A One in a Millionth Chance

*This is a Klaine and Blellie story. Weird combination, I know, but I had an idea. It may start out as confusing, but it'll become clearer.

*I don't think that there will be POV's, but it will focus on one of the main 4 characters in each chunk of the story. I might do POV's when something important happens though.

*So, every chapter is going to be titled. The title is going to be based off of a lyrics of a song, or song title, that I think fits the chapter.

*This chapter is called 'Baby It's Fate, Not Luck' a lyric from Christina Perri's song, 'Penguin'.*


As he walked into his office building early Monday morning, he smiled brightly at the receptionist. She beamed back at him and then gave him a sticky note of who had called and what it was about. Kurt smiled and thanked her, and then proceeded to his large office.

He opened the door and then shut it behind him, taking in the amazing view of the window in front of him. He remembered how amazing it was to be told that he had gotten a promotion. Said promotion gave him a bigger office with an amazing view of New York City.

He was 24 and he was the secondary editor at an insanely popular fashion magazine. If you would've asked him in high school what he wanted to do, he wouldn't say that he wanted to work at magazine, he would say one word. Broadway.

But when he received a letter from NYADA, a performing arts school, that had read 'Dear Mr. Hummel, we regret to inform you…', he knew that dream was kind of shot…but now, he was oddly okay with not being a Broadway star. He had a job that paid extremely well, and he just happened to love working there.

There was a light knock on the door and Kurt exclaimed "Come in" as he began o shuffle through some paperwork. He looked up, expecting to see his personal assistant, but instead he saw one of his best friends. He beamed and quickly stood up to embrace her. "Nellie!" The girl with cropped black hair smiled at him.

"Kurt!" She mimicked and he chuckled

"What did you do to your hair?" Kurt placed a hand on her head ruffled her silky locks.

"Long story" Nellie looked down "Do you not like it?"

"I actually love it, gives you that rocker look" Kurt smiled "Though I did like your long hair"

"I did too, I kind of regret cutting it. I'm trying to grow it out again"

"It might take a while" Nellie groaned and nodded "What are you doing here?" Kurt questioned "I thought you were still in Washington"

"I just got back! I really missed New York. Don't get me wrong, I love Tacoma, and I always will, but I felt like I could do better things in the Big City" Nellie explained.

"Well where are you staying?"

"A hotel until I find my own place"

"Well, why didn't you call me? Don't you want your old room back?" Kurt pouted and Nellie laughed.

"I figured someone else had moved in there, so I didn't want to show up on the door step and demand my room back"

Kurt laughed "Nell, relax, we didn't really want another roommate. And we had enough money to pay your part, so we just never rented out the room" Kurt smiled and lead her towards a small couch that sat across the room from his desk. "If you want to come back, you can. I'm sure Rachel won't mind. She'd probably force you, to be quite honest" Nellie giggled and then looked at him in complete seriousness.

"Are you sure?"

"Nellie, you're one of our best friends, of course I'm sure"

"Thank you Kurt" She embraced him and then there was another knock on the door.

"Come in" Kurt spoke as he pulled away from Nellie. He stood up and walked back to his desk.

The door opened and Kurt smiled at the man who walked through the door. "Hey, sorry I'm late, Kurt. My roommate was playing a prank on me. He unplugged my alarm clock"

"It's fine. I understand"

"Your coffee, sir" Kurt laughed and rolled his eyes as he took his coffee form his personal assistant.

"Thanks, Blake" He sipped it and then his eyes flickered to Nellie, who was looking at Blake. Kurt had to stop himself from laughing at the way his best friend was looking at his personal assistant. Blake, however, didn't seem to notice her since his back was towards her. So, Kurt decided to see if Blake had the same reaction towards Nellie. "Nellie, I'll give you my key to the apartment if you want to move your stuff back in today"

Nellie's eyes snapped away from Blake as he turned around. She made eye contact with Kurt, who was smirking at her and forced a smile, knowing that she couldn't hide the fact that she had been looking at the other man in the room. "Okay, can I get the key now? I kind of want to move my stuff back in soon so I can go looking for a job."

"Yeah sure" Kurt rummaged through his bag to the left of his desk until he found the keys. He undid the apartment key and then dropped the others back into his bag. When he looked back up, he saw Nellie and Blake sneaking glances at each other. However, this time, he couldn't contain his snort. The other two looked up at him.

"You okay?" Nellie questioned with a raised eyebrow and red cheeks, having been caught looking at Blake once again.

"Oh, absolutely, are you?" Kurt winked and Nellie snatched the key from his hand quickly.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" She asked quickly. "I should let you get back to work. I'll see you later tonight" She plastered a smile on her face and then looked down as she made her way to the door.

"Hey Nell?" Kurt spoke up before she opened the door.

Nellie spun around and gave him a confused look "Yeah?"

"You don't actually have to unpack; you can just put your stuff in the apartment and look for a job If you want. Rachel and I can help you when we get home"

"Okay, thanks Kurt"

"You're welcome, I'm just glad your back. Now I don't have to take on the Berry crazy by myself"

Nellie laughed "Has it gotten worse or better since I left?"

"What do you think?" Kurt asked honestly, giving her a look.

"I take that as a, 'she got worse'"

"You know us so well" Kurt smirked and Nellie quickly returned the smirk.

"Well, I would hope so" Nellie opened the door and smiled "I'll see you later"

"Bye Nell"


Kurt's eyes switched over to Blake who was watching the door with interest. Oh, yeah, these two were so subtle with their attraction.


Nellie Veitenheimer had had a rough couple of years. Once she got out of high school, she realized that the college she was dying to get into was the only one that didn't accept her. Like Kurt, she wanted to get into NYADA. They liked her application so she got an audition, but they only select a few people every year and she just wasn't one of them. So, she just went to college in Washington to stay close to her family.

But as time went on, she realized that she had just stopped trying. She wanted a good education, but she wasn't having any fun at college. She wanted to be doing something she loved.

So she dropped out of college.

Her parents had been upset, but once she explained why she wanted to drop out, they understood.

Then somehow she ended up in New York. She was just barely getting by with her two jobs, one of a barista at Starbucks, where she had met Kurt as a fellow employee, and another job of singing in a small café close to her tiny apartment.

But after a year of living in the Big Apple, she realized that she wasn't making it by. And she promised herself when she moved she wouldn't ask her parents for money. So, she didn't. But she started to realize that she was screwed if she didn't get another job.

But then Kurt swept in and offered her one of the extra rooms in his apartment. She had become best friends with Kurt and his roommate, Rachel, who had had no problem with Nellie moving in. So, after much convincing, Nellie moved out of her apartment and into Rachel and Kurt's.

She had lived there for a little over 6 months, before she received a call from her parents, saying that her grandmother had cancer and only had about 3 months left to live. So she packed up her belongings, thanked Rachel and Kurt for letting her live with them, and set out for Washington yet again.

Her grandmother had heartbreakingly passed away just a about a week over 3 months after she was diagnosed. Nellie was planning to return to New York, but she met a guy and they really hit it off. She stayed for him, and after a lot of convincing from him, she returned to college. She didn't want to, but she was incredibly happy with him, so she did.

Then she started realizing that he was acting differently. She tried brushing it off, but she couldn't. So, one day, when out on a coffee date, she asked him what was up.

And he straight up told her that he didn't feel as much about her as she did about him. She had forced a smile and nodded, and then she changed the subject. It took her weeks for them to break up. She had thought that if she was more open with him, he'd start to feel more towards her, but she soon understood that nothing was going to make him feel more for her.

But for some reason, she still didn't break it off. Who knows, maybe she just thought he would change… Or maybe she thought that no one else would actually have any other feelings for her, so she stuck with him.

But then she walked in on him having sex with some chick he met at a bar. He drunkenly told her to leave because they were over and then proceeded to pay attention to the whore underneath him.

Nellie had cried for days.

And then she was pissed for days

And then she chopped off most of her hair in the days of anger and sadness, knowing that her ex had liked her better with long hair.

And then she stayed in Washington, quitting school once again, and then living with her parents for a couple more months before realizing that there was literally nothing here for her except her family. So, she packed up her things and headed back to New York.

Before she did though, she saved up money from working at a Starbucks in Washington, having the experience; she wanted to save money so she didn't end up in another situation like before. Knowing that she most likely had to buy another apartment since Rachel and Kurt probably rented it out to someone else.

So, once she got to New York, she kept most of her things in her old storage place. But things that she needed, like clothes, she kept in the hotel she had until she could find an apartment.

But then she decided that she had a little time until the hotel would most likely kick her out, so she decided to find a job and maybe visit Kurt.

And then ended up getting an apartment in doing the later.

So, she decided to get her things into the apartment and then look for a job.

She had gotten to the apartment safely and she put some of the boxes down. She looked around and smiled. Everything was pretty much the same. She dragged her boxes into her old room to find it the way she had left it. Empty bookshelves, empty closet, and the bed was stripped of its sheets.

She set her boxes once again and smiled softly. She really did love this place.


An hour later she was walking into the small café she often performed in to get by. She had been walking around the city, trying to find any 'Help Wanted' signs, but of course, there were none.

She waited in line, needing a coffee to get through the fact that it might take a while to get a job. Sure, Kurt and Rachel had a ton of money, since Kurt was an editor of a magazine and Rachel was a Broadway star, but she didn't want them supporting her. She needed a job or else she wouldn't move in.

She was just staring into space, running on autopilot when a familiar voice called her name "Nellsie! Is that you?" She looked up and a grin found her face when she saw one of her old friends Shanna Henderson behind the counter.

"Yep, it's me"

"What happened to your hair? It's really cute, but why'd you cut it all off"

"Easier to deal with" Nellie lied, not wanting to get into the subject of her hair.

"I thought you moved to Washington"

"I did, but I decided to come back. It got kind of boring there"

"That's how I felt about Alabama, it'll always be home, but I love New York" Nellie smiled as Shanna spoke with her thick southern accent. "So, do you want your usual?"

"Yes please" Nellie smiled and then dug in her purse for her money.

"Oh no, sweetie, it's on the house."

"Shanna, you don't have to-"

"Just this one time, accept it as a welcome back present"


"Take the damn coffee, Nellsie" The blonde said sternly, bright blue eyes sparkling with anger.

"Okay, okay, I'll take the damn coffee" Shanna's anger melted away and she was back to her normal self. She then skipped towards the coffee machine and started Nellie's order "Um, hey, Shanna?"


"Since I just moved back, I was wondering if you guys were hiring here…"

Shanna frowned "Sorry, Nell, we're not" Nellie sighed

"It's fine, I'll find something eventually" Nellie forced a smile and then Shanna's face brightened

"All though, a popular, local singer is looking for a back-up singer" Shanna grinned "And I know how much you love to sing!"

"I don't know, Shanna-"

"Nellie! Just try it! There's not that many places that are hiring, so this may be your only shot"

Nellie thought about this and then sighed "Even if I did want to do this, I wouldn't know how to contact this singer"

"I know how you can!" Shanna exclaimed "He handed me some flyers, but he told me to only hand them out to people who can actually sing. And I know for a fact you can!" She dug around the drawer near the counter and then grinned when she found what she was looking for "Here it is!" She handed one to Nellie and she looked down at it, scanning the words thoroughly.

Back-Up Singer Wanted


Good singer
Works well with others
Okay dancer
*Play another instrument
*Original Music

Contact Info:

Name: Blaine Anderson

Phone Number: 555-2323

If you can't contact me, then have Shanna at The Big Apple take your information

Nellie looked up at Shanna and smiled when she handed her the coffee cup. "Thanks" Nellie looked back at the paper "So it's a him?" Nellie took a sip of her warm coffee, loving the taste.

"Yes, but don't worry, he's gay, so your boyfriend won't need to get jealous" Nellie coughed a little at Shanna's words and Shanna raised an eyebrow "Are you okay?"

"Um..yeah… it's just…I don't have a boyfriend"

"What?" Shanna exclaimed and Nellie was glad not that many people were in the café "How can someone like you not have a boyfriend?"

Nellie shrugged "Not many guys find me attractive"

"That's crazy talk!" Shanna huffed "You're gorgeous and fricken amazing" Nellie felt the corners of her mouth pull up in a smile "Any guy would be crazy not to find you attractive!"

"Thanks, Shanna, but-I-I really don't want a boyfriend right now. I want to concentrate on my music"

Shanna smirked and then pointed to the flyer in her friend's hand "Well then do just that"

Nellie glanced down at the paper and then back up at the blonde. "You're an amazing singer, why don't you do it?"

"Because, one, I've heard Blaine's voice and I don't think my voice and his would go together that well, yours on the other hand, would blend perfectly with his voice!" Shanna smiled "And plus I've been really busy lately planning my wedding" Nellie's eyes flickered down to the girl's hand and then her head snapped up to meet Shanna's eyes

"Oh my god!" Nellie squealed "That's awesome! I can't believe I hadn't noticed before! Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Nellsie" Shanna gazed down at her bright ring "My boyfriend, Michael proposed about 4 months ago"

"That's great news! I'm insanely happy for you right now!"

"Thanks" Shanna smiled and then nodded towards the flyer. "Do you want me to call him for you?"

Nellie looked down, noticing at the bottom something that she hadn't noticed before.

Pays $50 per gig.

"That would be awesome" Nellie said and then looked up with a smile.


Blaine Anderson was gay. Simple as that. He was out and proud, but he had been quite lonely since he moved out here from Westerville, Ohio. Sure he had his roommate, one of his best friends that he had known since high school, but he wanted…in the lack of a better word, somebody to love.

He had gone to gay bars, yeah, he'll admit it. He had met some guys, but just didn't…feel it. And he wasn't the type for a one night stand. He wanted a real relationship, which was harder and harder for someone to find these days, especially a gay guy.

So, as he lived out his days without 'somebody to love', he spent most of his time making music. He was quite popular at local cafés and bars, and he often got paid a lot to sit on a stool, play a guitar, and sing.

But it made him happy.

Most of his days weren't that exciting, and he wasn't really expecting anything exciting today, maybe one or two calls from the flyer he had given Shanna the previous day.

But his day started out pretty normal, he woke up, unplugged Blake's alarm clock, ate some breakfast, woke Blake up 10 minutes before he had to leave, got yelled at by Blake, continued to eat breakfast. Then he had sat on his couch with his guitar playing some random chords, hoping to get a new song out of it.

Sam old, same old. Until around 6 pm, his phone started ringing. He picked it up and smiled when he saw that it was Shanna from The Big Apple. Maybe she had something for him to do.

He unlocked his iPhone and accepted the call. He then pressed the phone to his ear and smiled "Hey, Shanna"

"Hiya Blaine!" Blaine had always found her accent adorable. "Am I botherin' you?"

"No, not at all. What's up?"

"Well, one of my friends just came in and I showed her your flyer, and she wanted to give it a try"

"Do you know if she's any good?"

"She's incredible. I've known her since I started here and she used to come in here all the time and perform. I think she would be a really good back-up singer. I know she'd rather be a solo act, but she really needs the money now"

"How old is she?" Blaine didn't want some 11 year old backing him up on stage.

"She's 23"

"Is she in the café right now?"

"Yes, she is, why?"

"Do you think she'll mind staying so I can come talk to her?"

"I'll ask, one second" There was a rustling sound and then muffled voice, then some more rustling sounds and Shanna spoke again "She said she could stay if you were willing to come down"

"Okay, thanks Shanna, tell her I'll be there soon"

"Alrighty, Blaine" She chirped "I'll see you soon!"

Blaine smiled to himself, pulled the phone away from his ear and pressed 'End'. He got up off the couch and walked towards his bedroom. He played his guitar on its stand and then grabbed some shoes out of his closet. He slipped them on his feet and then grabbed his keys off his bedside table and walked out of the room.

Blaine approached Blake's door and knocked. He heard a muffled 'Come in' so he opened the door to see Blake lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "Hey, man, what's up?"

"I just came in here to tell you that I'll be back, I got a call, and someone wants to talk to me about the back-up singer position."

"Okay, have fun, don't get murdered" Blake said nonchalantly.

Blaine chuckled and then shook his head. "I won't" He turned to walk out of the door, but stopped himself and looked back over at his friend's puzzled face. "Hey, you okay, Blake?"

Blake looked at him and then shook his head "I've got a lot on my mind"

"You want to talk about it?"

"Yeah, but right now you can go see this back-up singer person. I still have some things I need to sort out" Blaine raised an eyebrow and then nodded.

"Alright, call me if you need me"

"You sound like my mom"

Blaine laughed, glad that whatever funk Blake was in didn't stop him from making witty comments.

He said one last goodbye to Blake before walking out of the apartment. And as he walked down the street, he prayed that this girl was good. He didn't want to go through a lot of singers.

But Shanna did say that this girl had performed at the café before, so maybe she was good enough…

Oh, well, he's gonna have to just wait and see…


Blake stormed out of his apartment angrily early Monday morning. He should've known Blaine would wake up and prank him! Damn his roommate and his over-happiness in the morning.

He had to pretty much run to the coffee house, quickly pay for the coffees with his boss's credit card, and then hurriedly run out of the shop, trying not to spill hot coffee all over himself.

Then he had to run through many people trying to get to work. He bumped into many, quickly apologized to their scowling faces as he continued to run.

As he got to the building he worked in, he glanced down at his watch, sighing in relief as he saw that he wasn't as late as he could be.

He smiled at Hilary, the receptionist, who simply giggled in response. Blake sighed as he walked towards his boss' office, he hoped one day Hilary would get over him…

He was so distracted with his thoughts that he didn't hear the voices coming from the office, he simply knocked and waited for Kurt to respond. When he did, Blake opened the door and then shut it behind him. He looked at Kurt who was standing at his desk, shuffling papers, just like any other day.

"Hey, sorry I'm late, Kurt. My roommate was playing a prank on me. He unplugged my alarm clock" Blake said as he walked into the room.

"It's fine. I understand" Kurt had always been the cool boss, he never yelled at Blake, unless he was joking around with him, he usually bought both of their lunches, and he never cared when Blake had to take the day off, he just assumed it was personal business and let it go.

"Your coffee, sir" Blake joked and Kurt laughed then rolled his eyes as he took the coffee cup from Blake.

"Thanks, Blake" He sipped it Blake stood there for a moment, wondering what he should do next. He saw Kurt bit his lip, like he was trying not to smile or something and then he looked at something behind Blake and spoke. "Nellie, I'll give you my key to the apartment if you want to move your stuff back in today" Blake turned around, not realizing someone else had been here the whole time. And he was ashamed when he noticed the cute girl sitting on Kurt's couch; he was ashamed he hadn't seen her before.

The girl-Nellie-looked at Kurt and smiled. Blake couldn't help but think her smile was perfect. He then shook the thought to the back of his mind, because he didn't know this girl, like at all, so he was just being creepy.

"Okay, can I get the key now? I kind of want to move my stuff back in soon so I can go looking for a job." 'Nellie' responded

"Yeah sure" Kurt bent down and started going through his bag. Blake sneaked a peak at the cute girl who was now standing a couple feet away from him. She caught his gaze and they stared at each other for a few precious moments before she turned beet red and looked down at her feet. Blake also turned away, but that didn't stop him from sneaking glances at her every now and then.

He must've been really caught up in his mind and this girl because he didn't hear anything, not the jingle of keys, the pull of a zipper, of the rustle of sound as Kurt stood back up. But he did, however, hear the snort that pulled him out of his thoughts.

"You okay?" Nellie questioned with a raised eyebrow and a confused expression, that Blake found incredibly adorable. Her cheeks were still red as she stared at Kurt.

"Oh, absolutely, are you?" Blake's eyes widened when Kurt winked at her. Nellie was obviously embarrassed because she quickly grabbed the key from her friend's grip and then she stared at him with large brown eyes.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" She responded hurriedly. "I should let you get back to work. I'll see you later tonight" Blake could tell that the smile on her face was fake as she looked at Kurt. She gave him a simple nod and then walked towards the door.

"Hey Nell?" Kurt spoke up before she opened the door.

Nellie spun around and gave him another confused look. "Yeah?"

"You don't actually have to unpack; you can just put your stuff in the apartment and look for a job If you want. Rachel and I can help you when we get home"

"Okay, thanks Kurt"

"You're welcome, I'm just glad your back. Now I don't have to take on the Berry crazy by myself" Blake had to suppress his laugh, knowing exactly what Kurt had meant when he said 'Berry crazy'

Nellie laughed and to Blake it sounded like music, which was insane because he hadn't even said a word to her. "Has it gotten worse or better since I left?"

"What do you think?" Kurt asked honestly, giving her a look.

"I take that as a, 'she got worse'"

"You know me so well" Kurt smirked and Nellie quickly returned the smirk.

"Well, I would hope so" Nellie opened the door and smiled "I'll see you later"

"Bye Nell" Kurt grinned

"Bye" And with that said, Nellie walked out of the room, and probably out of Blake's life forever…But that didn't exactly stop him from turning to Kurt, a question on the tip of his tongue.

"So…if you don't mind me asking, who was that?" Blake tried to pass it off like he just wanted to know who the mysterious girl was, when he actually just wanted to know more about her in general.

Kurt seemed to see right through him because he responded with a smirk "That, my dear friend," Kurt was awfully smug and Blake knew he couldn't hide anything now "is one of my best friends, and now roommate, Nellie."

"How come I've never seen her before?" Blake questioned

"She moved to Washington because of some family issues, she has been gone for a little over a year. She used to live with me and Rachel before she left."

"How'd you meet?"

"Nellie and I met at Starbucks, where we both worked, and we became close friends. Then she ended up moving in" Kurt sat down and then took another sip of his coffee "Why so interested?"

"No reason" Blake looked down at the ground, trying to hide the faint blush appearing on his features.

"Bull shit, Jenner" Kurt replied in a monotone. "I saw how you two looked at each other. And don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about!"

"I don't-"

"Blake" Kurt said sternly

"What?" Blake's mind then realized what he had said "Wait, you said the way the two of us looked at each other…she was looking at me too?"

Kurt laughed "Of course she was, Blake, sure, you and I are just friends, but even I can tell you're attractive"

Blake looked at him with a smirk "Oh, really now?"

"Shut it. You're attractive, yes, but so not my type"

"Harsh" Blake pouted and Kurt rolled his eyes "You know, you've never told me. What exactly is your type?"

"Musical, obviously, sweet, loyal, tall, dark, and handsome" Kurt sighed dreamily "Wait, why the hell am I telling you?"

"Because we're the best of friends" Kurt snorted once again

"Funny" Kurt commented

Blake laughed as well "I know we're not 'the best of friends' but we are friends, Kurt. I mean you gave me this job"

"Yes, you are my friend, but I didn't give you this job because we're friends, I gave it to because Rachel begged me to"

Blake smiled "Those were the days when Rachel had a huge crush on me"

Kurt laughed "Because you're attractive"

"I'm aware, thank you" Blake joked and Kurt laughed

"And you're modest! The complete package! How do you not have a girlfriend?" Kurt teased and Blake stuck his tongue out at him.

"Because I'm waiting for the perfect girl"

"Well, I think you might've found her" Kurt smirked and nodded at the door that Nellie had exited just moments before.

"I don't know her at all"

"That could change you know. I mean, she's going to be living with me and Rachel and since your over at our apartment a lot, you'll probably see her again" Blake smiled, he was so out of it he didn't realize this. He would see her a lot. "Plus, she seemed to like you…or at least your looks"

"Oh, God! Is she one of those girls that only likes guys because of their looks, because if that's the case, I'm going to forget about her right now!"

Kurt chuckled "No, Nellie's not like that at all. She's actually dated some pretty unappealing guys" Kurt's nose crinkles in disgust. "She would always tell me and Rachel that she doesn't base her feelings off of looks, but more of the sweetness quality and the smart quality. This means she could develop feelings for you, you know, if you guys became friends"

"You think so?"

"Yep, I could already see the connection when you two were giving each other looks."

Blake smiled to himself and once he finished his talk with Kurt, he went off to run some errands, not once letting the mysterious Nellie slip from his mind.