. She merely had plans." The excuse seemed frail, even to his own ears. It was best if he didn't think about it analytically.

"In other words, she blew you off." A faux-reassuring hand clapped his shoulder. The sound of his rationalization breaking was inaudible to his friend. "Don't worry. I'm sure there are other fish in the sea."

Klaus pursed his lips as he mulled over the other man's words. Disregarding the sarcasm, he had a point. It was true that there wasn't a shortage of women he could pursue. One high school girl wasn't a loss.

Stefan watched the change in countenance from pending tantrum to contemplating. No doubt, he was already forming some new plan of conquest for another unaware victim. He took advantage of the distraction and interjected an opportunity of a change in subject.

"So, is there nothing new going on in the Mikaelson household?"

A part of Klaus was still turning over his complete lack of effect on a certain golden haired girl had, but he the question stirred an answer anyway. "Elijah has brought somebody home. Cathy, Katie, some name along those lines. He seems quite fond of her."

"Good for him," The slight surprise was evident in his voice. He'd never thought the older brother would find a girlfriend. In fact, there was a small part of him that wondered whether he played on the other team. It was the impeccable fashion sense and strange obsession with table manners that made him wonder. "Where did they meet?"

Klaus struggled for a moment to remember the details. It was something along the lines about a business meeting gone awry. Or had they been in a bookstore?

"Tyler!" Perhaps his senses were on overdrive since event hours before, but he the name grabbed his attention immediately. Klaus' eyes slid from Stefan to the source of the shout.

A blond-haired teenager with a partially annoyed expression the Mystic Grill attire walked to the hostess podium where another teen waited. While chances weren't high, they were not exactly low for this bloke to be the same Tyler.

"Hold on a sec, mate," He moved from his seat and followed the movement of the object of interest with his eyes. He had to get look at the Prince Charming Caroline had went out with. The young man looked muscular in the way all those jocks do. His hair was darker than his friends'. From his view, there wasn't anything extraordinary about him. In fact, he seemed quiet dull.

"Where are you going?"

Klaus ignored the question and stalked towards the unsuspecting boy with a newfound purpose. He shoved his shoulder against the other's. Tyler turned around instantly and he feigned an apologetic expression.

"Sorry about that. I'm a bit clumsy." His teeth flashed in a brief smile. Up close this Lockwood bloke seemed much less intelligent than before.

Tyler looked at him briefly before shrugging, "It's fine."

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear your name's Tyler. You wouldn't happen to be Tyler Lockwood, would you?" He widened his eyes in fake earnest.

"Yeah, I am." He turned his full attention to Klaus.

"Well, I must say I'm a fan—a huge fan." He dragged out the final phrase. "You are quiet the rugby player."

"Thanks, man. It's always nice to meet a fan." He laughed, "It's actually called football here."

Klaus matched his laughter, "Ah, my mistake. Tell me, I've always wondered how do you manage to avoid getting hurt out there?"

"Practice and a great captain do the job pretty well."

"That makes complete sense. Although I don't doubt you lost a few brain cells in the whole matter."

"Maybe, I don't know." He narrowed his eyes, sensing the malicious intent behind Klaus' words.

"In fact," He continued on as if Tyler hadn't spoken. " I would be willing to assume that you've only got—what, a handful left."

"I'm sure that's much more than you have,"

Klaus tried and failed to reign in a chuckle at the boy's response. It was difficult to believe that Caroline enjoyed the company of one who couldn't think of any better quip.

"What's wrong with you?" Tyler made a face, "

"There's nothing wrong with me," He shrugged his shoulders, "However, I can only imagine the troubles you have to face being the spokesman for neanderthals."

Tyler moved closer, "You really don't want to mess with me,"

"It seems like I do," Klaus mimicked his movement.

"Tyler, we're late!"

Both men turned their heads in the same direction, their heated discussion momentarily forgotten. Caroline was walking towards them with a confused look.

The confusion grew and her eyebrows furrowed as she came closer. She noticed the way Tyler's arms were tight at his side and Klaus' were crossed in front of his chest.

"What're you guys doing?" The inquiry was unnecessary considering the scene seemed to say enough.

"Nothing, love, we were simply having a little chat. Isn't that right, Tyler?"

"Right." Her date tersely replied.

Her eyes flickered to Klaus, as if to check that he was behaving, before saying to Tyler, "Come on, we're going to miss late the movie." Tyler gave him a final, burning glare before following Caroline.

Klaus nodded seriously as the two walked away, "Yes, try not to drop any IQ points on the way there, mate."

Caroline responded with an audible gasp. The incredulity was clear on her face when she practically spun like a top to face Klaus.

"Excuse me?"

"I believe he heard me love." He crossed his arms across his chest.

Her confusion was quickly giving way to irritation. She gave him a judgmental once-over. "What's your problem?"

"Nothing," He enunciated the word slowly, drawing out the syllables. He enjoyed the angry flush blooming across her chest. It gave him an immense amount of pleasure to see that he could still so easily get under her skin.

"Are you sure? Because your passive aggressive commentary makes me think otherwise."

He tilted his head, "I don't need to prove anything, love."

Tyler, who had been watching the exchange wordlessly, interjected. "Look, Caroline it's fine—"

"No, it's not, Tyler." She cut him off. She placed her hands on her hips and turned a fiery gaze to a smirking Klaus. "I don't know what your problem is, but get over it and yourself."

"Why don't you and your boy toy run along home? It's getting dark and kids shouldn't be out so late." The words were spoken with an indifferent air as if he was already bored with their conversation.

"Seriously, grandpa?" She scoffed, ignoring the stab at an old wound. She took in a deep breath before shooting out, "You're not even worth the calories Tyler or I burn talking to you."

Before he could respond, Caroline grabbed Tyler's hand and led him out the door. A sense of victory washed over her as the cool evening air hit her when she exited the restaurant. She was pretty sure telling him off was long overdue. In fact, it had felt so good doing it that she wondered why she'd ever held back in the first place.

"Care, stop walking," Tyler pulled her out of her thoughts. He put his hands on both her shoulders. "What was that?"

She looked away from his inquiring, dark gaze to the group of college students leaving the Mystic Grill. "It was nothing. I was just defending you."

"Thanks, but I could've handled it. You know, it sure didn't look like nothing." He scrutinized her and hesitated before asking, "Did you two date?"

"What? No," The response was instant and matched with an adamant shaking of her head. "Trust me, he's not worth talking about. He's just a jerk I used to know."

He nodded, "Alright, if you say so."

"Let's not worry about him, though," She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "We have a movie to see."

Klaus remained in the same position she had left him in, replaying the moments before in his head. It seems his friend had been correct. Caroline Forbes was a different person; a stronger, confident one. It was as if she had blossomed into an entirely new being since he had left.

"Well, that was intense," Stefan appeared at his side. He shrugged his shoulders. "It reminded me of why I'm so happy I've left high school."

B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Bonnie's phone vibrated in its snug position in her jean pocket. She resisted the urge to attempt to reach for it, especially with all the books in her hand. The library had closed moments before, making her the last to leave the fortress of solitude except for the librarian herself. She didn't mind the time alone. It was quiet soothing to be cut off from the hectic routine that had become her senior life.

She passed under the flickering street light and reached her car. Shifting the weight from one arm to the other, she opened the driver's door. She tossed the textbooks to the passenger seat before sliding into her own. Free from the burden of the books, she checked her messages.

I'm loving the outfit today, darling.

Bonnie literally groaned in response. Great, was he tailing her or something? The years of familiarity never ebbed the intensity in which Kol was able to get under her skin. She could remember him in fifth grade clearly—the way he would swagger (more like waddle since his growth spurt didn't kick in until much later) over to her and compliment her clay house. She's not sure what had happened, but his attention had focused on her the past year.

She decided to ignore the text, not for the first time, and started the engine of the automobile. The phone buzzed again. Idiot. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to back out of her parking spot.


She jerked forward and her eyes became saucers of utter shock as she stopped the car. Oh, god. She glanced behind her, unable to see anything other than the streetlamp. She couldn't deny that that was definitely the sound of someone—no, something-getting hit. She killed the ignition and practically flew out of her seat. The rate of her heartbeat increased in two-folds when she turned to look at the trunk.

Sprawled on the blacktop of the parking lot was the one and only Kol Mikaelson. His eyes were closed and the lack of movement did not smooth Bonnie's impending fear of maybe becoming an accidental murderer.

"Oh my god," She dropped to her knees by his side. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry."

There was no response at all. She reached out and shook his shoulder. "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead." She repeated the phrase over and over.

Moments passed and he remained still. His face was pale and not in his normal way either. It was much more Edward Cullen-y than usual. Her anxiety grew. "Goddammit Kol!" She pounded a fist against his chest.

His body jolted at her touch and he sat up straight. Immediately after his sudden resurrection, he bent over and let out a groan, "Bloody hell, Bennett, I knew you could get angry but hitting me with your car?"

She let out a huge sigh of relief. He's alive. "Maybe you should have watched where you were going." The remark lacked the usual biting undertone.

"Perhaps you should look before you drive," He moved to stand. As he attempted to place his right foot against the ground, he cringed and stumbled. Bonnie caught him before he fell against her car, letting him lean against his side.

"What's wrong?"

"Other than just getting hit by a car?" The sarcasm never stopped with him. "It seems as though you've broken my leg." How he managed to be so calm amazed her. Maybe he was in shock.

"Oh God," She covered her face with her hands, guilty and slightly embarrassed. She definitely didn't have enough money to pay for any form of medical treatment. Add in the fact that she was totally grounded.

"Uh, darling? A little help, please?"

Bonnie looked up and saw that he was sliding down the back of her car, his leg in a very strange position. He gave her a toothless, pained smile from under his bangs.

"Sorry," She grabbed his arm and threw it over her shoulder. The nerves left her as she helped him hobble to the passenger seat. "Let's get you to the hospital."

B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B+ B+F+B

"Katerina," A familiar voice woke the slumbering brunette. She stretched and yawned like a content cat. Her eyes fluttered open to see Elijah standing over her. He was dressed in the same outfit. He had a serious expression on his face.

She sat up, running a hand through her hair. "What's wrong?"

He tossed her the dress from earlier today from its position on the floor. Somehow his hair was already combed back into its customary style as if it were carved in stone. "Kol's in the hospital. He was hit by a car."

"What?" She froze.

He shook his head to her questioning gaze, "I've not been told the full story yet, but we are going to meet my parents at the hospital."

"Is he alive?"

"As far as I know, yes."

Twenty minutes later, the couple was sitting in the Mystic Falls General Hospital waiting room. Esther and Mikael were on their way over from a dinner with a pair of friends; it had run later than expected. The doctor had told them that the injuries were minor; a broken leg and a cracked rib. It was lucky, she had said, that the driver wasn't going at full speed.

Katherine glared at the fluorescent lights; their flickering glow irritating her eyes. Elijah perused an old issue of TIME beside her. Dr. Fell had told them it would be about an hour before they could see him. Patience was not Katherine's virtue, something she exemplified as she tapped her foot rapidly against the coffee table.

"What could possibly be taking them this long?" She complained.

"Are you referring to my parents or the doctors?"

She pursed her lips in contemplation, "Both."

"Mother messaged me that they will be here in ten minutes." He flipped the page crisply without looking up at her. "As for the doctors, they told us an hour."

"I don't understand why we need to wait," She switched from tapping to

humming an ACDC song.

She bobbed her head from left to right as she continued the song. Elijah

tried to ignore her antics with a not particularly interesting section on stocks.

However, she soon began humming a Bon Jovi song and he just couldn't tolerate


"Katerina, would you be so kind as to get me a coffee?"

She knew it was only a way for him to get her to stop, but she was fine with it.

The opportunity to do something was much more appealing than sitting with Mr.


The hospital cafeteria was hardly Starbucks. In fact, it was barely comparable

to a McDonald's McCafe. Its refreshment menu was comprised solely of bland

coffee, water and lemonade. She stood there for a couple of minutes, debating

whether she wanted the coffee or questionable lemonade. After paying the equally

bored cashier, she walked back with the cups to the waiting room.

The passageways were quiet. Very few people were in the rooms, a good thing she guessed. The doctors didn't seem rushed either. In fact, the entire place was lacking in human activity.

She could literally feel the warmth of the beverages being sucked away by

melancholic atmosphere of the building. Katherine had never been a fan of hospitals. They were dreary, boring and smelled painfully clean. (She had decided a long time ago that nothing good should smell like hand sanitizer.) The entire institution was a simply a dull reminder of things she would prefer to forget.

"Well, look who we have here."

She stopped halfway through the tiny hallway, smoothly keeping the drinks from spilling. That stupid, familiar voice. Her head turned sharply to her left and her lips formed a tight-lipped smile. "Hello, Damon."

A dark-haired, smirking young man pushed himself off the doorway of an empty room and leaned forward. "Long time no see, heartbreaker."

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