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"Director Vance, can we, uh, have a word with you...I mean if you don't mind...?" asked a very nervous young man with a camera in his hand.

Director Vance spun around in his chair and turned to look at the young man before him. He was a average height and held a camera in his hand, but for reasons unknown to him. He seemed nervous and jumpy.

The young man turned back to look at the five others behind him. Hesitantly he looked at the Director before clearing his throat. "Well, we...ummm..."

"What this guy's trying to say," another person in the room started, throwing an annoyed glance at the first man, "is that we would like to do a television program on your agency. Sort of a 'day in the life of an NCIS agent', if you will."

For a moment, the room stilled, and it was like no one dared to say a word. Vance kept his gaze hard on the man newly standing before him before he finally spoke. "You... want to do a... television program..." he began. "Of what team exactly?"

The first man stepped forward next to the other, a bit braver this time. "Well...we would like to do a program featuring...your best team, sir."

"From what we've seen from your agency's website," a woman spoke up, "your best team is the MCRT, lead by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"From what we can gather, Director, that team has the best case record we have ever seen." the second man added.

Director Vance said nothing as he looked over to another man in the corner, who said, "Yeah, and we think this will be great for... you know... people."

The Director was silent for another long moment before he said, "So let me get this straight. You want to film my best team doing what? Everyday normal things? You want to follow them around and watch them be... themselves?"

"Exactly Director," the outspoken man spoke up yet again. "You see, we think this would encourage people to want to join your agency. How many applications do you get nowadays, anyway?" The nosy man inquired.

"That is need-to-know information, and you do not need to know," Vance snapped at him.

The first man gulped. "We, uhh, we didn't mean to, I'm uh, sorry for that, sir."
"It's fine," Vance replied. He sat in silence for a moment as he considered this...proposal. Truthfully, he thought that this wouldn't actually be such a bad idea. For starters, it would definitely put NCIS's name out there - and there were already so many people that hadn't heard of them. Second of all, he would get more applications; and maybe this reality show would encourage other people to want to join NCIS. However, he still was a bit hesitant about them putting Gibbs's team on national television. He knew that that particular team wasn't exactly...conventional. But then again, they wereamusing. And that brought more viewers, which were much needed to boost NCIS's reputation and popularity. Now that he thought about it, maybe it was a good idea after all.

"Alright," the Director said, still glaring at them hardly, "let's go over this one more time. You want to film my team, make a program out of it, all to increase the reputation of NCIS?"

"Well, I mean," the nosy man answered, "of course, we would want a good amount of the profit this show will bring."

Vance continued to glare at him, shifting his gaze from him to the other people in the room. After what seemed like a few hours, but were only a few minutes in reality, he finally said, "One thing. If you film the team during work hours, you may not use any names or pictures of suspects or victims in any of their cases. Confidentiality is a must for this to work. Do we understand each other?"

Everyone nodded eagerly at him. The woman in the back piped up, "So, Director Vance, what's the verdict...?"

The Director looked at each person in the room, scrutinizing them before he made up his mind. Once he did he smiled weakly at them. "Yes. Where do I sign?"

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