A/N: I wanted to write a Motocrossed fanfic for awhile, but never thought of a plot idea. Then I saw Ultimate X at the Imax (it's very very very good, and highly recommended!) and I managed to get a little more than entertainment out of it. A plot idea! This takes place 1 ½ years after the movie. Have fun! And btw, Andrew = Andy, Andrea = Andie.


1:35 PM

I took in a deep breath as I stared at the place in front of me. Had I really made it? Or was this some kind of dream or hallucination?

I must have looked like an idiot staring at that big red X for what seemed like hours, but that was OK. Because I, Andy Carson, was an official X-Games competitor.

I was only 17. Still in high school. Suddenly, I knew that I wouldn't make it. I'd slip, I'd fall. I'd break a million bones at once. Freestyle moto, in my mind, was one of the most dangerous things a person could do.

Why didn't I stick to racing? It was so much easier. And mom would die if I told her that most of the guys got 100 feet plus on the jumps. When she asked me how high I'd be I tried to dodge the question and replied, "Not that high."


I turned and saw another guy. He was a little taller than me, but I should have expected that. Most of these guys were probably older than me.


He smiled. "You're new, huh?"

"How'd you know?"

He chuckled. "You look like I did last year. The amazement at seeing this place, like it's the realm of the gods or something."

"Isn't it?"

He laughed. "I guess you have a point. I'm Nick Jayland. Call me Jay."

He stuck his hand out and I shook it. "Andy Carson."

"Are you nervous?"

I smiled. "Man, I can't count all the times I peed my pants and we haven't even started competing yet."

He laughed again. "Well, good luck. And by the way, Pull-Ups help."

~*~ 4:37 PM

"Talon speeds past the finish line for third!"

My head jerked back to the motocross racing track. I'd just been walking around and heard the announcer say that. Did he say Talon? As in Dean Talon?

I started into the stadium. I flashed my card to the security guards to show that I was a competitor, then went to the finish line.

There, dressed in blue with the number 47 on his back, was a racer with TALON above his number. But that wasn't Deans number, was it?

"And Dean Talon finishes in eighth."

Eighth?! Then who was this other guy?

Probably a brother or something, I guessed. I was impressed that Dean had made it to the X-Games himself… and didn't finish last, like I was going to do.

I could be there, I thought as the racers started walking their bikes away. I could have just finished a race. I caught myself wondering why I'd chosen freestyle over racing.

I hadn't seen Dean in a long time. He'd practiced with me a couple times after he signed with Carson Racing, but then he moved to Massachusetts before he even got a chance to actually race for us.

Soon after that, I'd gotten interested in freestyle, and I found myself practicing it more and more. I'd actually made pretty good progress.

30 minutes later I was leaning against an empty hallway wall and saw Dean with a girl walking up to me.

"Carson?" he demanded. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Nice race."

He laughed. "I don't think so. That's the first time I've gotten lower than 4th in 5 years. But thanks anyway. Why didn't I see you out there?"

I smiled. "I'm not such a racer anymore. I got into freestyle."

"Man, that stuff is so cool to watch. I'll be there to watch you."


The girl cleared her throat and looked at Dean expectantly. She was incredibly cute. She was Chinese, with long shiny hair.

"This is my cousin," Dean said. "Kori."

"Your cousin?" I demanded. "You're…"

"Yeah, I know. My aunt adopted her."

"And you're the Talon who finished 3rd?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I hear you have quite a racing history yourself. And your sister."

"Is she here?" Dean asked.

I nodded. "Of course. Do you really think that Andie would let me come here alone? She'd hide in my helmet if she had to!"

Dean smiled. "Does she still, uh…"
"Like you? Yeah, I think so. You should have seen her moping around when you left. Next time you should take her with you. Please."

"If only I could. I missed her so much. We'd been going out for a total of about 5 days until I left. Not much of a relationship."

"Do you wanna come to the hotel and see her? Kori can come too, if she wants."

"No thanks," Kori said. "But it was nice meeting you, um-"

"Andy. Carson."

"Right." She left.

"Kori usually does her own thing," Dean explained to me. "I don't know where she always goes off to, but it kind of scares me sometimes."

I smiled. "C'mon."