Hi! this is my first story, I have 16 years old. I'm so excited, I hope do you guys like it. So Iraliz is a 15 years old girl (Is my name in real life)This chapter is a little bit short. If you are a grammar nazi don't read it (but if you want to so welcome) I speak spanish so I'm not perfect.

Chapter 1: Our new life

My real name is Iraliz and my best friend is Jennifer. Why I say that? Well I say to you with three words we are different. Well three month ago at the school Jennifer says to me:

- When you get angry a part of your hair turns blue-

And I say to her: - Jennifer that impossible, I think you have to stop sees X-MEN

- Hahaha – say Jennifer

It's time to lunch and as usually we go to the school dining room. When we finish we go to the bathroom, and in the bathroom was the girl I most hate well I don't hate her it's just the worse person and as usual I get mad

–Iraliz go to the mirror right now!

When I go my hair was totally blue and suddenly it was brown my original hair color, I was freaking out

– What the hell is happening to me- I say.

Jennifer and I heard a big noise and I say to her – ok I'm real scare now

Jennifer goes to the window and say to me

– Hey Ira come over here I think I found a egg

When I go the egg was opening when the egg was open a dragon come out and

Jennifer say: – ok I'm freaking out right now –

He thinks you are his mother – I say

– Well I'm going to keep him- Jennifer say.

– What are you crazy how you're going to keep a monster?- I say

The baby dragon looks at me with a really cute eye

– Ok a baby dragon, but how you're going to take care of a dragon?-

I don't know- say Jennifer

– Ok put him a name and we going to home right now- I say

- Ok his name is Draco – Jennifer say.

- Are you kidding Jennifer, Draco are you serious when you're going to leave Harry Potter fever - I say.

Yeah what the matter, it's a really pretty name – Her say.

Ok Jennifer lets go and hide Draco-

Jennifer put Draco in my, MY bag. In the way home I was talking to Jennifer to the name of the little dragon

– Jennifer put him Fred in honor to him – I say

–No it going to be Draco in honor to him say Jennifer –

-But Jennifer Draco not die Fred it is dead

- So?- say Jennifer

- Ok Draco will be, by the way I fell something hot in my arm something really hot- I say

When I see the little Draco was burning my bag and my arm

– FUCK! I'm going to kill him right now! – I say

- No! Iraliz stop! - say Jennifer

- Piece of idiot you burn my arms!- I say

- Stop both of you Ira he is just baby – Jennifer say

- Jennifer stops him please!

- Ok, ok, Draco! Stop!

And Draco stops and sleeps in Jennifer arms. We finally arrive home and when we go out of the car our mother was stand looking at us.

- Umm both of you know that we come- Jennifer and I say as the same time.

- Yeah we know- our mothers say

- How? We ask really scare.

- Well we know too that both of you have super power. Iraliz when you get mad your hair turn blue and you most powerful power is that you change people felling.

- Wait, wait, wait, that me what? Say me that you are kidding, this is not possible. I say

- Yes it's possible; it's just ehmm, no common. The mother of Jennifer, Henny say

- Ok, ok and what is my power and why I don't see my powers? Jennifer says.

- Well your power is bring pain to other person with your eyes- Say my mother

- Oh cool I want to try it… - Jennifer says

- Oh, no, no Jennifer you're not going to try it in here – I say.

- But why I really want to try it – she says.

- Jennifer no. I say-

My brother came in and obviously he hit me in the stomach.

- Piece of idiot I'm going to kill you - I say.

Jennifer hates my brother, so she thinks that it is the moment exact to try her powers. But when I try to hit my brother something was blocking my way, and so Jennifer way.

- Why I can't hit my brother? - I ask to my mother,

- Well Iraliz he born with something that block the mutants power, so he can't get hurt by a mutant. – My mother says.

- Ok, ok.

I was thinking on my mind what was our mothers' power and in what school we are going.

- Oh Iraliz here is the answer you two are going to a mutant school, here is the information about the school – say Jennifer mother.

- Wait Henny I was thinking it I don't say it… oh ok I understand now how you both know everything about Jennifer and I, Henny you read peoples mind.- I say

- Yes and you are going to discover yours mother power in other time. – Henny says

- Ok – I say.

- Well you two have two month to get prepare for their new school – say my mother.

- Ok, let see what happen… - Jennifer say.

So I hope you like it. I will apreciate your reviews guys.