Sequel to Bailey

Summary : Bailey changes her name to Angel and starts her own business with the help of Doyle and a few others too. How different will season 1 – 5 be when it's Bailey instead of Angel? Read and find out.

Note: Angelus is still going to pop in at random times. So will Penn and Toby.

Warnings: Spanking in later chapters.

Chapter one: The city of Angel's.

Two weeks after the end of the last story:

Bailey was reading..When wasn't she reading! She was always reading to learn new things. Information on demons and regular things too. Then one night she randomly looked up her Sire's name on the internet and found out that Angelus in English was Angel. She liked that. And so she decided that she would call herself Angel. It wasn't to mock her Sire. It was kinda a way for her to keep him with her always. Because their name was the same. Angelus and Angel. They now shared something together.

When she told Spike he laughed his ass off saying that Angelus was gonna have a bloody fit.

Angelus stopped by every once and a while. Unannounced of course. He liked to surprise them. Appearing out of nowhere was a nasty talent of his.

The newly named Angel went out to a bar with Doyle that night. They mingled while handing out business cards. There was a girl there that Angel liked. They started talking and Angel learned that the girls name was Cordelia. Cordy told Angel all about herself and her troubles. Angel told her that she was starting a business and that if she needed something to do then she could come work for her. Cordy agreed that she would stop by sometime.

And Angel went on her way with Doyle by her side now.

She had killed several vampires and Demons withing the last month. She was very proud of herself.

Doyle went home to his place and Angel went home too.

After rambling for a while to Spike he made a growling noise "You know pet..I think your getting a big head here. Tone it down a bit." Spike said of her new attitude.

Angel glared at him "Your not the boss of me Spike. I'm not even doing anything." she said annoyed.

Spike raised a brow at her in warning "Watch it you little brat. Wouldn't want me to tan that pretty little hide of yours now would you?" he asked.

"You can't do that!" she glared.

"Keep pushing me." was Spike's only answer to that.

Angel decided to go to her room and NOT push it. She didn't really care to find out if Spike would really do it.

Spike pulled out his cell and pressed 1 on his speed dial.

The phone rings and Angelus picks up on the other end "Yes?" he sounded a bit annoyed.

"This a bad time?" Spike asked there was silence for a second then a sigh.

"No William...I was just busy drawing and your brother won't sit still...did you need something precious?" Angelus asked and Spike cringed as Angelus called him that.

"Well...Bits developed a slight attitude problem...and she changed her name." Spike said he felt as if he were tattling but he didn't know what else to do. He didn't have permission to punish her.

"She changed her name? What did she change it to?" Angelus asked curious.

Spike snickered "Oh you'll love this one daddy...she looked up your name and found that it's the french word for Angel so now she'll bloody well calling herself Angel." Spike said.

Angelus raised a brow at that not sure if he approved or objected. Then addressed the other comment he had made when asked what was wrong.

"So she's developed an attitude problem has she? How big of an attitude problem?" he asked.

"Just a bit of one..not that bad yet. That night I told you about Doyle I left out the part where she shoved me and ordered me to be nice." Spike said.

Angelus seemed amused at that "So she's getting bossy is she?" he asked.

" could say that." Spike said.

"And you've done nothing about it I assume." Angelus said.

Spike snorted "What pray tell was I suppose to do? Not like I can put her over my knee." Spike said.

Angelus was quiet for a moment then said "Alright William...I asked you to protect her...but now I see that me not being around is going to cause some...undesired effect on her. So here's what going to happen. The next time we meet I will give you a list of rules for her. And if she breaks them there will be instructions for you. For certain rules broken you will spank her. And for others broken it will be I that comes over to punish her. And when I say your going to spank her I mean that you will bare her little bottom put her over your knee and blister her little butt. And it needs to hurt. Otherwise it will do no good. A spanking is suppose to hurt. And I expect you to carry out her spankings the same as I would. I don't care what you use on her. You can use your hand or another implement if you wish. She needs to understand that though she is the vampire with a soul she is still a child and she needs to show respect. Now do you understand what I just said?" he asked.

"Yeah." Spike said he should have known that was gonna happen.

"Was there anything else?" Angelus asked.

"No sire." Spike said.

"Right then.. I have to go now I love you baby. Give my love to Bailey." Angelus said.

"I will. Love you too Sire." Spike said feeling stupid for saying it but then hung up the phone.

Cordy showed up a couple days later and Angel with a big smile on her face introduced her. At which point Cordy said she knew all about monsters and stuff because she had fought them too during high School. She was friends with Buffy and that's when Spike remembered meeting her back when he had a soul. He rolled his eyes remembering the spoiled little bitch. Then her grace announced that Cordy would now be working with them and Spike stared at her..Just like that? She wasn't going to talk about it first or maybe ASK if that was okay with anyone else? Spike was really starting to lose his patience now.

He was eager three nights later as he left to meet with Angelus.

Now in the ally he waited he knew when Angelus arrived. Mainly because no one else was brave enough to grab his ass from behind. Spike jumped turning around and Angelus pinned him against the wall giving him a passionate kiss in greeting. His hand gently cupped Spike's ass.

When Angelus broke the kiss about a century later Spike took the paper handed out to him.

He looked over the rules.

"The first three are things that you will punish her for if she brakes them. The last three are things that I will punish her for so you'll be calling me if she brakes them." Angelus informed.

Rule one: was No disrespect or backtalk.

Rule Two: No disobedience.

Rule three: was that she wasn't to leave without informing Spike where she was going.

Rule four: Was that she wasn't EVER to fight on her own. She had to have at least one person with her helping.

Rule five: She was never to lie to Spike. Or deceive him in any way.

Rule Six: Was that she was to obey Spike.

And Spike had a rule too..

"Your to call me and tell me every time that you have to punish her. I want to when and why. And if I think she needs another round from me then she will get one." Angelus informed then added "If I need to enter I will do it from the sewer entrance." Angelus said he leaned in for another kiss then.

Once Angelus released his lips this time he asked "Tell me everything."

"New girl started this week. Bit didn't even tell me before the stupid cow showed up ready to work. Would have liked at least a little warning." Spike said.

Angelus nodded "She needs to inform you if she's going to make a decision like that. Her choices affect more then just her. Your in change here. Not her. And you need to show her that. You are too soft with her William." he said then took the paper back took out a pen and added another rule then handed it back to him. " You will punish her if she breaks rule 7. And then you will call me and I will punish her as well. She needs to respect your authority." Angelus said.

Spike looked at rule 7: Ask Spike for permission before making any decisions.

Spike looked up at Angelus "You really think that she's going to go along with all this?"

Angelus smirked "I expect you to let her know that it's not up for debate. This isn't optional. That's the first thing you need to tell her. If she protests then your not to repeat yourself. Your to call me. Do you understand?" Angelus asked.

Spike nodded obediently.

Angelus gave a sweet smile then he leaned in for more kisses. They made out there in the ally.

Once back at the apartment Spike gave the list to Bailey who screamed at him that it wasn't fair. At which point he told her that it wasn't up for debate and then threatened her "Don't make me call Angelus!" which was the worst thing he could do.

Her eyes widened and she shut up agreeing to follow the rules. Then he sent her to the corner for raising her voice to him. She raised a brow at that but then Spike turned her and swatted her bottom three times and put her in the corner himself "Now I said to put your nose in the corner. You can stand there until I tell you to get out." he said sternly then went to sit down and watch the clock. It was strange but he felt that he would get used to the role of temporary guardian.

He could see that she was getting close to the humans. Cordelia and Doyle. Their latest adventure had been Cordelia's haunted house. Spike was happy that Bailey had friends other then him. But she was also starting to act like Cordelia. Who had pretty much become a close friend to her. She was such a little girl now. Well she was always a little girl. But now she was more girly then before. She had even wanted to paint her walls pink. Spike of course had said no to that. It was his room too!

He trained with her daily. She was still learning and she was getting better. She was even starting to have fun with it. That made Spike smile. He himself still wasn't all that close to the others. Doyle was alright. Half demon half human. But he seemed to have a past that he didn't want to talk about. Seemed more interested in helping Bailey...and the annoying bit had gotten with Cordy and made blasted cards naming the business Angel investigations and then in small print above the number they had come up with a slogan that made Spike cringe...' we help the helpless'. Angelus had laughed his bloody ass off when Spike had told him that. Spike had hung up on him after that.

Done reminising he noticed that ten minutes had passed and called to the pouting fledge in the corner "Come here pet." She turned around and went over to him and he pulled her into his lap "Listen to me...things ARE going to change around here. Weather you like it or not. So you'd best just follow the rules alright? I don't wanna have to spank you." Spike said.

Angel nodded "Okay..I'm sorry Spike." she apologized because it had been mean of her to scream at him.

He hugged her "It's alright pet..just get those rules in your head and don't break me." Spike said.

Angel nodded and then said "Wake me up if we get any calls." she said then went to take a nap.

Spike stayed seated on the chair to watch her sleep.


I was just setting the ground in this chapter...more to come.

Next time: A Demon cult called the scourge comes and Bailey is faced with the possibility of having to give her life to save a horde of innocent demons that are also half human. Will she sacrifice herself? Or will someone else give their life so that she won't have to? Spoilers for the episode Hero.

I will update as soon as I can.