Summary: E/O CHALLENGE Drabble word: crow. Dean embraces his destiny.

Word count: 100 on the nose.

Chapter 2 - gonna build me a cage of flesh and bone

Feathers flutter from behind (Hullo, sweetness)

Dean turns (Angels are watching over you, sweetie) and he thinks to himself: Mom didn't know about this.

He sees shiny black, feathers and eyes. Just like that, he's caught.

Things are never as they seem, the crow purrs.

Dean stands quietly.


Detroit burns.

The guilty bleed and cry (make them scream, pretty, scream so loud).

Dean moves over the burning rooftops like a ghost. He listens to his shadow flying overhead.

You are mine. You are my One True Vessel. Do you want to stay with me?

Yes, Dean whispers fiercely. Yes.


Oops, I did it again.

(Sorry, Ms. Spears.) Sometimes I forget that you guys are not in my head with me. Since the drabble word was crow, this was a no brainer for me. This chapter was inspired by the Brandon Lee movie, The Crow. I'm going to post expanded versions of both drabbles in this fic.