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Nature Laughs

A week after their first picnic, Harry and Fenrir made their way to the Bifrost dome to have a repeat. Fenrir was prancing back and forth in front of the wizard, occasionally going behind him to nudge him forward impatiently.

"Slow down, you great brute! The rabbits won't disappear if we walk a little slower." He told the wolf, who just huffed at him impatiently. Because he was feeling a bit mischievous, and because it would annoy the wolf, Harry began to walk even slower. Fenrir whined pathetically, and gave up on pushing him forward, knowing that if he tried again, his packmate would probably just go even slower.

Over the last few days, he had come to know his packmate better, settling into a life together until father returned. He soon realized that his packmate's power didn't smell exactly like father's, but it was close enough. Fenrir also realized that while he didn't have the cruel streak father did, his packmate was just as mischievous at times, though he didn't cause problems, he sure found them easily.

Fenrir huffed again, but soon perked up when the home of the dark one with shiny things came into view. That meant that he would get his rabbits soon!

Harry laughed as Fenrir raced ahead, leaving the wizard behind. "You know, you won't be able to get your rabbits until I get there!" He called after his companion with a grin.

When he arrived at the Bifrost, he greeted Heimdall warmly, ignoring the impatient way Fenrir was prancing in place. His packmate would have to wait. ... Hold on... Packmate? Where had that come from? Brushing it off as a silly thought, Harry smiled again at the Allseeing god before finally turning to his companion.

Pulling out a whole bundle of rabbits from his pocket, he enlarged them and tossed them to the wolf, dismissing the happiness that enveloped him as the happiness of having a companion.

He wouldn't realize until much, much later, after it was too late to reverse, that he was starting to sense Fenrir's stronger feelings, which was the first indicators of a familiar bond forming.

Conjuring up two chairs and a table, along with tableware, was the work of a moment. After eight hundred years of practicing magic, it came much easier to him than it ever had. With another few hundred, he probably wouldn't need either a wand of hand movements, just a thought. He wasn't sure if he was excited about that prospect, or incredibly sad.

Sitting down and motioning to the other chair, Harry set out the food he had brought for them, making sure to include some of the things Heimdall admitted to liking at their last meeting. Getting the god to give out information about himself was like pulling teeth. But Harry was often called a tenacious bastard. When they were both settled and comfortable, Harry leaned forward and grinned.

"So what stories are you going to tell me today?" He asked excitedly.

Heimdall smiled and took a bite of the veal set before him. "Actually, Harry, I would like you to tell me a story about you."

Leaning back with a look of utter confusion on his face, Harry tilted his head. "You've seen everything that's ever happened to me. Why would you want it retold?"

The god made a dismissive gesture. "I have seen them all, yes, but... It would be different to hear it from your own perspective, with your thoughts behind it all... do you not wish to?" He seemed almost hesitant, but the wizard waved him off, the smile back.

"I have no problem with it, I was just wondering. But yeah, I can tell you a few stories." He placed a selective silencing spell around Fenrir, who was now noisily gnawing on bones so that the sounds wouldn't disturb them. It wouldn't block off many other noises, like barks, yips, or whines just in case.

So, taking bites between words, Harry began his first story, which was one of his more amusing ones, even if it was not pleasant in the least while it was happening.

Harry stood up from the crouching position he had landed in, looking around cautiously. When he realized he was no longer in the same area that he was before, he growled in frustration. "That bastard killed me and made me jump!" He exclaimed unhappily. He had actually like the last world a bit,

He soon noticed he was speaking English again. Which was either a good sign, or a really really bad one.

Normally, when he made jumps he automatically took up the language of the most dominate, or closest civilizations. If he was speaking English, that either meant that this planet had English speakers, or that there was no civilization and that he had automatically fallen back on his mother language.

Pulling out the Elder Wand, he said hopefully, "Point me; Great Britain." He cursed when it began spinning uselessly. Not a good first sign. Trying again, he said in a slightly hopeless tone, "Point me; civilization." His shoulders drooped when it had the same reaction. No civilization...

Grimacing, he tucked the wand back away. "Alright, this is not the first time this has happened." He told himself, trying to bolster his mood. It didn't work very well. Worlds without civilizations were some of the worst, because that usually meant there were really big predators that would eat anything humanoid enough to try to create settlement. Which meant that they were more than big enough to eat Harry.

And being eaten was one of the worst ways to die, in the wizard's very expert opinion. Sighing and picking up his bag, which only came with him because that was normally where he kept at least on Hollow, he shouldered it and took a closer look at his surroundings. The area he was standing in seemed to be some sort of plain, with long grass waving slightly in the light wind. It was rather peaceful.

Until he notice a series of very large flattened areas. They seemed to go in a straight line, from one direction to another for as long as he could see. Which usually meant foot prints.

Frowning, he cautiously approached one of the flattened places, and stared at it in bemusement. It was... a really really big hoof print? He could have laid down in the middle print, and wouldn't touch either side with his head of feet. Hoofs belonged to prey animal... so what kind of predator could hope to hunt something this big?

It never occurred to Harry that normally equine prey moved in herds, not solitary like the animal who owned the large hoof prints.

"And really, it was kind of stupid of me not to think about it." Harry told Heimdall with a self derisive smile. "I mean, predators are normally the only thing brave enough to move alone. Prey animals stick together, power in numbers and all that."

Heimdall nodded, a smile on his face.

Harry had spent a week in this world before he came across the owner of the enormous hoofs. He had encountered other creatures while following the prints curiously, of course, field mice the size of his back pack and, when cooked tasted like beef, what kind of looked like a lion, though was only the same size of the mouse and had spiky fur like a porcupine, things like that. But nothing like a giant horse, of a predator big enough to eat one.

But then his luck ran out. He came across the animal he was following like a fool.

He was foraging for fruits that were edible for him in a very very high tree when he looked down at the ground again to catch sight of an equinine back. It was long and lean, with hairless parts on its body that were caused by scars. Harry could only see the top only, and even from his enormously high vantage point he could tell it was incredibly large.

Pulling his broom from his bottomless backpack, he carefully climbed upon it and zipped down to get a closer look. Because even at nearly six hundred years old, he was still a foolish Gryffindor at heart.

It wasn't until he was level with a massive eye that he realized why he had come across no evidence of a predator big enough to eat the horse-creature. Because the horse-creature was the predator!

It was far larger than he could have imagined, and a lot more aggressive than any other meat eater he had encountered. Ever. No wonder it had risen to the top of the food chain.

"So I spent three weeks on the run from that thing!" Harry exclaimed, gesturing wildly. "Apparently when I flew down to it, it caught my scent and found it pretty savory!"

Heimdall laughed. He knew what came next, but it was a lot funnier coming from the world-traveler's mouth.

Harry drooped back into his chair. "Three weeks, and even with all the scent suppressing, invisibility, and stealth spells I know, that bastard still managed to catch up with me! I was growing exhausted, though, unable to sleep, or even rest for a few minutes because it was as fast as it was mean. So there I am, flying as fast as my Firebolt would let me when..."

Tusks! That damn thing had TUSKS! In what messed up version of evolution would a horse need to grow to the size of a double decker bus and have tusks? Nature was certainly laughing her happy arse off at his idea at what was normal. It was the only explanation.

He was flat against his broom, still urging it to go faster because he could hear that animal's thundering footsteps behind him, but he dare not look back.

Thus he didn't see it get close enough to open its mouth and... spew out foul tentacles which then wrapped around the tail of his broom and tugged. His eyes widened in shock.

... He was going to be eaten by a thrice damned horse with tusks and tentacles... This was wrong on so many levels. With a curse, he accepted his hate as a few tentacles wrapped around his waist. The only thing he could do was protect his belongings so they were still in one piece when they joined him on the next jump. He banished the broom into his bag, and took slow, torturous moments to place as many protective spells on his bag as he could. He had found out accidentally during his very first jump that the Hollows not on his person still jumped with him, and that if they were in something, the container came too. Thus his idea to put all of his needed belongings and at least one Hollow in his bag, which also still held his trunk in it...

It was then that he realized that the tentacles were actually injecting him with some kind of chemical that made his mind wonder and paralyzed him at the same time. It was slow working, probably because while the tentacles were fast at going out of the horse-thing's mouth, they were slow going back in. Curious and fighting the effects, Harry summoned a couple of vials from his bag, carefully filled them while his movements grew more and more sluggish, and banished them back.

He could study them in the next world.

"And that was my last coherent thought in that world." Harry finished off.

Heimdall nodded. "So that's why you collected samples. You see, like I said, I know the whole story from a third person point of view, but I don't know what you're thinking or why you do something."

Harry smiled, and fished dessert from his pocket, which he had made, much to the confusion of the Asgardian chefs he had found in the kitchen. It was a tiramisu, which the god eyed curiously.

"I have seen those made and eaten may times, but I admit that this will be my first time trying one." He said, taking the plate the wizard handed him.

Harry then held his amusement in check as soon as the Allseeing took a bite. The god's amazing eyes widened in shock and pleasure. "I am glad to know that you gave the cooks this recipe..." He said after a while of just enjoying the dish. Harry grinned and took a bite of his own.

The next few moments passed in silence, until Harry muttered, "I still want to know what sort of messed up evolution scale created that... thing."

Heimdall just laughed.

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