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Chapter Two: Anger

For the next three days, Holly operated on autopilot. She walked around in a daze- she was only lucky that she hadn't been called up for any missions. Haven was still undergoing a massive clean-up and reconstruction operation from the disaster that had occurred eleven months previously. The reconstruction of Atlantis had taken priority due to the damage caused to the surrounding dome. But even with that setback, Haven's citizens had come through for their city, many taking up trades they would never have considered had something drastic not happened to sway them. As a result, the city had nearly been fully reconstructed, brighter and cleaner than ever before.

Nevertheless, there was still some work to do. The LEP assigned officers to aid the clean-up on a monthly rotation. Now that the worst of the damage had been repaired, many felt that the duty was unnecessary. 'Mud-Work', Holly had heard it called.

On the fourth day since her 'banishment' (or at least, that was how she thought of it), Holly was easily able to find a Captain on that months detail who was willing to switch with her. Captain Linden was overjoyed at the prospect of escaping manual labour. Holly was just thankful to have something to keep her busy.

Days turned into weeks and every day Holly would throw herself into her work with a masochistic enthusiasm. She arrived early and left late, not even bothering to shower or eat when she returned home; simply throwing herself onto her bed and falling into an exhausted sleep. When she was forced to take a day off, she hit the gym, taking the resentment and anger that had been bubbling inside her out on an unsuspecting, and somewhat unfortunate, sparring partner. She ignored her peers and avoided her friends.

After all, if all she did was hurt them, they should be glad that she was keeping her distance.

Apparently the message hadn't quite gotten through to everyone, however.

At the end of her second week on clean-up duty, Holly dragged her feet through Police Plaza, leaving a trail of muck and dust in her wake. She had to file a report with Foaly and requisition some street lights.

"Holly!" The centaur exclaimed as she entered the new and improved Ops Booth. He tried not to look horrified at the dirt which clung to her and he managed to hold back a flinch as she sat down on one of his brand new, cream coloured, plush seats with a thump.

She looked dreadful. As he took the forms from her he tried to peer through the layers of grime on her face. Her eyes were sunken and there was no spark in the mismatched orbs, her mouth a grim, turned down line and her cheeks were hollow.

They talked as he filled out the forms- rather, he spoke and Holly grunted in all the correct places, convincing him (barely) that she was listening as she fiddled with the communicator in her hands. Foaly noticed this, recognising it as the one she kept solely for Artemis' communications.

"Hey," he started tentatively. "You haven't been above ground in weeks- why don't you go relax and visit Artemis. It'll take your mind off the recons-"

He was cut off as Holly rose to her feet abruptly. Her eyes were bright but not with the mischief he was used to. He gulped, and for the first time since they had met, he was suddenly very afraid of, and perhaps for, Holly.

"What, your good friend Artemis didn't tell you?" Holly spat bitterly. Foaly felt himself inching backwards unconsciously. He had never seen the elf so furious in his life. He feared for his computers. "Apparently I am no longer welcome at Fowl Manor. Apparently all I do is cause Arty pain." She started pacing a muddy path along the floor. "It's not fair- but then life with Artemis around has never been fair. Butler has no right to stop me going to Fowl Manor if I want to! Why should he get the moral high ground!"

Foaly wanted to ask what she was talking about. He really did. But he didn't dare interrupt. He hadn't spoken to Holly, Artemis or Butler in weeks. This was an entirely new development, from his perspective. Perhaps he should have tried to find out why exactly Holly had stopped visiting their human friends before suggesting anything.

Holly stopped pacing and turned to face him, her face contorted in a mixture of anger and grief. Her words came out shrill and broken. "They started this whole thing when they kidnapped me! I didn't drag them into this! Just because it was my eye that killed him, doesn't mean it's my fault, damn it!"

She slammed her palm onto the button which opened the glass doors of Ops and stormed out as Foaly called out behind her, "Holly, what? Wait!" brandishing the forms she had left behind in her rage.

The doors slid shut and suddenly everything seemed a bit too quiet in the Ops Booth. Foaly watched, shell shocked, as the exit button trembled in the wake of its impact with Holly's hand, finally shattering into pieces and falling to the ground.

Maybe he needed to give Butler a call and find out what was going on.

Holly made it half way home before the adrenaline wore off and she collapsed against a wall, exhausted. Putting her head in her hands and pulling her knees up to her chest, she whispered to herself, "D'Arvit..."

Foaly hadn't deserved that out lash of anger. He'd just been trying to help but he didn't have all the information. That wasn't his fault either. If she had been a true friend, she'd have told him about this ages ago. She groaned into her hands.

She missed Artemis. She missed her Artemis- the one who actually remembered her. Friends, bonded through trauma. This anger, the anger at his death, then his complete lack of memories and now her 'banishment' had been boiling up for a long time. Foaly had just said the wrong thing at the wrong time and, as a result, had become a convenient target.

She couldn't continue like this. She had to do something about it- something other than stewing in her own self-pitying and self-loathing.

She was going to apologise to Foaly. And then, she was going to visit No.1.

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