Like any other fabrics, I have no name. But I am certain he loves me.

I miss my friends. The lack of layers beneath me makes me feel hollow and empty. My owner, too, is hollow and empty.

I was born as a coat. I know I wasn't the most pristine or gorgeous piece of coat, but at least I was clean. I was repaired. Now, I am nothing but a rag. I am dirty. Burnt. Holes are everywhere on my fabric. l lost a few buttons too. You'd think buttons are just buttons. For me, buttons are part of who I am. Buttons complete me as a garment, not some piece of cloth.

My master used to take care of me. He could not care less anymore. Actually, I should be content for him bringing me along. He took me off once when he tried to mingle with those bees. I hardly knew what was going on with him. I didn't care. I still don't. As long as I am with him, I should be happy. This is what I was born to do. I was meant to protect my owner from cold wind and rain. Not that it rains here. But I pride myself in offering him the last and only warmth he has.

He washes his hands a lot. They are not as dirty as I am. I want him to care for me as well. Is it too much for a trench coat to ask?

The green-eyed man shows up with another creature. I can feel the breath drawn back by my owner. I, too, was stunned.

The leather jacket, torn and worn, is as beautiful as I remember.

When we touch. When the man takes my owner into his arms. I inhale the familiar scent.

I thought I would be okay as long as my owner wore me. I was wrong. I never want to part from this jacket again. Our fabrics are meant to be together even though it is not our choices to choose that.

Please don't stay apart again. I beg him. I beg them.

I hope my owner hears me.

He did not.

He let go of the hand that he desperately wanted to be with.

I would never see the jacket again.

It was not my choice.

Now, I am left with a broken man.

He is left with me. The last piece of comfort.

Who is he kidding?

He knows that I am not enough

I remember everything although my angel could not. I remember being pulled out of the forest. I remember the black car that drove past us. I remember everything.

Sometimes, I wonder why he still bothers to wear me. Other times, I don't. I am nothing but a fabric sewn together, aren't I?

I thought it was coming to an end. All of this. I was tired. He never fixed me.

But as soon as the green-eyed man comes into the picture again, I received a new life.

He renewed me. He brought back my family.

As he showed the man us "Better?", I answered him "Better"

Nobody hears it but me. Nobody hears how my owner's heart comes alive again after it long tiresome never-ending beat.

The jacket. My jacket was lost. Nowhere to be found. I mourn for the jacket. But it is an inevitable fate. I understand. I also understand now. The love my owner has for this man passes through me.

I live to protect my owner. So that he could protect him.

He is the cause and the reason.