Bailey sequel

I want to end this so that I can start the next section of the Bailey series so this will be the last chapter of this story and the next part will be started soon along with an AU story about Bailey. Also I think that Toby was kind of a bad idea so I will probably kill him off sometime soon unless I get protests. Also this chapter probably won't be too long. And I"m doing other updates today too not just this story.

This time: Penn wakes up and things go back to normal

Chapter 4: A family again.

Penn woke sooner then expected. He was only dead for two days when he woke again.

Bailey had been angry when she had woken with Angelus but he had quickly corrected his girl when she thought to fight him the net morning.

"I'm NOT staying here with you!" she screamed storming to the door.

"The hell your not! You get your ass back here little girl!" he growled in warning.

She didn't waste time looking behind her she opened the door and a second later he lifted her off her feet she began to kick right away and he slammed the door shut and carried the struggling girl to the living room but she was struggling so wildly that he didn't bother going the rest of the way to the study.

Spike was in the living room watching a soap opera but it was during the commercials so he had muted it. Angelus set Bailey on her feet then trapped her at his side and began to swat her little bottom fast and hard. The force of the swats had her yelping instantly and Spike watched a bit annoyed.

After 15 of those swats at vampire strength Bailey had tears in her eyes.

"Angelus do you really need to do that in here?" Spike said with a brow raised at his sire who instantly stopped at the tone and he gave Spike a look that made him want to tremble. "What was that William?" he demanded as he held her tight against his side not letting her go.

Spike gulped and looked away now "Uh...I said...I was going to another room.." he said standing up now.

"SIT back down now." Angelus ordered and Spike automatically obeyed. "Oh Come on Angelus I don't wanna watch this."

"I don't care! You can stay right where you are. It won't kill you to see a spanking." he said then turned his attention back to the little girl in big trouble and began to spank her again with rapid fire swats using vampire strength.

"You just don't know when to quit do you you little brat! Someone needs a reminder of what happens when you push your sire too far." he said and tightened his hold on her and took a seat on a the table placing her firmly over his lap yanking up the knee length skirt she had on and began to lay blistering spanks on her bottom. She began to cry out yelping and jumping hard and began to cry soon even though he was only spanking her over her underwear. Vampire swats were always the worst.

He paused for a second resting his hand on her hot red bottom as she whimpered in tears.

Angelus looked up and growled in annoyance because William had left the room.

For now he put his concentration back on Bailey. He would deal with Spike later.

Angelus looked down at Bailey "Now then...are we ready to remember our place princess?" he asked gently. She nodded feeling so stupid for having challenged him again.

He grinned wickedly "And remind me princess. What happens to naughty childer sired by my hand?" he asked

She whimpered and groaned "They get punished." she pouted.

"Yes...Indeed they do...and what are we never going to do again?" he asked his voice more stern now.

"challenge you..." she answered

He nodded petting her bottom a little "Good lets make sure the lesson sticks this time." he slipped her underwear down now and then began to slap her bottom sharply once again. He continued for several rounds until he reached 50 she was crying loudly when he finally stopped and pulled up her panties and lowered her skirt he lifted her into his arms now petting her hair and she cried on his shoulder " baby...your alright. Daddy may have to ware you out sometimes but he still loves you til dust do us part my sweet. " he vowed.

She cuddled with him until she fell asleep and Angelus held her for a while and then took her up the stairs placing her in the bed and she remained asleep.

Angelus gazed at her for a moment then went searching for Spike.

He punished Spike by making him bend over and take the strap then sent him to bed.

With all of them now in the bed and sleeping Angelus climbed in as well he kissed Bailey then kissed William. Then kissed Penn and then kissed Toby.


As I said this is not the end for Bailey but this is the last chapter for the sequel. The next installment is coming soon.

Also I want to make a sidenote: Spike is a bad ass vamp but in this he different because with Angelus as his sire he would have turned out different and he would have developed a healthy fear of his sire and that's why I portray Spike the way that I do in this. He is still like himself but he knows not to cross his sire and in a way he is in love with his sire just the rest of them are.

Also if you guys ever wanna know why I do certain things with characters or events then feel free to ask me. I am happy to explain my reasons. No one asked about Spike but I felt that I needed to explain it a little bit.

Hope you liked it and I know it wasn't that long but at least I finally updated and it's about damn time right? :)