Chapter 10: Happy Endings

Summer Slam had finally come and Sam was walking toward the ring to begin her match with the Miz. Kane looked heartbroken but he walked her to the entrance as a small tear fell from his eye. He leaned down and kissed her lips as he held her tight in his arms. Then with a heavy heart he let go and she walked down to the ring. Her music echoed throughout the arena as the crowd cheered for her. Miz was already in the cage wearing a snobbish smirk. Sam walked in the cage as the referee locked them in. Soon the bell rang and the match had begun. Miz dove at her but she ducked out of the way. Then she kicked him causing him to run face first into the cage. Then she grabbed his hair and dragged him along the steel causing him to yell out in pain. He pushed her to the ground and pinned her. The referee started to count but Sam bucked him off at the count of one. She kicked him in the stomach and began to pound into his back. She pinned him but he bucked her off at the count of two. He punched her and she kicked him off of her leg. Soon the match was heating up Miz grabbed Sam by the arms and slammed her into the ground. Kane was watching from the back and ran out to the arena. The referee reminded him of the stipulations and he just watched in dismay. The Miz saw him and gave him a sickening grin as he crawled over to Sam's none moving body. He mouthed "Mine" to Kane making the Big Red Monster boil with rage. To add insult to injury the Miz was about to plant a kiss on Sam's lips but just as he was about to Sam grabbed him by the throat and with a great amount of strength choke slammed him. Then pinned him as the referee counted the one, two, and three and then Sam had won the match. Her music echoed throughout the arena as she walked out of the cage and right into Kane's opened arms. He picked her up and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips as he carried her out of the arena. The next night on RAW true to his word the Miz gave Kane a title shot. Sam accompanied him to the ring and soon the match began. Miz charged at Kane put he ducked and close lined him. The Miz started on Kane's legs but to no avail. Kane grabbed his throat and choke slammed him straight to hell. Then he got the pin and won the belt. Sam ran into the ring as she kissed Kane then he went over to the apron and asked for two microphones. Then he looked right at Sam and smiled at her. "Sam this happened all because of you sweetheart", he said happily. "Ever since you came back I never been happier and I know I was too scared in the past and because of that I lost you. But now after last night I always want you to be in my life forever so Angel I have a question for you", he said. Kane sat the belt down and took Sam's hand as he got on one knee. "Sam will you marry me?" he asked as he revealed to her a small diamond ring.

"Yes I will marry you", Sam answered happily. Then he put the ring on her finger and kissed her passionately on the lips. Then 4 months later they got married and then a few months after that they were blessed with twins. A boy named Aidan and a girl named Alice. Kane thought he was the luckiest guy alive for he had a loving and loyal wife that gave him two beautiful children. His life was officially complete and he would always protect his family.

The End

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