StarCraft Ghost warrior

Chapter 19

Disturbing Revelations Part 1

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-Altara, Duriel Facility, Sub-Level D-


The infiltration team peered through the now open elevator doors and saw the strangely clean and completely bare corridor in front of them. Whatever it was Nova, Andrew and their Dark Templar allies were expecting, it certainly wasn't this. There wasn't a single guard or even a security turret in sight. However, all this proved was that there was probably a trap waiting for them. With that in mind they would all need to be extra alert for anything that appeared even slightly out of place or suspicious.

The team moved into a delta formation with Kelthan and the other two Dark Templars staying in the front given their preference for close quarters combat while Nova and Andrew took up positions at the rear of the unit. The group slowly made their way towards the other end of the corridor, watchful for anything that looked even a little bit suspicious. They couldn't afford to let their guard down for even an instant even though they were so close to their goal.

As they advanced Andrew and the others continued forward weapons at the ready especially as they started to hear the sounds of machinery from inside the room. For all they knew, security forces were already waiting in ambush for them. However that seemed to be a bit unlikely as even if Tosh had recovered it would have been nearly impossible to set up an ambush in such a short amount of time. Of course while it was a very unlikely scenario it was still within the realm of possibility and because of this they needed to be on guard at all times.

Soon they reached the large security door that was between them and their objective. Nova, Kelthan and the other Dark Templar took up defensive positions while Andrew went over to the security terminal and started to hack into it. There was a long tense silence that was only broken by one or two beeps from the door's console while Andrew did his work.

While the Ghost had quite a bit of experience hacking into door control panels he wasn't nearly as qualified as Lio when it came to getting through this kind of security. Hell Lio would probably have the door open with a mere flick of his wrist if he wanted given his powers over machines. However it was of no real consequence as soon there was a beeping sound coming from the terminal that Andrew was at, signaling that the door was unlocked. Andrew activated the door controls and inputted the command for it to open.

Nova's grip on her rifle tightened as her finger was positioned just in front of the trigger, anxiety in regards to what was behind the door started to get to her. She felt a small amount of sweat starting to form on her forehead as the door started to slowly open, reminding her of one of those old horror vids she saw as a kid. She was reminded primarily of the times where the main characters were trying to open the door only for there to be a monster on the other side of the door just waiting for them.

What she saw instead was much, much worse. On the other side of the door was a massive room that contained numerous surgical tables for dissecting lab specimens. This wasn't what disturbed Nova however, instead it was the corpses that had been placed on top of them with smears of blood underneath it.

There were many infested terrans on the tables, each one cut open with most if not all of their organs removed. Almost every single one of them had expressions of pure agony on their faces, it was as if they were cut open while they were becoming infested. The mental picture of such a thought almost made Nova throw up but she managed to force down the bile that started to enter her throat.

The place was almost completely silent but that soon ended when a series of pained moans could be heard coming from the center of the room. At that moment Nova and Andrew shared the exact same thought 'Someone is still alive here!' Andrew signaled the group to follow him before he started to slowly and cautiously advance in the direction that the sounds were coming from with the others following close behind.

The moans soon grew louder and louder as they neared and were starting to become more and more alien like as they approached. That wasn't a good sign and the group picked up the pace to make it towards the source of the noise. Soon they came upon a sickening sight that once again nearly forced bile up into Nova's throat as the group uncloaked around what they had just found. It was a teenage boy that was about their age, he wore a Ghost Academy trainee uniform or rather the tattered remains of one. The poor bastard barely even appeared human anymore as his current state.

The right side of his face was almost completely overcome by a Zerg carapace that had broken through the skin, and a mix of red and purple blood was seeping through the torn skin. The is right eye was now much more alien as it no longer had an iris, its sclera had a glowing yellowish tinge to it and the pupil was a vertical slit. New limbs had already started sprouting from the boy's back and even more of his skin was starting to break and peel away as more of the new Zerg carapace forced its way up from underneath the skin.

He was breathing heavily and was moaning in pain as his body continued to change from the inside out. As the limbs started to emerge at a faster pace the Ghost trainee looked over at the now de-cloaked Ghosts and Dark Templar and begged in a voice that was devoid of any hope save for that of a quick death "P-please, k-k-kill me, please!"

Reluctantly Andrew raised his C-10 canister rifle. He flipped on the gun's laser sight and aimed it at the chest of the suffering young man. A second and a half before Andrew pulled the trigger he heard the Ghost trainee manage to utter the words "" The bullet from Andrew's rifle punched straight through the boy's chest and out the other side ending his suffering in an instant.

Once Andrew had finished with his mercy killing a voice filled the room via several speakers "I wish you hadn't done that as the specimen you just euthanized was a very important test subject for my research into infestation in humans," the person's tone was akin to that of a parent scolding a disobedient child.

Upon hearing the voice through the speakers, everyone instantly brought their own weapons up and waited for some sort of an attack "Who is this, where the hell are you?!" Andrew demanded as he aimed his weapon from one point in the slightly darkened room to the next. There was a brief laugh before there was the sound of illuminators powering up and then with a loud click they turned on.

The team turned to the source of the noise and saw an observation room close to their position and roughly half a story above them and built into the wall. Inside was a group of scientists all of which were wearing surgical garb but the one leading them had quite a bit of blood his own clothing articles, most of it human.

The man had an almost predatory smile on his face "My name is Doctor Friedrich Genzken, I'm the man in charge of this charming little research facility. I must say that I wasn't expecting you of all people to be here to be here in my facility but I suppose there's no escaping one's blood now is there."

Genzken spoke as though he'd known Andrew personally from somewhere before now. Andrew looked nothing but confused at that point, he was positive that he hadn't met this guy before, because if he had then he probably would have killed the sick son of a bitch.

"Have we met before?" he asked. The doctor chuckled for a few moments before responding "Oh once, several years ago, but I doubt you remember as you were far too young to truly recall." An answer like that only told Andrew that this guy was probably just trying to stall for time and instead just got down to the point "Where are the captives? Tell us where they are and maybe we won't kill you."

The doctor gave an expression of mock-hurt at the tone he was being given and said "That was very rude now, I would have thought that your mother would have taught you to behave better than that but I suppose given what she'd done that's not surprising but I suppose I would be a very bad host if I was to deny you what you came here for." Genzken then nodded over at a nearby scientist who was standing next to a terminal.

Getting the unspoken message the scientists pushed a series of buttons on the terminal before numerous glass cages rose up from the floor. Many of them contained terran and protoss prisoners, many of them looked as though they had been abused during their captivity. There were also a number of cages that contained many infested terrans some of which definitely looked more zerg than human to the point that there was next to nothing resembling what it had once been.

"These individuals are all here to participate in vital research, research that will eventually allow us to have full control over the Zerg swarms which as you know will make the Dominion the most powerful force in the Korprulu Sector and beyond." At first the group wondered how in the hell making infested humans would do that when it all suddenly became disturbingly clear. They wanted to recreate the Queen of Blades. The only difference between this one and Kerrigan would be that it'd be loyal to the Dominion and not the Zerg, from there the plan wouldn't be very difficult to figure out.

Andrew knew instantly that this little plan of theirs was never going to work. Kerrigan became ruthless as she was intelligent after becoming the Queen of Blades. She would have made sure that the infestation procedure never created anything like her unless of course she willed it to happen. Instead of giving this lunatic that kind of information Andrew just gave a simple retort of "You're completely insane."

Genzken closed his eyes and shook his head, his smile still on his face "Now that was quite rude, just because I'm engaged in a bit of unethical research that makes me mad. Oh if only you knew, if only you knew." Andrew simply ignored the man's prattling and instead raised his rifle up at the observation room whose smile then disappeared and turned into a look of disappointment.

"Still I suppose that can't be helped, your mother rarely showed proper manners around those she disliked. Perhaps some of my friends here can teach you how to speak to your betters."

The doctor then nodded to the other scientist by the terminal who then activated the cell release function only it was on the cells that contained the infested terrans. The infested all but stumbled out of their cages, but the larger ones actually used their pincer like limbs to move over the human sized infested terrans with a disturbingly fluid motion. This was a stark contrast to their smaller brethren who simply stumbled around almost aimlessly.

Andrew and Nova would have cloaked at this point but their power was too low and as a result if they did decide to cloak, it would only last for a few seconds. They needed some time before their cloaking units' power supply could charge enough so that they could remain unseen for more than just a couple of seconds. The Dark Templar however didn't have this kind of problem and began to engage the infested terrans after they became invisible once more.

Within moments the infested terrans found their limbs being sliced off by the invisible warriors and the only hint that there was anything there was a faint green glow seconds before the limb flew off. Almost a dozen infested terrans were released from their torment in less than ten seconds.

Unfortunately this winning streak didn't last for very long as another cage rose up out of the floor, only this one contained something that the group really hoped they wouldn't end up seeing. A zerg Overlord. The bulbous creature seemed almost, confused for lack of better word, if its erratic movements were anything to go by.

This made Andrew suspect that it was probably being kept in a chamber similar if not completely the same to the one that the Ghost Academy used when mind wiping their students. However the creature soon regained its senses and detected the cloaked individuals in the room and saw them as a threat and directed the infested terrans to attack them.

Thinking quickly Andrew aimed his rifle over at the overlord and squeezed the trigger sending a three round burst at the bulbous creature. Unfortunately the bullets were unable to fully penetrate the thick glass cage as it was simply too thick for the bullets to get through. Given that that plan wasn't working Andrew instead telekinetically compressed the air right outside a portion of the cage as much as he possibly could and then suddenly released it, creating a decent sized explosion. Unfortunately this didn't do much of anything to it.

After that last attempt a small chuckle reverberated through the speakers "You're going to need something much, much bigger than those little telekinetic firecrackers of yours, this particular brand of shield glass was tested against ordinance level five breaching charges." With that having been said Andrew immediately shifted his priorities to the infested that were currently heading straight for him and the rest of the team.

Quick yet precise shots to the vital areas of the infested quickly destroyed many of the smaller ones but the much larger four legged creatures were much more difficult to kill as Andrew hadn't seen anything like them before now. Their hides were much tougher and they didn't move nearly as clumsily as their smaller brethren did. If it wasn't for the shape of the torso and head, Andrew could easily have mistaken them for a new form of zerg.

However they did have weak spots as Andrew saw that their joints and neck areas had less protection than the rest of the body. Several shots to one of the leg joints caused the front left leg to be severed from the body. The aberration wasn't able to keep itself upright and fell down to the floor where it struggled to right itself. The monster never got the chance to do so as one of the Dark Templars beheaded it with his warp blade. The body convulsed for several seconds before at last it finally fell still.

Nova quickly emulated Andrew's tactic to an extent by aiming primarily for the joints of the creature and quickly blew off one of the claw like arms at the shoulder joint. It let out a loud, furious roar and started to make its way towards the young woman. She quickly shifted her aim from the upper torso area to the legs like Dante had done and soon blew off both talon-like feet at the joints causing the monster to fall forwards and land on top of several smaller infested terrans, crushing them underneath the sheer weight.

Kelthan and his comrades continued to hack the infested to pieces with their warp blades with relative ease to the point where there were only a handful of them left. Although their numbers were starting to diminish, even one was still a threat to the rescue operation, therefore every infested needed to be destroyed as quickly as possible. This didn't seem like to difficult a task considering how things were going. Even though they were still relatively outnumbered the sheer clumsiness and unintelligence of the infested easily allowed for the much more skilled Dark Templar and Ghosts to execute nearly all of them with relative ease.

Soon the floor was almost completely covered in infested that were either dismembered or completely riddled with bullets. Zerg blood pooled underneath the bodies turning much of the floor a dark purple color. As more and more of the infested fell Andrew took a glance at the observation room and judging by the expressions on some of the scientists they were getting rather worried. Apparently their original belief that their little 'pets' would be able to dispose of the rescue team had been proven wrong and now they were starting to panic. They would either make an attempt to escape or call in marine support in an attempt keep themselves safe. Either way they couldn't be allowed to escape, not after all that they'd done to these people.

Andrew noticed a small elevator platform that lead from the bottom floor all the way up to the top of the observation deck. It was probably put their in the event that someone needed to be evacuated from the floor and into the observation deck. That kind of a design would work to their advantage once the fighting was well and truly over. Andrew fired off a few more rounds from his C-10 rifle at the infested, sending more and more of them dropping to the ground, well and truly dead.

It didn't take very much longer for the last remained of the infested to be sliced to pieces by Kelthan and his Dark Templar brethren or blasted to bits by the two Ghost operatives. Andrew turned to the three protoss warriors and sent "You get these people ready to move, I'm going after Genzken."

Kelthan gave a nod in acknowledgment, the monster behind all of this simply could not get away after all he had done here. "Nova you're with me, let's move!" he ordered to which he got a reply of "Got it." The two then sprinted for the platform knowing that they couldn't allow that bastard to escape, however Andrew had an ulterior motive or going after the deranged scientist. This was perhaps the only lead to uncovering his past he'd ever had the opportunity to find since he woke up on that hospital bed back on Tarsonis. If there was even the slightest possibility that Genzken had been telling the truth earlier then Andrew needed to know!

The instant that they were on the platform it was clear that they needed an ID card in order for it to ascend into the observation unit. Andrew telekinetically forced the platform to start ascending towards the hatch above them which was still closed. Nova reached a hand upwards and focused, the hatch exploded upwards making an opening large enough for the elevator platform to raise up into the observation area.

The scientists were panicking, and rightfully so, as a pair of angry Ghost operatives were coming into their supposed shelter. Fortunately for them, Andrew and Nova were both more focused on chasing after Genzken than they were killing the scientists that were helping him.

Friedrich Genzken himself was standing at a door near the edge of the room. He was wearing a psi-screen and held a pistol in his right hand. The mad scientist smirked at the two in a smug and condescending manner as he fired off a couple of rounds at the two Ghosts that impacted the floor near their feet.

"You know I think I may have actually been mistaken earlier, your mother would definitely be proud of you!" he taunted even as his weapon jammed forcing him to toss it to the ground. Nova aimed her rifle at the bastard and was about to pull the trigger when Andrew sent "Nova Don't, I need that bastard alive!" Reluctantly Nova lowered her weapon.

The mad scientist seeing an opportunity to escape, dashed through the door and closed the steel plated door right behind him in the hopes of slowing them down. He was correct as the material was much too thick for Andrew to break immediately. He had to continually use his telekinesis against it for several longs moments for it to finally break open.



Genzken ran as quickly as he could. He'd been hoping that the failed experiments would at least be able to incapacitate the intruders but it appeared as though those failures were incapable of even doing that properly. Now the only thing he could do was put as much distance between himself and those that were no doubt already chasing him down. The door itself was designed to withstand most low level breaching charges so it would probably take them at least a few seconds to break through it.

Genzken picked up the pace after he heard a loud banging noise not dissimilar to a hammer being slammed against iron coming from the door. There was an express elevator capable of carrying something roughly the same size as a siege tank at the end of the corridor. That elevator would be his ticket to the surface and from there he would take whatever transport he could find out of the facility and head for the nearest Dominion Outpost he could find. With some luck he'd be long gone before his two pursuers even managed to make it to the surface after him.

At last he came to the door that lead into the elevator and he started to enter his authorization password into the numbered keypad. Much to his surprise however, the elevator doors opened and on the other side, clad in full CMC powered combat armor was Captain Nero. Genzken didn't have a clue as to why Nero came down here but at the moment he didn't really give a damn.

Genzken gave the marine captain a relieved smile "Oh thank god you're here captain, I was-" Genzken was interrupted by a loud bang and instantly felt a numbness in his abdomen that started to spread throughout the rest of his body. The scientist looked down and saw a giant hole where his stomach should be.

Directly across from him he could see Nero's sidearm, in his right hand with the barrel smoking. Blood was already starting to leave his body through the wound in large amounts, his scrubs were already turning red only this time it was with his own blood rather than that of others.

Losing all strength in his legs Genzken fell to his knees all the while he looked up at Captain Nero's now sneering expression but there was something else, there was something about him that didn't seem quite human. "W-w-what are you doing? Y-you were a-a-assigned to keep me safe!" Genzken managed to stammer out before falling onto his back.

Nero let out a chuckle that soon turned into full blown laughter as he looked up at the ceiling for a moment. When he looked down his eyes, they weren't human anymore, they were blood red with slit pupils and his face in particular was completely pale.

"I serve a higher power than your pathetic Dominion. I only served in this instillation in the hopes that it would benefit my master's plans, but it has produced nothing but failures. It was clearly a mistake to place any trust in your 'talents' here." Genzken tried to form a response but he only succeeded in allowing blood to flow down the sides of his lips as his jaw moved up and down while a pathetic noise exited his lips. A large pool of blood had already started to form underneath his body.

As Nero made his way back into the elevator Genzken watched and reached out with his right hand and looked as though he was trying to say something but no words came out. Nero entered the elevator and pushed the button that showed the surface. The elevator doors closed leaving the scientist to die in a pool of blood formed from his wound.

A few moments after the doors closed Genzken could faintly hear the pounding against the door leading to the hallway stop, followed by a loud clanging noise. Before he could hear the sound of hurried footsteps approaching him, death finally took the monster that was Friedrich Genzken.

Fifteen second later, Andrew finally managed to break through the sealed door half expecting for the mad scientist to either be in the elevator going up to the surface or in the process of boarding the elevator. What he didn't expect however was for the mad scientist to be lying in a pool of his own blood with an enormous hole in his stomach.

Andrew immediately went and checked for a pulse but quickly found that there wasn't one. Nova could sense Andrew's anger and frustration at the situation and it wasn't long before he started putting things into words "God dammit!" he swore angrily while he slammed his left fist against the metal wall nearby. Pain shot through his hand at the impact but he didn't really care at that point.

Nova wanted to say something that could maybe help comfort him but she knew that nothing she could say would really do anything to help him at that point. It was very clear to Nova that when she found out who Andrew really was that he wanted to recover his lost memories. His desire was subtle but it was definitely there. Sure the monster that was lying dead on the floor could just as easily have been lying about the things he'd said earlier and was simply taunting Andrew. But he may have been Andrew's best chance for finding something in regards to his past.

Andrew stood up straight again and put on a serious face but it was clear he was troubled, "Come on, the only thing we can do now is get those people out of here." Nova only gave a quiet nod and the two walked back to where the prisoners were waiting to be rescued.

As the two made their way back though, Andrew got an idea for Tosh and the other members of Grey team. Tosh wouldn't believe a word he said about the evils of the Dominion without undeniable proof, so it was more than time to present them with undeniable proof.


-Altara, Duriel Facility, Core Reactor Area, several minutes later-


After being given permission to explore the lower sections of the Duriel Facility, Tosh and the rest of Grey team's first order of business was to check the vital systems of the base for any hint of sabotage. Environmental control, internal security systems and the like all needed to be searched for signs of tampering or explosives. They found absolutely nothing to suggest that Andrew and Nova had even been in these areas, making them wonder what their mission was if it wasn't sabotage. It couldn't have been assassination as it was much easier to infiltrate a base when it wasn't under heavy attack by Protoss forces.

Currently Grey team was searching the Core Reactor area of the base, looking for any signs of sabotage. So far they hadn't found anything, no explosives, no tampered equipment, nothing. If they weren't here to sabotage the base then they were probably there to steal classified information on what went on in the base. Unfortunately Tosh and the others weren't allowed into the areas that contained such things.

They'd just finished their sweep of the reactor area when it appeared as though one of their teammates, Aal Cistler was beginning to run out of patience with their lack of progress and started to complain. Granted they were all getting very frustrated that they hadn't found anything at all but they were at least attempting to remain professional as they searched the area. Tosh was about to tell Cistler to shut the hell up when they all received a transmission coming in on their helmets' communications unit. It only took a second and a half for the team to recognize the voice as Andrew's.

"I know you can hear me Tosh, and I know that you and your friends are currently searching for bombs and other acts of sabotage, well if you want to stop me from blowing this whole place to hell I suggest that you head for Sub-Level D." The communications then cut out before Tosh or any of the others could so much as utter a single syllable to their former teammate.

A brief yet very tense silence hung in the air before Lio asked "Should we call this in?" Tosh's reply was quick, and his voice was filled with anger, "No, we're going in to put a stop to this ourselves!" Some of the team seemed to agree with Tosh as they wished to confront the traitor that they had once considered to be a friend while others wanted to err on the side of caution, namely Kath.

"Tosh, maybe we should inform Nero about this I mean he is in charge of security here and-" Kath stopped when Tosh gave her serious look that told her that his mind was set on the matter and it would be a complete waste of time trying to convince him otherwise.

Kath also saw the looks some of the others had on their faces, namely Dylanna who was smirking in delight. It didn't take a telepath to figure out what she was thinking. Dylanna was probably thinking that if Andrew was around then there was the possibility that Nova was around as well, and if that was indeed the case then Dylanna could finally get some payback for the 'wrongs' that Nova had done to her while at the Academy.

The only one who seemed relatively indifferent about the whole scenario was Amelia who didn't really know all that much about Andrew and the other Ghost Academy escapees to begin with. Tosh and the others didn't like talking about them when she was assigned to the team and at the time Amelia felt it best if she didn't pry into something that was clearly a personal matter.

Tosh and the other members of Grey team then started to make their way towards the elevator, it was time for them to get some payback.



To be continued.