Gijinka Fusions

'Back in the cell again' a young green haired girl thought. Ruby colored eyes wondered around the room, her shoulder length hair slightly swayed back and forth. Two red fin like horns raised out on the sides of the girls head near her ears. Both were extended straight upwards like the horns of a Kirlia. 'Why me?' red eyes looked up to the ceiling in wonder with a few tears streaming from the corner of her eyes.

Falling back first onto the white bed. Stretching out her arms, the white dress flattened out over the bed. 'Why can't I just go home?' As time only trickled by as what felt like hours was in turn minutes. A white door sat. The sliding door didn't move in the silence that echoed through the room. The young girl in the small room held only a bed and drawer.

The bed laid the back left corner of the well light room. The dresser lay against the left wall and sat in front of the bed. The small anthro rolled her eye to gaze over to the door. It was then that it opened. The young girl raised an eyebrow at the movement. Sliding across the floor, a female walked in. A blond haired woman stepped in with her shoes creating a small tapping noise. Sally gazed her hazel eyes right at the young girl. "Alright Tsuki." Sally stated with her arms folding under her chest. "Time for some spars."

Tsuki the young Kirlia anthro stared at Sally. "NO I WONT!" She screamed with closed eyes. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Sally walking over to her with her shoes tapping the floor. Tsuki clenched her hands, as she looked Sally deep into her hazel eyes. 'I don't want to fight!'

"You really don't have a choice in the matter," Sally sighed. With little emotion showing through her eyes, her right hand grasped the young anthro's left shoulder.

'Another fight?' The single thought ran through a fifth teen year old teenager wondered as he sat on a bench. The teen stood about five foot ten inches with his waist halfway down from his shoulders. In the electric blue of the room the teen waited. His near black fur shown with an electric blue and the hair on his head was a spiky in a sense. Gravity didn't seem to affect it. His yellow eyes glowed in the light that the room provided with his snake like pupils absorbing the light that the room provided. The ten typically wore a blue jean jacket. His jean jacket was dyed black, with the olden styled buttons in dull silver. One on the collar of the jacket and six more all the way down the front of the jacket with each button evenly spaced out.

The jacket fell an inch past his waist. Along the ends that his jacket was closable due to the buttons, there was an electric yellow stitched line that climbed up his jacket. With a simple easily seen zigzag pattern it climbed upwards. Along the cuffs of the long sleeve jacket was an inch thick image that was implanted around the end. Raise sparks of blue electricity jumped upwards. Under the jacket was a simple yellow shirt that was dulled by the shadows of the room. The shirt could be seen easily as the jacket he wore was unbuttoned.

The teen wore black jeans that near the bottom a lighting hue created a small sound wince pattern all the way around the end of his black jeans. It completely stuck out as the neon electric blue glowed against his jeans.

He had a simple six-foot long cord thick tail that held a yellow star at the end of the tail. His tail came straight out of his collarbone. He wore no shoes as he clawed feet to have no problem with the cold floor that they were resting on. On his hands this nails grew out longer to be like the nails of a beasts fingers.

He looked around the room. To his left there was a dull white wall. The room was one long and deep room that had a six-inch thick red line travel around the wall only inches from the floor. The room was about twenty feet wide and sixty feet deep. The main door was on the other side, which the teenager sat. Mirroring the other sliding doors in the complex it allow for many to enter side by side. On the boys side of the room positioned just evenly between the two short walls was a wide glass window. It took up half of the room. Not only that it started at the top of the rooms ceiling and went only down about six feet, which was half the height of the room.

Along the windowed side was a long table that was built into the room floor and wall rested right under the glass. Along the top of the desk about six computers screens laid. Each screen seemed to be made of the holographic. Four corner pieces floated in mid air at angle. It created a flat surface at a forty-five degree angle. Each corner piece had a clean white paint covering the edges. The typical green light projected across the monitors.

With a silent hiss the door that was farthest from the anthro opened. He turned his head to look at a total of three people enter the room; the first to enter was Emile who was wearing his lab coat. The next to walk into the room was Sally who had her left hand on Tsuki's right arm.

"So I'm going to fight her now?" the anthro asked.

"Yes Gale," Sally answered. Her eyes looked over into his eyes. "We need more data and you two are going to provide it."

"NO!" Tsuki screamed. 'I won't FIGHT!' she mentally screamed.

After a few minutes, both Tsuki's and Gale to stand across from each other. The two was in the same room that was attached to the man research room. The room was a lot deeper as it had to reach fifty feet tall. As well as it was as long as the room that they both were just in. Gale smirked waiting to begin the fight while Tsuki gave the impression of nervousness.

He quickly jumped towards Tsuki. With his right hand outstretched he created a ball of electricity that shot out like a lightning bolt. The bolt jumped straight at the Kirlia anthro, although it didn't connect as she teleported way. When she reappeared she was standing in the place that Gale used to be standing. Right at the exact same time that she did teleport Gale stopped his move and barrel rolled frontwards. Exiting the roll he twists his back to be slide into a position. With his right out he looked like he was going to start running the only difference was that it looked like he was doing some side planks.

Gale looked over to red eyed anthro. Gale started at Tsuki with his yellow eyes. Looking at her he grinned. "Come on! Lets fight!"

"I AM NOT GOING TO FIGHT YOU!" Tsuki scream. She stomped to emphasize her point as she screamed. As well as closed both her eyes in the process while she swung her left hand out to the side.. Only when she stopped screaming she opened her eyes and created illusions that surrounded Gale. Each looked real and solid copies around the Luxray anthro. Unknown to Gale Tsuki was constantly moving with the notice of teleporting.

"STAND STILL WILL YA!" Gale roared with the sounds of eclectic static in his voice.

Sally sat on one of the chairs in front of the computers. She was looking at the graphs and data that was being creating from the battle. 'Their strength is increasing,' Sally noticed while looking at the stats that were on the screen. 'Like Pokémon they seem to rise in levels.' Sally's eyes looked back down to the two fighting.

Gale generated electricity into his hands once again before slamming the element into the ground. Sparks flew like birds taking other and it jumped out to electrocute Tsuki. The young anthro screamed bloody murder as the current shot through her smaller body. Tears escaped her reding eyes as the pain acted like pine needles being jammed into her body. When the pain and the attack stopped Gale was grinning and Tsuki feel onto her knees. "Jerk!" Was all that she could mumble before passing out as she fell to the floor.

A/N: Finally I got this chapter done. It took too long! Well I think that there is one more chapter to write to introduce all who is a part of the story before the real fun begins. I hope you like the story so far and continue to read it. I plan to have up to ten chapters. Also I am one of those who likes to drop hints – small details around for my readers.