Author's Notes: Written for Mew and Mor's Weird Pairing Challenge on the HPFC forum with the pairing Lorcan/Fleur.


Lorcan thought that Louis Delacour was a beautiful boy.

He was not ashamed to say it – shame rarely entered into his mind, in truth – and he had told Louis often. The statement brought awkward laughter to Louis's lips and he would thank him for the compliment and no more would be said on the matter.

Lorcan had not known from where Louis' good looks came from until the day he saw his mother.

It was the end of their second year, and the two boys were laughing and talking as they got off the Hogwarts Express to meet their parents, but all laughter died in Lorcan's throat when he saw Fleur Delacour.

What age could she have been? Older than Lorcan's own mother, surely, he thought, yet though he tried to see her as a mother, someone old enough to have a son Lorcan's age, she could not have been said to look old.

And yet she did not quite seem young either. There was an aura of confidence around her that Lorcan associated with age and that he did not see in people of his own age. It was visible in the very way she stood, the very way she turned and looked at her son as he climbed off the train…

She looked ageless, like an angel come to Earth; like a creature from a fairy tale that had stepped from the pages and made her presence known in the real world.

Louis prodded Lorcan, but he could not tear his eyes from Fleur, and though he was aware of Louis speaking, he dared not respond for fear of breaking the moment. At last, Louis gave up and joined his mother on the platform, and still Lorcan did not move.

She had burned herself into his thoughts permanently.