"You're the One"

Author: NCIS1990

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I don't own "Grey's Anatomy" or it's characters.

Summary: Another way things could have (and should have) happened after 8x22.

A/N: I know, yet again I'm starting another story and another set after 8x22, but I feel there are so many ways that could have gone and I want to show whatever comes to mind.

Chapter 1


(Mark and Lexie are still standing there.)

Lexie: Mark? Look I-

(She is stopped when Mark breaks the distance between them and kisses her. She is shocked for a second before she starts to kiss him back.. They kiss for a few minutes before Mark breaks the kiss. He looks at her for a second before he walks away. She watches him leave in shock.)


(Mark is drinking a scotch at the bar while staring off into space when Derek walks up and sits down next to him.)

Derek: Are you okay?

Mark: No, I'm not.

Derek: What's wrong?

Mark: Lexie, she- She told me she loves me.

Derek: Finally.

Mark: Excuse me? You knew?

Derek: Well, a little, I mean, we had a few conversations about her feelings for you.

Mark: And you didn't think to tell me?

Derek: What was I supposed to do, just throw it into a conversation casually? I couldn't have been the one to tell you, Lexie had to.

Mark: Well she did, a lot. About ten times. And all throughout her speech I just stood there completely stunned, I didn't know what to say or do.

Derek: So what happened?

Mark: (Sighs) I kissed her and then walked away.

Derek: You just walked away? You said nothing?

Mark: No.

Derek: What the hell is the matter with you?

Mark: What was I supposed to say?

Derek: How about "I love you too"?

Mark: I have a girlfriend.

Derek: So you kissed her when you have a girlfriend, but you couldn't say "I love you" when you have a girlfriend?

Mark: Do you have to rub that in my face, I feel bad enough already.

Derek: Fine, sorry. How do you feel about this?

Mark: I'm sitting here drinking scotch so I can avoid going home, how do you think I feel?

Derek: Can you elaborate please?

Mark: (Sighs) Julia wants kids with me, Lexie doesn't, the reason we didn't work is because we don't see the same future. I can't go through all of that with Lexie again, it's just so hard.

Derek: Mark, not once did I hear you say your reasons are that you fell in love with Julia and you don't love Lexie anymore.

Mark: So?

Derek: Mark, it's simple, do you love Julia?

(Mark sighs)

Mark: Not like I should.

Derek: Do you still love Lexie?

Mark: (Sighing again.) I love her more and more everyday.

Derek: Then I think you and Lexie are on the same page, at least about that. And Mark, I think Julia is great, but if you're in love with another woman you can't stay with her and you sure as hell shouldn't try to have a future with her. Everyone involved will just end up miserable. Julia should find someone who loves her like you love Lexie. Love has never been easy, just ask me and Meredith. But if you don't fight for it and go for the more practical solution believe me you'll just be miserable. If you do fight for it then it will all the hell will be worth it in the end.

(Mark sighs and continues to drink his scotch.)

A/N: Hope you liked this first chapter, I hope you liked the new angle I put into the storyline. I know I haven't updated my other stories in a while but I've gone through some serious writer's block. Hopefully this new story has helped the creative juices flow again. Let me know what you think of this and again if any of my stories start to get repetitive please let me know.