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"Where could he be?" Kate asked herself as she paced around her den panicking. "Humphrey has been gone for almost an hour, how long does it take him to get some caribou from the feeding ground?" Humphrey offered to go get some caribou for him and Kate for dinner but it had already been an hour since he left.

It has been two months since they came home from Idaho and Humphrey and Kate were now mates along with Lilly and Garth. Everything seemed to be going great especially without the tension between the packs. Everything seemed to be going perfect… until now.

Right as Kate was about to go searching for Humphrey, she heard someone laughing outside the den. Kate knew who the laugh belonged to right when she heard it.

"Okay that was the best hill ever!" Humphrey's voice sounded from outside the den.

The sound of his voice made Kate go running outside to find out where her beloved mate was. When she ran out of the den she saw her mate standing there with his three omega friends, all covered in dirt and dust.

"Oh, hey Kate!" Humphrey said as he walked over and nuzzled Kate.

"Humphrey, where have you been? You were gone for an hour and you said you were just going to get some caribou. Speaking of which, where is the caribou?" Kate questioned as Humphrey's mind went blank.

"Oh… uhhh… I uh…" Humphrey stuttered before Kate interrupted him.

"I sat here at the den waiting for an hour worrying myself to death trying to figure out where you were! I thought you were killed or taken or something!" Kate began yelling shocking Humphrey. "Now I find out you were out playing around with your friends while I'm waiting on you to get back!"

"Well I'm sorry okay, it's not my fault." Humphrey responded only to make Kate bark back.

"It's your entire fault! Why can't you ever be responsible?" Kate barked angrily and now Humphrey began yelling back.

"Well I'm sorry for being an omega and not knowing much about responsibility!" Humphrey and Kate continued to argue as Humphrey's friends stood by too shocked to say anything.

"Well than why don't you change that and start being responsible from now on!" Kate yelled getting closer and closer to the edge of losing control.

"Are saying you want me to change my personality? You want me to change who you fell in love with and change that into an alpha?" Humphrey had now pushed Kate over the edge making her say something she would eventually regret.

"You know, I'm starting to question how I ever fell in love with you! You're nothing but a worthless omega!" Kate growled at Humphrey making his expression of anger turn to complete shock and sadness.

"Wha-what?" Humphrey asked on the brim of tears.

"You hear what I said? Your worthless and pathetic and I can't believe I ever loved you! I should have let you leave Jasper so I would have to ever see you again!" Kate was beyond angry and she stormed off without another word leaving Humphrey devastated with nothing but Kate's words stabbing his heart like a thousand claws.

Salty, Shaky, and Mooch were shocked at what just happened in front of them. They just witnessed Humphrey's heart beginning torn apart in front of them and now Kate just walked away feeling no guilt.

"Humphrey, you okay?" Salty asked taking a step towards Humphrey.

Humphrey just turned in the other direction ears flat against his head and his tail dragging across the ground. As he walked away he couldn't help but let a single tear drop from his eye.

Humphrey just couldn't explain the sadness he felt. He couldn't believe his own mate had said all that to him. He thought he could always see Kate as the one alpha he thought would see him equal but really, she thought he was worthless too.

Humphrey walked through the forest flooded with sadness and despair. He had not a clue where he was heading but why would he care? He lost the one thing in the world that meant everything to him. Without Kate Humphrey was nothing. Nothing at all because everything he does and everything he would do was for her. Now with her gone, what was the point of life?

A low rumble echoed in the distance causing Humphrey to lift his head towards the sky. He began to feel small drops of rain beginning to lightly pelt his fur. Soon the light drizzle turned into a downpour quickly. Humphrey sulked over to a small hole at the base of a tree where he could escape the storm growing stronger and stronger by the second. The small hole didn't keep all of the rain off of him but it would at least block the wind. Humphrey curled up into a tight ball as he cried himself to sleep cold and alone trying to escape his terrible nightmare.

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