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Chapter IV

Second Thoughts?

Kate's P.O.V

I remembered all the wolves from alpha school were assholes. They were only self-absorbed jerks like Garth just not as handsome. I knew no one from alpha school would be the type I could ever like. Maybe I made a mistake?

Humphrey was perfect. He was funny, nice, caring… but then again, he was childish, annoying, and an omega. I can't love an omega anymore. First of all, I dumped that pathetic excuse of a wolf already and there was no turning back. But if there was should I take it?

Maybe this decision was a bad choice after all? I mean there is no one else in this entire pack better then Humphrey, maybe in all of Jasper! Despite his omega ways, I did love him and there was no doubt about it, but maybe it was just puppy love? If I really did love him then I wouldn't have said that, so I guess we're just… not meant to be.

'Forget him Kate, time to find a new mate!' my thoughts we're screaming to me to move on but my heart said other wise. I felt like my heart was trying to lead me back to Humphrey but my mind was trying to lead me away from him.

'Ugh, I'm so confused! What should I listen to, my head or my heart?'

My head was cloudy so I had trouble thinking. It was like trying to look through a dense fog to find something, but this something… was something much more. Before my mind could clear itself, something knocked me off my feet taking me by surprise.

I looked up from the ground to see a wolf I've been ignoring my whole life-

"Kate, I'm really sorry I didn't see you there." It was Hutch standing above me being very sincere with his apology.

"Its fine, I should have been looking where I was going." I replied as I stood back on my paws.

'I don't understand why but I was actually nervous talking to Hutch. I mean, he's so… handsome! Maybe I have found someone to replace Humphrey, someone much more amazing.'

Humphrey's P.O.V

Amber (A/N: Just reminding you that I have changed her name) and I have been walking for about twenty minutes trying to find some place to stay but there was nothing around. We were not used to this type of terrain so searching for shelter and food was going to be a challenge. Most of the walk was done in silence which was very awkward for us. I surveyed the landscape trying to find shelter but there wasn't a den in sight. I was just about to give up but Amber had spoke up.

"I see a den over there!" Amber announced as she ran over to a medium-sized den wanting to escape the cold breath of nature.

I walked in after her and saw her already sitting in a comfortable spot in the center of the den.

"You look comfortable already; I guess we'll just go to sleep now since its pretty late." I lay down near the entrance of the den looking out into the snowy world observing its beauty.

"Hey Humphrey," I picked my head up and turned to face Amber as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, "what are we going to do now? I can't go back home and I don't think you want to go back either so what will we do?"

I sighed and looked at the ground for a second as I drifted off into my thoughts.

'I have nothing left in Jasper so why go back, might as well stay here now.'

I picked my head back up and looked back at Amber before telling her my answer, "I guess we can find a new pack out here, we have nothing else back home so I guess we have to find a new home."

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