A/N: This is a rewrite of an adopted story (A Transformed Life) By Triad Skyline. For all of those who are reading this after youread the other. There will be no ledendary Gijinki's! Also this is rewriten as a side story to Fusions & Anthro's. Hopefully you all will enjoy.

Gijinka Fusions

In the blackness of the clear night a 14 year old girl felt the chill of a cool breeze through the trees. She walked through the tree in the wake of the star lit night. Her long wavy hair went down half way to her waist. Her bright green eye seemed to be hazed in the moonlight. Her darken seemed to blend in with the attitude of the forest. A gentle wind tugged on the teens light blue shirt.

'Dang it! Roxy think!' the teen named Roxy told herself. 'You thought you heard a voice.' That much she knew as she twirled her head around to gaze past any of the trees. But all she could see was darkness. 'It's late and cold' Roxy sighed 'I shouldn't have come out.'

An echo of a breaking branch drew Roxy's attention in front of her. There was a teen with black hair that broke through the bushes. Golden rings looked to be dancing upon her black clothes. She had on short that went to her knees. The gold rings were scattered across a colored black shirt. The teen girl's eyes beamed a bright red in the sun light.

Out of the darkness a covered hand grabbed the girl's arms. Roxy twisted her ankle to get behind a tree. The hand which had grasped the little girls arm was a 20 year old male who had shorten black hair. His green eyes stuck out in the darkness like a sore thumb. He wore a black suite with a white 1 inch stripe that went down the middle of the uniform.

On each side was a gray rim that outlined the stripe. The pant that he wore was of a black with a stripe of white going down each side of the legs. A gray rim bordered the white stripes. Imprinted on the white was a diagonal black line. That that top high side was and the right and the low side were on the left. That stripe was repeated all the way down seamlessly on both sides of his pants. On his feet were black shoes with a white bottom.

Roxy started to breath heavy, as she heard the teen yell "Leave me alone, you jerk!"

"Quiet!" the 20 year old ordered. "You are not getting away!"

Roxy's heart stopped as she heard the girl cry. She peaked around the tree, and suddenly a pair yellow eyes, appeared right in front of her face. With a sudden loss of breathe she fell backwards to break a twig. "Eric we have an unwanted guest" The newcomer said as a sharp claw formed a fist to punch Roxy in the stomach knocking her out.

The newcomer was a Sneasel Anthro who had the same white claws that a Sneasel had the Anthro stood at about 5'10 ft tall. It was a guy without a doubt, and he wore a Pitch black suit that looked to be the same a divers.

Eric pulled out a needle from his left pocket and jammed it into the little girls shoulder. The little girl let out a quiet gasp before she closed her eye to fall asleep. He reached out to catch her to prevent her from falling to the ground. He wrapped his right arm around her waist to hoist her up. And held her again his right side. "A girl?"

"It's a girl alright" The anthro replied as Roxy was pulled into view. He leaned her against the tree that she hid behind. "Got some rope?"

"Yes" Eric replied as he set the black hair teen on the ground. "Give me a few." He reached behind his back to pull a bag to be in front of himself. Opening the top he grabbed a red metal rope, he reach to the teen and wrapped it around the girl's wrists. He repeated the action to tie her ankles together. "Alright here is your rope." He yelled at the anthro as he grabbed two bundles of rope and through it to the Sneasel anthro.

Catching the two rope bundles, the anthro turned to face the girl. While he took one piece of rope he tied Roxy's ankles to together. Pulling her forwards, he was able to tie her wrists together.

"What are we suppose to do with this guest?" The Sneasel anthro asked Eric.

Eric started grinning.

By the time Roxy woke up she was sore. Straining her eyes she looked around the room. While looking around, she saw that it was a metal room. The walls were painted white and the ceiling had a round ceiling light in the middle of the room. Only after looking around for a bit she realized that she was sitting on a bed.

The blue sheets got wrinkled as she shifted. 'Where am I?' Roxy questioned. Stand up she walked over to a door across the room. When trying to open the door, the knob did not turn.

As she was trying to figure out what happened the upset black haired teen was in a room of her own. Crying on the bed that she had in a metal room. 'I was so close!'

After minutes of cry she wiped her eyes clear of tiers. Looking around she seemed to wait for an uncertain future.

Inside an entertainment room Eric and the Sneasel anthro and his sister was playing a game of hearts, with another solider. They were all on their last hand, 'Where is that dang queen!' the solider screamed to himself.

He then place down a jack of spades while at the same time the male Sneasel bit his lip as he threw the ace of spades to the middle of the table. Eric then placed his last card to show the queen. "That queen must love you Rick!" Eric teased the male Anthro.

Rick's head collided with the table, "I hate you Eric."

"Hopefully a heart will make you feel better" His sister called from across the table as she tossed a heart on to table.

"That's not helping" Rick complained.

"ERIC!" a very mad female screamed at the male. The doors to the room opened up to show a 19 year old. Her long blond hair seemed to wave as she stormed in. She had on the same clothed design as Eric, only that it is a female version.

"You brought in another one?" She wiped her right arm to choke him while standing behind him.

"You know that when he brings one in, they are always somehow turned into a fusion, right?" Rick's sister asked.

Rick was at that time collecting the cards, while Sally released Eric. Eric coughed while placing her left hand over his heart. Rick just briefly looked at Eric as he shuffled the deck of cards. "The boss wants to use her for some test." Eric answered. The statement just earned him a death glare from Sally.

"It shouldn't matter" Rick told Sally. He then stopped shuffling and started to gentle toss the cards around in a circle. All Sally could do at that time was sigh.

Roxy stood a little ways from the door in distraught. 'Why am I here?' she almost cried, only then after a minute did she move to the bed again.

Falling onto her back a single tear fell. 'How did I get here?' after that single thought 'wait could it have been that guy I saw. The one who grabbed the other girl?' more and more thoughts kept running through her head.

While at the same time the black haired girl at that time was standing in front of the metal door. A black ball of clouds started to gather in her hand. Once a sphere formed she closed her fingers in her right hand which had the shadow ball. The shadow ball engulfed her hand, and then she punched the door but when she brought back her hand. Looking at the door, no marks of any kind could be found.

Collapsing to the floor, her knees hit floor first and her hands landed on her knees. She released an untamed rain of tears.