I must say that there seemed to be some dislike to the fact that Bane was killed, but I really was just sticking to the movie. After all, there was no way he survived Selina's blast from the bike. I felt like I have to say that before this last chapter started. And I'm not sure quite yet about anything I'm going to do in the future, pretty much depends on how much of a response I get from you beautiful readers! And I know this is quite short, but you know me. ^.^ Please review?

The officers took me away violently, one started beating on me. But then they stopped when I figured they should have taken me to hell with them. Officer Blake had held the men off and took me to the police station with the Commissioner and there I stayed for the past month, alone in a cell to face that bitter coldness of truly knowing that Bane was gone. I will not lie, I broke down several times, bawled my eyes out, completely, until I was so dry I had jack rabbits hopping across my stomach.

And this is why I've sojourn here, quiet and tired and starving so that I could get my chance to tell you my story. I can only hope that you understood that no matter how much I loved him, I had no part in his crimes, and that the pain I've felt is ill-minded in everyone's eyes but my own.

Thank you all for listening, ladies and gentlemen. That is...all I have to say.

There was an eerie silence in the court room when the jury came back from their rather short discussion. It was the kind of silence described in Edgar Allan Poe stories, a silence that scraped and screamed and clawed at the insides of everyone in the room. And finally a woman stood with a paper in her hand at the microphone.

"As a jury of twelve we have sat and heard out Miss Sara Blake's plea and hereby pronounce her...not guilty of any accomplice in Gotham City's terrorist crimes by the man called Bane."

Sara cupped her hand over her mouth to hide her massive smile as cameras flashed and several people cheered.

"Here are your belongings Miss Blake, one black coat, one knit hat, a passport, a wallet, and one cell phone." Although Commissioner Gordon was not in charge of retrieving a past inmate's items he felt especially keen on returning Sara Blake's processions. "What do you plan to do now, Sara?"

"I think I might go back to France, get back into painting, I think I may take a boat across the North Atlantic...I cannot dwell too long on this or I may never come back." Sara smiled sadly and slid her coat on over her shoulders.

"You won't need that coat, girl, it's Spring time now." Sara laughed at how silly she had been to have forgotten. She embraced Gordon tightly and thanked him in a small whisper for saving her life so many times.

On her way out the door Sara turned her cell phone on and dialed a quick number when she was out of sight of the police station. The phone rang six times before being picked up in silence.

"I'm a free woman."

"That's what I hear." Sara smiled, "Did you really mean all those things you said?"

"Of course I did."

"Even all those observations?"

"I meant every word, love."

There was a chuckle on the other end. "I'm at the pier, I'll see you in a few."

Sara caught a cab and quickly made her way to the docks. She walked around for five minutes before she stumbled upon a man in a gray shirt and a ball cap pulling a rope from a large sail boat's anchor. She rubbed her hand along his spine and he stood up straight and turned around. He was a tall and muscular man with scars on his hands and neck.

"Ready to set sail, little one?"

Sara smiled brightly and nodded, not saying a word.

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