2:15 Friday, May 24th

Lucas paced back and forth in the tiny space between the window and the table. It was surprising how much the room seemed like one of those interrogation rooms in an fbi movie. It was, sort of. It was an interrogation room not meant for criminals, but for the brilliant minds that would one day be listed on the walls of the establishment as recipients of the Dearden Scholarship. It was much better, though.

The walls were dark and sleek and shiny, but Lucas noticed none of it, continuing his relentless and stressed pacing before the window that could only be seen through in this direction. In a little over an hour, he would be meeting her. He would be meeting the lovely and accomplished Astrea Graven. He would be inquiring about her hobbies, hearing her voice, shaking her delicate hand…if it was delicate. He didn't know if her hand was delicate. But he wanted to know. He wanted to know every little thing about her he could possibly know.

Just as Lucas turned away from the door to continue his relentless pacing, it opened. Lucas anxiously turned around, confused. It was not time for her to come, he wasn't ready, was his hair in place, oh god she was beauti- oh.

Instead of Astrea Graven standing in the doorway, it was his raven-haired boss, Mindy Crunnings.

"Miss Crunnings, I thought the interview was supposed to start at 2:30, sharp. That isn't for another fifteen minutes," spluttered Lucas as he tried to recover from his momentary shock.

"This is true, Lucas. And the company prides you in being here prepared for the interview early and dressed most sophisticatedly," purred the young department executive. She eyed Lucas in his well-fitting suit. "However good you may look today, however, I have come to inform you that it will be me who gives Ms. Graven her interview today."

"WHAT? NO! This is part of the internship. Miss Crunnings, this scholarship is to be awarded on the basis of the qualities my mother possessed. Who better to discern the similarities and achievements than myself, her own son? Please, if I have done anything wrong to make me lose this opportunity, I beg of you to tell me what it is-"

"Lucas! You have most certainly not done anything wrong! And before you get the wrong idea, listen to me. I have excellent news! I must not allow for you to interview Ms. Graven, because she must not meet her future competitor. It is a rule that the players in this first game of HPTronic must not know each other personally."

"But, Miss Crunnings, I am not a player in the games. I am only an intern. Surely this is a mistake," fumed Lucas.

"Not at all, Mr. Dearden. I have come to also inform you that you have been selected by the company to participate in the games as the part of Draco Malfoy. You have his looks, his brains, and a lot more potential. And Ms. Rowling pulled a few strings," Mindy added with a smile.

"This is, wow, I am really not sure what to say, Miss Crunnings. This is truly unbelievable." Wheels were churning at unbelievable rates in his mind. On one hand, he would not get to meet Ms. Graven today. And he had spent weeks mentally preparing himself for this. He had also not previously thought he could talk to her after this interview. Now, as another player in the games, he could talk to her for three days! And he could impress her. And the added benefit of already having her information would allow them to communicate after the games were over, unlike many other unlucky competitors.

"Think nothing of it, Lucas," said Mindy as she literally waved away his gratitude. "I do need for you to leave the interview room promptly, however, as our interviewee is currently on her way up to this very room. It seems you are not the only one who arrives early."

Lucas walked out of the black metallic room with high spirits, again expressing his thanks. He was waved out once again by Miss Crunnings. As he walked down the hall to his office, his head in the clouds, he accidently brushed against his coworker Jonathan, who was talking to another person on his other side.

"'Scuse me, Jo. Sorry I didn't see you there," apologized Lucas, and he turned to glimpse at the young woman Jonathan had been escorting.

"Sorry, Luc, but I gotta go. This girl is on her way to a meeting. See you later about those football pools, man!" rushed Jo, who then walked away towards the interview room with a beautiful brunette with rambunctious curls, a cute smile, and yes, delicate but strong looking hands.

Damn, thought Lucas. She is no girl, Jo. That is a woman. Scratch that- she's an angel. One tempting as hell angel.