Savannah's P.O.V

"Ow! Savannah, talk to me. You ok?" Benny asked. We were currently in a headlock by David Stachowski, one of the school jocks.

"Ya I'm great! Nothing like starting the day in some guys armpit!" I told Benny sarcastically. Just then Ethan walked by us. At first he didn't notice us but then he walked back over to us. Ethan fixed his backpack strap and his sunglasses. He was in baggy pants and a White Chapel High T-Shirt. Which was similar to the one David was wearing.

"Hey Savannah! You having fun?" Ethan asked me sarcastically.

"Just get us out of here!" I hissed at him.

"David let Savannah go." Ethan said. David looked up to see that Ethan was the one telling him to let me go, so he did. I was shoved over to Ethan.

"And Benny." Ethan told David.

"Thanks E." Benny said as he rubbed his neck. Ethan just glared at Benny then said, "See you at practice David." Then Ethan walked way.

"All right listen up, geeks!" David started as Benny yelped like a girl. "From now on, we're best buds. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah. Yeah we got it. Wait what?" I asked him in surprise. Even when Jesse was still alive no one wanted to be our friends.

"Yeah. Awesome! Best buds forever. Totally cool." Benny said. Then Benny looked at me and said, "Headlocks are like jock hugs."

"Awesome! See you around bro two and brah one!" David started. He then hit Benny in the arm and said 'Yes!' and then did the same to me. He then walked away from us.

"That was awesome!" Benny said.

"Which part? The love tap or the part where you two could taste his deodorant?" Ethan asked when he showed up behind us.

"Ah!" Benny and I said in unison.

"Were you there the whole time?" Benny asked.

"Ya. It's always fun to watch you two get harassed by jocks!" Ethan said in a creepy happy voice. Then he ran off with vampire speed.

"Ok that was weird. Why is he acting so happy? I don't even think he was that happy when he was human." Benny asked.

"It's near a full moon remember! He gets some serious mood swings." I told him. "But really Benny what part of what just happened was awesome?"

"I mean the part where we're friends with David Stachowski! Our street cred just went though the roof! The only thing we're missing is if Ethan actually becomes friends with us or if you start acting like Erica or change." Benny told me. I glared at him then hit him in the arm.

"But we both know that is never going to happen." I told him. "Why would a guy like Ethan wanna hang out with us anyway?"

"Savannah don't question things!" Benny told me. Just then a girl that was just talking to David walked past us. "Hey you wanna go out?" Benny asked. "I've got the David Stachowski seal of approval!"

"Drop dead." The girl said.

"See? She spoke to me! That never happened pre headlock!" Benny told me.

"Benny there's something about that guy that I don't trust." I told Benny as we glanced over at David. He had just growled at some kid.

"You mean other then the fact that he's huge and popular and totally awesome!" Benny asked me as he started to scratch his head. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Is that a flea?" Benny asked me frantically. I looked at him then nodded. "Yep that's a flea."

Break Line! Savannah's P.O.V

"Come on!" I yelled at the vending machine. I was in the lounge with Ethan.

"Do you want my help?" Ethan asked as he chewed on his snickers bar.

"No!" I told him as I hit the machine again. Just then Sarah walked by and she hit the machine and a bunch of candy came out.

"Is that one of your fledgling powers?" I asked.

"Not a power. Just a perk." Sarah said. Her and I grabbed a candy and found some seats.

"So where's your new jock BFF?" Sarah asked.

"Well technically he was Ethan's friend first." I said.

"Hey it's not my fault that the school forced me into joining a sports team here!" Ethan said.

"Why did they do that anyway?" Sarah asked.

"Well after the Coach Ed incident the school thought they could get more trophies with me on a sports team." Ethan said.

"Well anyway David won't leave me alone! It's so weird! It's like the lions are hanging out with the zebras or something!"

"Or better yet vampire hanging out with werewolfs!" Ethan said.

"Who's got two thumbs, three free candy bars and is best buds with David Stachowski? That right this guy!" Benny exclaimed as he sat down with us. I looked at Ethan he looked like he was going to bit someone's face off. Which is why I have made a promise to myself to stay close to Ethan near the full moons from now on. So I can keep him under control.

"Like I was saying its like he's inserted himself into my life!" I said.

"Ya he even showed up at our house one time." Ethan said as he put his feet up on a table and drank some animal blood.

"So he eats all your food. That's no excuse to break up a potential friendship." Sarah said.

"There's more. The guy howls." I said.

"Woo-Hoo free candy bar!" David said. Then he howled.

"A lot of dudes howl. It's a jock animal thing!" Benny said.

"Ya but I don't do that." Ethan said.

"Ya but you are an animal." Benny said. Ethan just rolled his eyes.

"I can't be the only one who's notice how hairy he is." I said.

"So he's hairy. A lot of guys are hairy. It's a hairy guy thing!" Benny said. I shrugged.

"It's basic math. Howling plus hair plus this town equals..." I started but Benny cut me off.

"Awesome!" Benny said.

"Werewolf." I told him.

"Werewolf." Benny said.

"Savannah not everything is supernatural. Plus Ethan is a werewolf and he is none of those things." Sarah said.

"Ya but Ethan is also a vampire, so maybe his werewolf self is like less on the outside." I said.

"I'm right here you know! Plus I can tell you right now if he's a werewolf or not!" Ethan said, but we all just ignored him.

"Savannah you're obsessed!" Sarah said.

"Ya. David is hanging out with us because he realized how cool we are!" Benny said.

"Please you Benny are anything but cool!" Ethan said.

"Fine! I'll just prove it!" Benny said as he walked over to a group of girls. "Ladies." Benny came back and he was a mess.

"Dudes a werewolf." Benny said.

"Ok. We prove that David's a werewolf." I said.

"Then we figure out what he wants." Ethan said.

"I've got better things to do then stalk back-shavers." Sarah said as she stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"Like what?" Benny asked.

"Soccer tryouts." Sarah said.

"I think she was serious." I said.

"Oh well, in that case, I'm sure it'll be fine!" Ethan said.

Break Line! Ethan's P.O.V

Erica, Izzy, Brandon, and I were walking down the hall when we heard the soccer tryouts come in. We walked around the hall to find Sarah.

"Let me guess, Soccer went the same way as..." Erica started.

"Tennis tryouts went." Izzy said.

"Volleyball tryouts." Brandon said.

"Oh and don't forget the yearbook committee ." I said.

"I'm just trying to do something! Something so I can feel normal!" Sarah told us.

"You don't fit in with humans anymore Sarah. The sooner they realize and accept that the better. Trust me. I wasn't sunshine and rainbow when I was turned" I said. "I actually hated it for awhile."

"Ya Sarah! Come over to the hot side!" Izzy said.

"Everybody looks better with fangs!" Erica said as she flashed her fangs.

"Put those away!" Sarah said. Just then David walked up.

"Hey! I'm David Stachowski which you probably know since I'm David Stachowski." David started. "I saw you talking with my three best buds. And since you're buds with my buds that makes me." David started.

"Really annoying?" Sarah asked. "Oh and maybe you should shave your forehead again. I think you missed a spot." David growled then walked away as Izzy said, "Hey I'm Izzy! Why don't you call me? Anytime!"

"Savannah thinks he's a werewolf." I told Izzy.

"Now he is someone I could date. He's so cute and primal. Rawr!" Izzy said. "Man I'm so jealous of you Erica! You already have he perfect boyfriend." Izzy said as she walked away dreamily.

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