Happy Birthday To Me

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I had a great birthday today. However, not everyone is lucky to have celebrated birthdays... a certain Pokemon created by a certain board should know.

Tentaquil sighed as he was all alone in his aquatic house, with nobody showing up at his birthday party.

"I sent everyone cards. Ash Ketchum, Farfignugletron, Aria Meloetta, Gary Oak, Farting Bianca, Spiderman..." Tentaquil sighed as he shook his head. "Where are they...?"

Farfignugletron was looking at the card that Tentaquil had sent him.

"Come to my birthday party. Please." He rolled his eyes as he tossed the card away, sitting in his nice green sofa. "Eh. Maybe I can send in Missingno and Deloris. They probably won't mind."

"Does this mean we're not getting any pizza?" Max asked, snooping as usual.

Brock laughed as he grabbed a frying pan. "Well, I can use this frying pan as a drying pan, how's that?"

Max and Farfignugletron both groaned. Brock shrugged, and he decided to go make some jelly filled riceballs and jelly filled donuts.

Gary Oak scratched his head as he looked at the blue card, which had yellow text on it. "Tentaquil? Isn't that some unfunny forced meme created by /vp/?"

Spider Man scoffed as he pointed at Gary. "You're one to talk. Your ugly mug was plastered on everyone under the sun just to combat porn."

Gary sniffled as he began to cry. "I'm not ugly..."

Bianca farted loudly as she stretched her arms. "Well, there's a certain gimmick about you that makes you stand out. Like me!" She squealed as she held her hands together, letting out a cute little poot.

Noctowl sighed as he placed his right wing on his forehead, shakiing his head. "This is too much for this old bird..."

"Implying owls are birds," Spider Man, Gary, and Farting Bianca all said in unison.

Pikachu, who was in a high chair, rolled his eyes. "Pfft. Casuals."

"I know, right?" Aria Meloetta stated, rubbing vanilla icing into her vagina with her left paddle shaped hand, "They don't know the finer things of life beyond /vp/."

Arceus eyed Meloetta. "Like you should know any better."

Meloetta sighed as she dropped the carton of icing she was holding. "You're not making me feel better."

"Good, because it's tasting time!" Cilan exclaimed as he placed a detective cap on his head, waving his right hand. "Now come on, give me something that I don't have!"

"You're such a kid, Cilan," Iris chuckled as she closed her eyes, folding her arms.

Dawn giggled as she waved her right hand, winking. "Charm up, everyone! Dawn's here!"

Ash Ketchum blinked as he looked around. "Where at the Pokemon battles at?"

Gay Piplup suddenly popped out of nowhere, pointing to the right. "OVA DERE!"

"That's nice, but check out my doubles," James commented, as he got the one hundredth get on /vp/ that night. And there was much rage and rejoicing.

Tentaquil sniffled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Oh well. I'm sure they're birthdays in the afterlife." He then grabbed a special mirror and fired puke blood at the mirror, causing it to hit him, killing himself.