Blue Moon- The school's hairiest jock, David, declares himself as Ethan and Benny's best friend, much to Benny's delight. Ethan suspects David is a werewolf and while trying to prove this fact, he is accidentally hit with a misfired werewolf spell from Benny. Ethan also has a vision of David trying to find a cure for himself during the full moon, which confirms Ethan's suspicion. However, when Sarah finds out about this cure, she hopes she can use it for herself to become human again. Ethan confronts David and David admits that he only became friends with him because he knew Ethan is a Seer and he wanted to find the cure. On the night of the full moon, Benny's misfired spell makes Ethan start transforming into a werewolf. The words from the symbol on the cure bottle in Ethan's vision translate to a stone circle. Sarah goes to the stone circle and finds the cure, a drinking potion. She ends up using it all on a werewolf trying to kill Benny in Ethan's house, whom she thinks is David. However, when the werewolf is cured, it turns out to be Ethan himself. David isn't a werewolf; he just transforms into a shaggy dog under the full moon.

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