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Disclaimer: If I owned The Avengers I would be rich and Tony would go team up with Loki to become a bad ass super villain (you know you want this to happen)

Twas a dark and stormy night, thunder cracking loud above our protagonists' heads and lightning striking the ground. Tony and Bruce were in the lab in Stark Tower, what were they doing you may ask? Well the two had an impromptu movie night and had gone with a classic, Frankenstein! And after watching the movie had decided to recreate the monster.

The two then decided they would make a chitauri, so they roamed the streets taking random parts from the decimated aliens. From the biggest arms to the smallest heads they looked until they found the perfect parts for their creation.

If you had seen them you would have died of fright because Tony had decided to try out his stealth suit, so all you would see of him would be a black shadow. As for Bruce, he was a skilled shadow puppeteer (come on this is humor after all).

After the two had scoured the streets they retreated to the topmost floor of Stark Tower where Tony had installed a secret lab.

"Bruce, time to finally use the mad scientist lab coats that I bought, would you please get them from the cabinet on the left?"

"Sure, Tony, would you happen to have any goggles over there too?"

"Of course I do!"

The two then put on their coats and goggles and began piecing together the monster they were trying to bring to life. Bruce was placing the appendages on the table as Tony was sewing them together (I'm thinking that Tony would piece it together because he can work on tiny machinery so this must be relatively easy).

It was a sight to behold: giant feet with claws the size of your fingers, legs as big as midgets, the torso though, that was as big as a mull grown man! The arms were long reaching down to the creatures feet with hands as big as your head!

All in all, the duo was proud of their work. It was exactly as they imagined it. Tall, frightening, and would probably have the mentality of a puppy, or so they thought.

Tony put on his suit, and lifted up the monstrosity they had created onto the table they would raise towards the sky. He then took off the suit, and with the suit started cranking the lever that would raise their creation towards the sky.

What they didn't know was that Thor had planned an unexpected visit, but this proved to the partners favor. The lightning had struck their beast.

The creature slowly sat up. The two then lowered the table back down.

The monster they had dubbed Frankie was slowly heading toward the duo intent on murder. Steadily it started to unsheathe its claws.

Then Tony decided that it was actually trying to murder them pressed a button and 'Frankie' fell to the ground convulsing and eventually after a minute or two died.

"TONY? Why did you have to do that?"

"Bruce, did you see that it was going to murder us? That is why I installed a failsafe. You asked me why? That's why."

"I guess you're right"

And that is how the Captain found them, covered in chitauri blood standing there mourning their creation.

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