Chapter 8: Finally some peace.

- Elixir, Rage, Elijah and Dragonite please come to my office – The director just call us

- Great… I have some things to do… fuck – Rage very mad says

- Of course Rage you have some things to with Dragonite. hahahahahaha – I say laughing,

- You're so mean and cruel… ok let's go to see what she wants.

Obviously Elijah arrive first, when we arrive I was the first one entering in the office.

- Good… good morning director.

- Hello. I just want to say congrats for the great job you guys did together. And you guys have the best grades of all the school CONGRAT!

- Um thanks you ma'am. - Dragonite says

- You're welcome. Also I have something to give you guys: Elixir here is a sword for you a very special one. Rage for you I have 2 thing, one I just made this beautiful outfit for little Draco and this beautiful bracelet but it's not a simple one he give you more force. Elijah and. Dragonite you two have this medals keep it. Just in time you would find the secret.

- Well thank you so much. Um if you need us in any moment call us. –Rage for first time says.

In ours room we were talking about the things that the director gave to us.

- Oh let me bring Draco here to put him the clothes. – Rage say

- Oh no, no, no you know that he hate me. – I say

- Oh Elixir please you are his aunt don't be so mean.

- Ok bring him.

(In my mind) Oh my god the demon is to come in here. How can I be his aunt and he want to kill me… Ok Elixir relax he love you so much.

When Rage arrive and I look at Draco he growled at me.

- Ok I think he didn't like me so much – I say with a fake smile.

- Oh don't be silly, here hold him I have to pee.

- She has to say it? – I say locking at the guys. Ok Draco you don't like me I don't like you neither but let's make the passes. What do you think?

He fortunately licked my face and that's a good signal!

- Oh how sweet, you two love each other.

Haha I know I'm a little bit exaggerated. So after we finish our talking I say to them that I want to see my family all of them and tell them the true, they supported me thanks God.

- But Baby, I only know your mom, your brother and Henny I don't know your father, your uncle and your aunt. You think they would accept me? - Elijah ask me

- Uhm I hope so… - I replied.

- Oh thanks that help… he say

I have to admit it my brother was easier than my dad, uncle and aunt, so I'm afraid obviously. And by the way, I have also to tell them that I am a mutant… that's easier.

- Well sister-in-law, I think we should go now. Elijah please do the honors – Dragonite say

Ok there's no turn now. We arrive to my home and for my surprise my uncle and aunt was there, I was thinking fuck 3 people are going to kill me at the same time but I have to say it. When I knock the door my cousin Alondra open the door.



-OH NICE I MISS YOU SO MUCH AND YOU TO JENNIFER!– my aunt say hugging me

- Can I come in?

- Oh yes… Wait! Who are them? My aunt says.

- I tell you inside.

- HI dad!

- Hello darling – he says giving me a kiss

- Where is Nani?

- Here, here! - She says.

- Haha ok… first I want to say you guys that I'm not in a nurse high school I'm a mutant. – I say making my uncle cry.

- Why am I crying!

- Because I have the power that consist in controlling all your emotions.

- Ok stop it (I stop) all of you have powers?

- Yes

- Show me… Jennifer

- Are you sure?

- Uhm no tries it with Orlando

- Ok I don't think is going to be bad.

- I don't promise that – Jennifer say making the pain work.

- You are making my stomach hurt? He ask

- Yes

- Ok stop it.

- Now you believe us? I ask

- Yes. -My uncle answer

- Ok first he is Elijah is Elias in English he is a teleport and he can multiplied himself, and he is Andy Jennifer's boyfriend he is like a dragon.

- OMG JENNIFER! I didn't know that. – My aunt say, well she screams.

- Ok I now hate you and I'm going to kill you – Jennifer say in my ear.

- But that's not all Elijah is… is… he is my boyfriend

All the room was is silent they were in shock when my brother enters to the room and hug all of us and say in my ear if they know about Elijah and say yes.

- Can anybody talk please?

- Iraliz Marie Carmona Diaz I'm in shock but is your decision I only have to say Dragonite, because Jennifer she is like my daughter and Elijah that I have a gun and if you guys do something to them you have 2 bullet with your names. And if you try to escape I can hunt you and chase you… WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

I was so scared and I just want to run so as Rage. They look at us with a WTF and scary faces.

- Aunt I want to hear your opinion… I said

- I say the same as your dad you know that I do the same.

- Definite, uhm we rent a village near here. Jennifer say

- But for you two girls right? -My uncle ask

- With the boys obviously. –I say making them to be agreed with it.

- Ok no problem - my dad and uncle say smiling.

- Well we have to prepare the house girls. – Elijah says.

- Oh yes you are right. Well I see you later. – I say

- Don't need help? My aunt ask

- Here is our direction.

When we arrive to the house I fall in the bed so tired.

- I didn't know it was going to be so difficult – Elijah say.

- So am I. – I say

(Someone knock the door)

- Come in. – I say

- Is me, I bring some Puerto Rican food - Dragonite say,

- Finally thanks babe.

So we were eating when suddenly someone knock the door.

- UHM Elijah can you please open the door.

-Ok… look it's your aunt!

- Get out of my way asshole! – She say

- Aunt doesn't talk to him like that.

- Ok. Ok… Nani want to go to the beach. Want to go?

- Oh yes. We only need to buy our swimwear.

- We?

- Yes. Jennifer, Elijah, Andy and me.

- Oh yes. Ok, we'll see you later.

Well we buy our swimwear and go to the beach. In the beach Elijah was playing with Alondra, Rage and Dragonite with Alanis and I was talking with my family

- Elijah will be a good father. – My uncle say

- Uhm uncle I think you are precipitating so much. – I say

- Yes uncle you are… – My aunt say angry.

I laugh internally. Well Elijah say to me that he have a surprise for me.

- Excuse me. I want to ask you guys something, if I can take your daughter and niece for a moment? – Elijah ask

- For what? – My aunt asks.

- Mom! Can I go? – I ask.

- Yes! Don't listen to her you can go don't worry.

Well my parents and my uncles agree, but Elijah doesn't tell me where we are going, and when we were close he cover my eyes with bandages. When the car stops he takes me in her hand and walk and walk and walk when finally he takes off my bandages.

- Surprise!

We were in a high mountain with candles, food and glasses with juice. I was surprised it was incredible that he did this to me.

-I… I have no words.

- I want an evening with you.

- Thanks, for everything.

- Let's eat. I'm starving.

We were eating and having a great time together, eating, laughing, etc.

- Babe I have an idea what if you show me your old school.

I cough – ehm my school? Can I ask why?

- Yes I want to know where you grow up.

- Really? When?

- Can we go tomorrow?

- Tomorrow? Oh God… well I have the number of one of my teacher I call her.

- Oh thanks baby! I love you.

- Love you too.

OH MY GOD I don't want to go to that school, but if he want I go, well we go because Rage it's coming with me.

- Babe it's 5:00 o' clock I don't want your parent be mad at me.

- Haha ok let go.

When we arrive home my parent were eating and I say to them that I have to go to my house. In the house Dragonite and Rage were outside playing with Draco and Elijah go to the shower so I decide call my teacher Sra. López.

- Hello?

- Hi, López it's me Iraliz

- Oh hi dear so tell me what do you want? – She says

- Well Jennifer and I want to go to the school. Can I go tomorrow?

- Oh perfect tomorrow we have a party. If you go can be a surprise to them.

- So is yes?

- Of course is yes my dear, see you tomorrow.

- I have one more thing Jennifer and I have boyfriends, they can go?

- yes no problem sweetie.

- Ok bye.

- Bye.

- You talked with? – Elijah asks me.

- Oh with Lopez. Is one of my teachers.

- Oh what did she say?

- We can go tomorrow. Go and tell Rage and Dragonite.

Well tomorrow to my old school. For now is time to sleep.

- Sister in law it's time to wake up.

- Where's Elijah?

- He is taking a shower.

- Oh thanks. I go to the other bathroom then.

I was in the shower when I hear that Rage scream at me: ELIXIR COME ON! I was ready to go.

When we arrive to the school everything was the same.

- So let's go, we have to go upstairs. – I say.

- I fell strange. – Rage says.

- So am I.

When we were upstairs I see Miss. Lopez.

- Umm hi Lopez. – Me and Jennifer say.

- Oh my sweethearts. How are you doing girls?

- Great. Ehm he is my boyfriend Elijah and he is Rage boyfriend Andy.

- Nice to meet you guys. Well girls the entire ten grades are in this classroom with Haddock.

- So they don't know anything? – Jennifer says.

- Nothing at all.

- Ok I think we are ready.

- (Lopez knock the door) Haddock I have a surprise for the students shut up for a while please.

- Ok come in – he says.

- Hey guys listen to me outside that door I have a surprise for you and that surprise has another surprise for you. So come in!

In the moment Lopez say come in I fell my heart stop but I have to enter first, when I enter all the classroom was in silent because they were in shock and when Jennifer enter all the students start screaming.

- Hi guys - I say

- I think we should go downstairs to the pre-kinder classroom. – Jennifer says.

When we was in the classroom Lopez put microphones in all students for make us questions.

-HEY SHHH! I want to talk, Iraliz I have a question who are they – Carlos say

- Umm is a good question Carlos hahaha Umm one of them… ehm this one over here is my Umm my… is my boyfriend.

In that moment all the classroom start screaming


-Hahaha that's my sister! – Jennifer says trying to hide.

- Hey wait! This guy over here is Jennifer boyfriend!

And one more time all of them start screaming

- THEY ARE POWERFULLS! Carlos says again

- But what are they names? – Haddock say

- You are so mean Haddock… my boyfriend is Elijah and Jennifer boyfriend is Andy.

- Nice to meet you I'm Elisa.

(In Jennifer's ear) – Warning a bitch at 12 o'clock.

- Well guys time for lunch let's go.

- Thanks Lopez we are tired.

When Lopez goes we were alone eating pizza (Jennifer's idea)

- Have very good friends, girls.

- Yes we have…

- Why are you mad Elixir (we are alone so we can say our mutant names)

- What? No I'm not mad. Ehm we need ice boys.

- Ok we'll be right back. (They go).

- Do you see that whore, she look at them like beef?

-Yes I see that. – Rage replied.

- She is a big whore.

- Shh they are coming with the ice.

- Here is the ice.

- Thanks.

- Oh the lunch is over open the door.

- HI! I hate the food in this school. – Elisa says with a big smile just like a whore.

I look at Rage with mad eyes, thanks God I have a hat because I know that my hair was blue.

- Really is that bad the food? Elijah asks.

I want to kill her so I go to the bathroom to be alone with my angry and my bluish hair.

(In Rage ear) Where is Elixir? Dragonite ask

- She's mad go with her.

- But if she hit me.

- Deal with it. Don't be so funky, AND GO!

- Ok.

(Dragonite) I can't believe it I'm scare for a girl; well she's scare with the hair blue and the yellow eyes. Who would have no fear? Well I'm here in the girls' bathroom but how can I enter? I have an idea… so I enter between the windows.

- EH Iraliz are you here?

- YES!

- Can I talk to you?

- You are talking now.

Why she always win?

- Eh can I enter someone will see me.


- Open it or I will burn the door down.

(Opening the door) – I hate your animal part.

(Smiling) – That was an accomplished or an insult?

She put her eyes in yellow.

- Ok, ok slow down... Eh can you tell me what happen to you.

- Is not obvious, I'm jealous you blind moron.

- From who?

- Elisa…

- Seriously? Well she is a little bit outgoing. But I don't think she is in love with Elijah

- She's a whore.

- Ok, ok, I believe you. But can you go back to the party please sister-in-law. (Giving her a hug)

- Ok.

(Me) So I go back to the party, and when we arrive Rage was with Elijah so he was not with Elisa. But when she see me…


- Aha! (Fake smile).

(Rage in my ear)- Hi sister…

- Hi

- Hey you have to ignore her twin.

In that moment we see Elisa giving Dragonite a hug.

- Poor of her stomach – Rage say.

- Hey slow down, you have to ignore her

- Don't use my words against me.

- Hahaha.

- It's time to go. I will go and say Elijah.

-HEY GUYS! We have to go thanks for everything.


Finally we were out because if I spent one more second in there I kill Elisa.

- Elixir are you mad?

- Not at all…

- Are you sure?

- Yes.