It all started with a boy and a girl. A boy who had thought he'd fallen in love, only to find out over breakfast that the girl currently using the bathroom in his house was a murderer- the serial kind. But because the boy and the girl met, after a while, the boy met a girl of a different kind. This girl worked at a grocery store and had pretty brown hair and the kind of smile that made the boy go weak in the knees. The boy and the girl were 'just friends' because the girl already had a boy, but it wasn't long until the boy decided he wanted the girl to be his forever. The boy wasn't good at talking when he was nervous, so he sat down and wrote a wonderful play to truly show the girl exactly how he felt about her. He didn't expect his speech to come out perfectly the way it did and he really didn't expect her to run out of the theatre. But the boy followed the girl because he'd follow her to the ends of the earth if he had to, and when he found her, five little words made everything perfect. Five little words that created a new chapter in their lives- a new chapter that all started with a boy and a girl who met in a grocery store.