The Pyrotechnic Princess

An "X-Men" one shot by Andrew J. Talon and scriviner

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan-based work of prose. X-Men is the property of Marvel and the creation of Stan Lee and other comic masterminds. Please support the official release.

"What the hell do you want?" Jubilee grumbled from where she'd been sulking in her room since they'd come home.

"We need to talk." Emma replied.

Jubilee rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Fine. What?"

"Well, we noticed your powers DId seem stronger when you thought you'd been augmented. So that tells us you've got some sort of mental block keeping you from being able to do anything really useful with your powers, but I have a solution."

"Emma, I'm not in the mood." She rolled her eyes.

"Put this on." Emma tossed a uniform at her. Jubilee caught it, then glared at the blonde.

"That's the evil costume Apocalypse gave me"

Emma replied with a smirk. "Indeed. The one that lifts and separates."

"I am NOT letting you put me back in that thing! It's as bad as the maid outfit!"

"With this, it will allow you to get back into the mindset you were in when you were generating disintegrating plasma energy in amounts large enough to make Havok weep with envy."


"And then we slowly wean you off of this uniform, so that you may use your powers in an enhanced form, without the crutch of a revealing outfit.

"I... you can really do that?"

"How long have I been teaching mutants to improve their powers?" Emma asked pointedly.

"Yes! Let's do that!"


"There... you are still able to use your augmented might without your evil uniform. Aren't you pleased?" Emma said soothingly.

Jubilee screeched at her as she pulled her robe back on. "You complete BITCH! Now you've got my head so messed up I can't use my powers at all unless I'm NAKED!"

Emma quirked an eyebrow and asked, "And your point is...?"

"I CAN'T GO OUT AND FIGHT SUPERVILLAINS LIKE THIS!" Jubilee raged, holding her robe tighter around herself.

Emma made a dismissive noise, "It's not like we let you out to fight them anyway."

"I'm going to KILL you!" Jubilee gestured, but nothing came out from her fingertips.

Emma smirked, "Oh look. You're in a robe. No powers. Pity."

Jubilee moved to shrug out of her robe and called out loudly, "Just you wait til I get this thing off and my hands on you!"

It was at that point when Scott had opened the door and stared first at his girlfriend, then at the half-naked asian who'd just spoken. "... should i come back later?"

Scriviner wrote this, and I couldn't resist including it.