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Chapter 1: Before the Games

It was a couple months after performing at Madison Square Garden. Nothing had been that much of a change for us. After everything that happened at Rising Star, Scott was welcome back to Mo and Lemonade Mouth. But seriously though nothing totally changed. Wen finally got the courage to ask his one true love Olivia out, finally. Now they are this big couple. Charlie is the heartthrob who everyone falls over for. But then there's me, Stella Yamada. By telling you that my life was the greatest thing and everything was perfect, well that would be a lie. My life is great, well with the Lemonade Mouth part. The family is trying better to notice and to not ignore, but truthfully they are really badly failing at that. I wish I could say that yeah, they pay perfect attention and that they notice all the going-ons in my life. If they did then they would notice that am not the happy person like Mo, Olivia, Wen, Scott, and even Charlie. There is something missing but I don't know what it could be. Okay, maybe that's a lie too. I think I do know what it is, but I am just too childish to actually admit what is going on in my head.

Later on it is game night at my house. All of Lemonade Mouth will be there, and the one trying to make amends with us, well more Scott, good ole Ray Beech. The allowing him to come to this was all Scott. After when Scott decided to help us out at Rising Star where everything decided to go wrong, Ray decided that Scott was no longer welcome in Mudslide Crush. But that gave Scott the opportunity to join us and be able to perform at Madison Square Garden, where Beech didn't get to play. Ha, you snooze you lose, Beech. But then he decided to try and get his best friend back, but yeah, that meant going through and trying to be friends with us, the 'Lemonheads'. Under my observation Beech could never act as a friend to anyone. He was horrible to Scott, but Scott is giving his another chance to redeem himself and act like an actually person, instead of his arrogant self. I don't think it is possible for him to act like a person who actually has feelings about something other than driving everyone insane. But now he has been invited to OUR game night.

We play games. But usually it ends with us playing songs or putting on music and dancing like idiots. We may even write new songs. Or mock our enemies, which includes Beech. The fact that he is being included is going to make it so much well less fun.

Last night

"Okay guys, Ray is trying to act all buddy-buddy with me again." Scott started but then started to stop. Mo was trying to encourage him to just say what was the moral of this conversation. "Like I know this may result probably terribly but I think I should give him a chance, I mean we have been friends since elementary. So I was wondering that if maybe we all would agree and give him a chance because he seemed to be trying to update himself and maybe not be suck a jerk all the time. That maybe he could join us tomorrow night at Stella's for game night." He all of a sudden stopped and just stared immediately at his feet. Mo was rubbing his back like a good job, you did well thing, all girlfriendy. Everyone was showing a different emotion, but a common factor was the fact that everyone wanted to say no. Ray Beech tortured us throughout the school year. He kicked out Scott, his best friend out of the band. He made fun of us, gave us no shot at all. But Olivia was the first to speak.

"Scott you do realize that he has put us though a lot this year, even you. But I guess if you want to give him a chance than I can too. I'll put on a pleasant face and let him join" She sounded annoyed that Scott even wanted to allow him to join but she was too nice to ever turn someone down. She did always look for the best in people, even though they weren't the best person at all.

Charlie just sat there. Ray was an ass. He hated everything that had to do with him. He got him detention on the day of soccer tryouts. But the truth was that if he didn't end up getting detention, then he never would have met his best friends and become the drummer of Lemonade Mouth. "Fine. I still hate him. But fine, let him join. But I am not going to put on a smile. I will sit there ignoring the arrogant ass that he is."

Wen was giving that I hate this person I don't want to accept them face. The exact face he gave about when he was told his father was marrying Sydney. But he fell to love her. "Okay look, do I like Ray, no. But I guess because I could try and act like an adult because well for you Scott. You are a member of this band, yes a new member but that doesn't matter. You are one so that means that I can try and somewhat accept Ray."

Everyone was staring straight at me. Grrreeeaaattt. My turn. Was I seriously the only one who hated Beech that much enough to never give him a chance. Everyone was saying fine. But I don't want that person in my house. God, he is an ass. But then the band will hate me. But the know how much I hate him so they shouldn't be surprised that I don't want him to join us, but most importantly be in my house. They were staring at me now. Oy, I really should say something. "No! You want to allow Beech into OUR game night fine. He can hear us mock him while he is in the room. But when it's at my house? NO. I will not have that hater that jerk into my house." Responses were flying at me by this point.

"Come on Stella!" Mo was shouting back at me. Stupid protective girlfriend.

"Stella, we are all giving a chance, for Scott" Wen was trying to persuade me.

"Stell, I hate him as much as you but come on," Charlie… Charlie was helping?

"I know that we've had a few ups and downs Stells, but at least try. We are all giving him that option to turn over a new leaf." Olivia quietly mumbled.

"Stella, look he has pissed me off, so much and he is supposed to be my best friend. The fact is that people make mistakes. I did with Mo, but she thankfully forgave me. But the thing about Ray is that I am supposed to be a best friend and forgive him as much as it hurts. I am most definitely not letting it go right back to normal. I promise." Scott was making some sense, I guess.

"Ugh fine, let him come. I am still making fun of him. And if he breaks anything in my house he is buying me a new one. Got it? Let him come become a friend to you, Scott. But no way to me."

"Thanks Stella."

"Yeah, whatever"

So fine, he was coming to my house for our game night. At least my parents won't be around and the twins, so they don't hear my anger. All I know is that I am ut of going to some fancy dinner for my mom or dad having to do about their work on biodegradable plastic or cancer curing. I am happy for them, but I seriously don't care enough to join them at these parties. So I get to have fun at my house with Lemonade Mouth, oh yeah, and Beech.

Ray's POV

Text: "Hey they all said fine to you coming to game night at Stella's. It's tonight starting at 5. Come when you want. –Scott"

Okay so I was joining those Lemonheads at Yamada's house later. But if I want Scott back as a friend then I guess I should go. But this was going to be fun. None of them like me. But Scott and maybe Mo. So this was going to be hard. Especially dealing with Yamada. She was going to be a piece of work. Better get ready.

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