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Once Upon The China Girl

"How many more days of this?" Escaped as a low mumbled from the mouth of Ming Jiangnu as she looked out the window to her room, head propped on her right hand. "Sure. I may be the last person of the Ming family to take the throne, but at least give me someone to talk to! They want to kill me? Fine. At least then I won't be in the Forbidden City all alone." Her slate grey eyes gleamed with annoyance whilst talking to herself, like she did everyday so far this year and until she died or there was a change in power. "If only Papa and Mom weren't killed then I wouldn't be the Empress for a freaking country. Cool life you old geezers! Leave me alone in this city that's like 720,00 miles...squared...big. Papa couldn't even give Mom some sperm to make me another sibling. Prude old fart."

Jiangnu glanced up at sun, seeing it more towards the west side of the sky, meaning it would set soon. She then decided that this would be the night she would escape from this irksome life. Then again, this wasn't her first time deciding to escape...it was the seventeenth time this month but she always gave up on it by nightfall. "No." she told herself, tearing up from staring at the sun for too long, "Tonight I will definitely get out." She told herself repeatedly, packing her pienfus tightly into one of her suitcases.

That night

"...I'll do it tomorrow."

The next night

"...Tomorrow. Tomorrow. It's only twenty-four hours away~."

The following night

"Tonight is the night." Jiangnu whispered to herself, peeking around the east gate, waiting for the three guards to turn their attention away from where she planned to run. 'Maybe I should do it tomorrow...' She thought to herself after awhile of the guards not moving their eyes from her escape route. No sooner had she thought that, the guards walked away to another place.

"Damn it!" She whispered, running past the gate, not caring to look back and check if the guards had seen her.

After running for who knows how long, Jiangnu reached a trading port and decided to get aboard one of the ships. To her, it didn't matter if the ship was going across the world or across the sea to Japan, as long as she was out of that boring city.

She looked down at her beige and teal pienfu, seeing it was torn and dirty from running through mostly woods. "This was my favorite one..." She silently sobbed to herself before walking down the dimly lit wooden port, examining each of the ships. She finally stopped in front a big dark grey ship, admiring the ship. She ran behind a stack of boxes when she heard people coming from the ship and looked over the top of the boxes, hoping to see what type of people owned that ship.

Jiangnu was slightly disappointed when she saw a somewhat short boy with long orange hair in a braid come from it, followed by a taller man with brown-hay colored hair and a circular man with a thick beard, but no hair. She moved from behind the boxes when she had seen the three men disappear and she ran up the ship.

The Chinese empress soon found herself lost after constantly turning corners when she saw a crew member. She quietly opened a door next to her, checking that no one was in the room and bolted into it and realized how tired she was when she fell asleep as soon as she closed the door to the empty closet.

Next Morning

Jiangnu woke the next morning with the same orange haired boy from the past night smiling brightly in her face, which she didn't even hesitate to scream loudly in. Even after all of her screaming, the boy continued to smile at her, not saying anything. 'Oh damn it all.' She thought, gulping silently, 'Is he going to slap me with his braid? Please no...'
"H...hello." She finally managed after a few more moments of nothing but him smiling in her face.

The smiling boy replied back with a hello but Jiangnu couldn't understand him because he was talking in Japanese. Instead, she just gave him a blank stare, blinking repeatedly.

His smile faded and revealed sky blue eyes after a while once he realized she couldn't understand him. "Oh? So you can't understand me?" he asked in almost perfect Chinese, making Jiangnu's eyes widen.

"You can understand me!" She also asked, laying up and grabbing onto the boy's black Chinese martial art shirt.

"Can you understand Japanese?" he ignored her question, considering she ignored his question too. The Chinese girl unclasped her hands and furrowed her brows together. "No." she finally answered, acting like he just asked her if she knew the difference between a Genesis and a Mega driver.

"LET ME DOWN YOU BASTARD! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS!" Jiangnu screamed at the top of her lungs in incoherent Chinese as the boy continually tried to shove her off the ship which was somehow in space

"You can't understand Japanese so you're useless to me so you might as well die." He smiled.


"But if I let you go, you'll fall into space. But then again, it's your choice." He replied with a confused smile, eventually letting her go, which was pointless since Jiangnu latched onto his left arm tightly, looking down at the vast space. "Don't...let...me go." She slowly said, shaking from her near-death experience.

"Let you go?" He repeated, smiling and shaking his arm vigorously in an attempt to get Jiangnu off of it.

"Don't you bastard! If we were back in China, you'd be dead already for being so mean to me!" She shouted, clinging tighter onto his arm.

"Why would they kill me?" He asked, still smiling and shaking his arm.

"Because I'm the empress you bastard."

"What are you doing now Captain?" Jiangnu and the boy, apparently Kamui, turned their heads back to see the hay-colored haired man who was with Kamui the night before.

"I'm having fun with this girl who snuck aboard the ship and decided to sleep in my closet Abuto." He replied with another bright smile.

"At least she came out of the closet." Abuto rubbed the back of his neck, turning to the side.

"I think my persuading her was the main reason she came out."


"...She also claims to be the current empress of China." Kamui said, ignoring Jiangnu's screaming in Chinese.

"TALK IN MY LANGUAGE SO I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU SHAN YU!"(Shan Yu is the leader of the group that invaded China in Mulan)

"...Some of the traders from last night did say that they heard of the Empress running away." Abuto, also ignoring her screaming, looked at the angry Chinese girl, still clutched on Kamui's arm.

Kamui peeled her Jiangnu off his arm and pulled her in front him and began speaking Chinese so she could understand "So you are the Empress?"

She nodded.

"Can you cook?"

She shook her head slowly

"You'll learn Empress." He smiled, throwing her over his shoulder and walking down the hallway and stopping in front a door, where he dropped her on the ground hard. The orange haired boy opened the door behind her, revealing a kitchen...possibly. The room was covered in black mass as is Otae had a cooking spree along with the sink being stacked high with dirty dishes.

Jiangnu slowly turned back to Kamui, who was still smiling brightly. "What..the hell is wrong with you?" she asked him.

"Be done in an hour." He said, ignoring her question and walking away.

"...How the hell am I supposed to do that? Teach me Toph!" The Chinese teenager stood and walked into the kitchen, immediately being attacked by a horrible scent. She shook her head, covering her nose with her sleeve and attempted to clean the disaster area the Harusame called their kitchen.

Thirty Minutes Later

She just spent half of the time she was given to cook on just washing dishes and that wasn't even all of the dishes. "Now the real challenge is...what do I cook? I've never cooked a day in my life- not even making a sandwich. Hoes be makin' me my sandwich playa." Then it came to her. She remembered her mom making a dish as a younger Jiangnu stood next to her, watching intently. Remembering, she pulled up her sleeves and quickly got to work.

Another Thirty Minutes Later

"Done?" Kamui smiled, sitting at his table, looking at Jiangnu, who held a single plate in her hands.

"Yes..." She replied slowly, setting the plate down in front the space captain.

"Where is the rest of the food?" the boy questioned, staring at the medium sized plate of fried rice in front of him.

"Ah...well, you see, I only had time to make that much considering I spent half of my given time cleaning up the kitchen and the rest remembering how to make this fried rice." Grey eyes looked awkwardly to the ground, scared to meet Kamui's sky blue eyes.

"Did I tell you to clean the kitchen?" The Yato boy didn't play around when it came to food. "Something of this size wouldn't be enough for my midnight snack. I expect this to be the best rice I've even eaten or... you get to have fun in space." He took a spoonful of the rice and put it in his mouth.

"Is...is it good?" Jiangnu asked, cowering behind Abuto.

Kamui widened his eyes once the fried rice entered his mouth. "This...is..."

"It's good!" the Chinese girl almost exclaimed, climbing on top of Abuto's head.

"It's...the..worst thing I've eaten up until now. I would rather eat my own throw-up that was processed by a dog then eat this ever again. Now, off to the porthole you go. Come along."

"...BUT I DON'T WANNA! ATLEAST I KNOW MY PLACE IN THE WORLD!" The female struggled from the slightly taller male's iron grip as he drug her down the hallway, despite her screaming.

"A kitchen is not your place. You would be more useful in bed."

"Hey... I like beds. Do you? I know you do. Would you like me in your bed? I know you-"

"I'll kill you." The orange haired Yato smiled.

"...I see."

"Not for long." He continued to smile.

"Then I'll just clutch my eyes and say 'I...see.' again." Anyone get the reference? No? Your loss...

"Captain maybe we should keep the girl." Both stopped their talking when Abuto's voice was heard behind them.

"Oh? Fallen in love have we?"

"No but she may be useful later on." Like hell Abuto fell in love with that foreign crazy-ass kid. He has some standards. Not a lot, but some.

"...What's he saying? I can't understand what hay-boy is saying. HEY. TELL ME SHAN YU."

"We were deciding on whether or not to keep you alive." The orange haired male answered in Chinese.

"Well...I wouldn't mind staying alive. But hey son, it's all your call. All. On. You." Jiangnu evenly spaced out the last three words, her grip on the Yato captain's arm getting stronger by each word. Of course, it didn't hurt Kamui.



"Very well." Kamui sighed, turning to Abuto, "Arrange for someone to teach her Japanese so she will be more useful. Otherwise I'll be forced to use her as a punching bag."

"I'll be your punch bag any day..." The Chinese girl smiled, nudging the slightly taller boy in the arm.

"Good. You start tomorrow." He replied with a bright smile, walking away, Abuto close behind him.

"W-Well wait! I was kidding! I don't even know what a punching bag does!"

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