I Do Not Own Anything Twilight...Nor Will I Ever!

The Vampire's Daughter


My name Is Bella Cullen, I am 18 years old. I live with my adoptive family. Esme and Carlisle are my adoptive parents. Rosalie is one of my protective and loving big sisters; my other sister Alice and is also my best friend and my best shopping partner. Emmett is my huge oversized teddy bear of a big brother and the jokester of the family, Jasper is my other big brother—although he's not as big as Emmett—he teaches me all about history and tutors me with my homework; he is so super patient with me. Edward is my last brother...but I haven't seen him in over ten years. I can't say much about him, because there is so much I don't really know about him—other than he loves to play his piano.

I guess I should also tell you that all of my siblings; minus Edward, are all together as couples: Rosalie and Emmett and Alice and Jasper. For as long as I can remember Edward has always been alone in the relationship department—then again ten plus years is a rather long time to me. To them it's not so long at all. See the thing with my family is that they are different from other families that I know; ten times cooler and so much more loving and caring than any other family I know of.

It all started when I was born; my 'so called biological father' doesn't know I exist—nor do we know who he is. My mother was a drug addict, and died, shortly after I was born; she was doped up on some drug and bled to death in an ally way.

Nice way to come into the world right...

Anyways...it was Alice that found me; or rather 'saw' me crying all alone and cold in a dark alley way, cradled in my dead mother's arms. From what they have told me; I was born on October thirteenth, on a Friday—lucky me—in the middle of the night, with not a soul in sight.

The worst part of being born, was being born a crack baby; in a short definition of the term—I was born with the addiction to methamphetamines. It was in my system when I was born. Sad, but true; though my life has had its ups and downs, it was the best life, I could have ever hoped for. A loving and caring family; minus Edward—he hates me, though my family swears up and down that he doesn't.

This is the last memory I have of Edward; the last time I saw him, since I was a child. This is my story of love, life, family, ups and downs; heart break and heart ache...and so much more.