Chapter 12: A Rash Decision

Sam knew he should have never started running, but it was sudden instinct. When he made eye contact with the dog, Sam knew that he and his partner had recognized Sam and Sam bolted out the door. This chase was worse than the one back home over the roofs because at least on the roofs he had Cami, but now he didn't. All he had was himself and the information he copied from the computer. Sam shoved the notes into his pocket and concentrated on not hitting anyone or anything.

Sam jumped fences and used all his soccer skills to get ahead. He dodged people and objects and darted in alleys and across parking lots. When he accidently ripped his clothing on a fence, he didn't even flinch; he just kept running. Sam could still hear the dog and boar pursuing him. He had to loose them and then find Cami. They had to leave this place; it wasn't safe. Sam had managed to run out of the main hub of town and right outside of the train station. Sam's lungs were burning as he took a quick look behind him. That was a fatal mistake. He tripped over the train tracks. He tried to get up, but his foot had wedged itself into the metal. Sam managed to free himself, but in those few crucial seconds the dog and boar had caught up to Sam.

"Not so fast!" The boar growled as Sam tried to run. The boar grabbed Sam's shirt and yanked him off his feet.

Sam fumbled to grab the shock pistol he had strapped to his side. Hoping like crazy that his shirt did not conduct electricity, Sam shot the boar at close range and then the dog. The two fell over, unconscious. Sam shot each of them again for good measure and tried to drag them off the train tracks. Sam may not like these two, but he did not want them dead.

Once Sam had gotten the two of them out of the way, he wiped the sweat off his brow. Then he heard the sound of a pistol being cocked. Sam whipped around to see an eagle pointing a gun at him.

Meanwhile with Camiā€¦

Cami had lost precious time taking the little detour into the safehouse. She had lost the eagle-guy and she had resorted to asking people if they had seen an eagle run by recently. Cami was getting very, very worried and she regretted taking the detour and not running across the rooftops.

"Sammy, where are you?" Cami asked herself desperately. "Think Cami, you're Sam and you're running from someone. Where would you go?" She bit her lip as she thought. Cami sighed; Sam would have not noticed where he was going, he would have just tried to lose the tail.

"Okay, fine. Different approach." Cami said nervously, trying to not loose hope. "You're trying to catch a very fast fox. Where would you try to herd him?"

Cami hit herself on the forehead. She still had no idea where to go. She groaned. Something red caught Cami's eye and she ran over to it. A strip of cloth that had been ripped off a shirt or a pair of pants was caught on a fence. Cami pulled it off and inspected it. Sam had been wearing a shirt this color.

Cami jumped the fence and took off. When she had come to the end of the alley, Cami looked both ways for any sign of Sam or the eagle. A flash of brown feathers going around the corner caught Cami's eye. She barreled after it, not caring if she shoved people out of her way. After every turn Cami just caught a glimpse of feathers that kept her on track. She didn't care that her body was screaming at her to stop running, to rest and not move.

Cami stopped suddenly. She had followed the wrong eagle. She now saw that the eagle she had been following was just in a hurry. Cami watched him run into an office building. She turned around now crying. She had wasted even more time following the wrong bird. Cami turned around to see the train station. She saw a little balcony that people could stand on to watch the trains go by. Cami walked on it to see if she could find anything. She froze when she saw two unconscious guys next to Sam and the eagle she had been intending to follow pointing a pistol at her brother.


"Hands up kid." The eagle said. Sam slowly did what he said. Sam had put the shock pistol in the holster when he started to move the two unconscious guys.

"Now, where's your sister?" The eagle asked curtly.

"Why would I tell you?" Sam retorted. He sounded a lot braver than he felt. He had read countless books in which the protagonist had a gun pointed at him and Sam had always imagined himself not being scared, but now that it was real, not words on a page, Sam had to fight to keep his voice level and himself from shaking.

"Don't give me that. Where is she?" The eagle said dangerously.

Sam heard a train horn sound and he got a crazy idea. "No idea." He said.

"You're lying." The eagle was extremely tense and Sam was worried that he might accidently pull the trigger by accident.

The train horn sounded again. It was close, very close. The eagle whipped his head over to see the train coming towards them. The eagle jumped out of the way as the train sped by and Sam jumped on it. The speeding train was too fast for anyone to catch it on foot. Sam looked back at the eagle, who yelled in anger. Sam laughed, but his laughter was cut off abruptly as his eyes looked up at the train station. He saw Cami looking terrified, and the train was taking him away from her.


Cami watched in horror as the train sped off with Sam on it. She had lost her father first and then her mother was taken and now Sam was speeding away on the back of a train. Cami was now alone.