This is rather short but I hope you enjoy it. The idea was buzzing around in my head and I just had to write it down. This is set after the end of the Playful Kiss Korean drama. Also, in case anyone is wondering, I seriously do not own Playful Kiss or its characters. The only thing that's mine is this story.


"Baek Seung Jo!" A group of men shout out the greeting as soon as he enters and a murmur rustles through the various groups in the large room. He gives a half hearted wave to the ones that shouted and walks over to them while glancing around the room.

"Hey Seung Jo!" "It's been a while!" "I didn't think you'd even come." The guys all grin at him, just as excited to be around him as they had been in high school. "Didn't think reunions were your thing."

Seung Jo shrugs without commenting and looks around the room again. With a sigh, he turns back to his ex-classmates. "They aren't usually."

"Oh, don't look now." The guy standing next to him nudges his elbow. "That stupid chick from F class that used to follow you around all the time just came in. How you put up with her, let alone live with her, when we were in school is a mystery to me."

"No kidding." Another guy across from him agrees as he takes a swig of his beer. Seeing Seung Jo's eyes narrow, he quickly tries to reassure him. "Don't worry, she hasn't seen you yet. I heard she became a nurse. I'll have to find out what hospital so I remember never to go there. She'd probably end up killing me."

Looking over Seung Jo's shoulder, the man's eyes widen. "I guess you don't have to worry about her bugging you anymore, Seung Jo. Apparently, she found some other poor soul to latch on to since she appears about nine months pregnant."

"Thank God for that!" The guy to Seung Jo's right comments, pretending to wipe his forehead. "Wonder who the unlucky sap is?"

"Actually, she's only six months along. It seems like more because she's having twins." Seung Jo smiles at their confused looks and wipes the bangs away with his hand, his wedding band glinting in the light. "If you will excuse me, I better go check on my wife now. Have a good night." He starts to walk towards Oh Ha Ni but pauses to look back at the group. "Oh, and Ha Ni just received an award from the hospital for exemplary service so you'd be lucky to have her as your nurse." With that last comment, Seung Jo walks over to Ha Ni who was talking with her best friends and kisses her on the cheek with a wide smile. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Seung Jo looks back at the group of guys and smirks at their stunned expressions.

"What's so funny, Seung Jo?" Oh Ha Ni asks as she lets her husband lead her to a chair so she can sit down.

"Nothing. I just find it interesting how some people never change." Seung Jo sits next to her at the table as their friends fill out the rest of the seats around them. "I'm really glad I'm not one of them."

The rest of the night, most of their old classmates steal glances or outright stare at the couple unable to believe their eyes. Many of the girls have tears of disappointment in their eyes as Seung Jo looks even more handsome now than he did in high school, especially since he smiles and laughs so much more now. The guys from earlier keep their distance, wary of just how angry they may have made Baek Seung Jo with their insulting comments.

The friends sitting at the scrutinized table ignore the buzz around them and enjoy each other's company. Baek Seung Jo looks at his wife and the people he has come to call his closest friends, Ha Ni's two girlfriends with their husbands and Joon Gu with his British wife, and smiles contentedly. He knows that he has kept the promise he made at graduation. He is leading a fun and exciting life and it is all thanks to Oh Ha Ni, his one and only love.

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