AN: So, saw The Dark Knights Rises opening night and my mind was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY! I fell in love with Bane (I was totally surprised by that fact) and John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so freakin' adorable), so I wanted to try a Bane/OC/Blake story. I hate love triangles with a passion, but this won't be all mushy and sweet. This is Nolan universe, shit gets dark!

Full Summary: Calliope (pron: Ca-lie-a-pee) Ross was just a student trying to survive in the Narrows. Being Roland Daggett's courier and delivering illegal documents to Bane, Gotham's newest villain since the Joker eight years ago, has made Callie a little paranoid that she'll be caught. But when Officer John Blake starts vying for her attention, Callie forgets that anybody from the Narrows is suppose to hate cops. He's just too damn cute! Bane/OC/Blake.


There's A Storm Coming

Callie nervously chewed on her thumbnail as she waited for her boss to walk through his office door for her new confidential assignment. Mr. Daggett was an alright boss, he was kind of a pig, but he paid well and Callie had no illusion about him being a good guy. As long as he kept her out of his illegal business, Callie would continue to look the other way, but she had a feeling that this new assignment was bringing her to the dark side. Stryver, Daggett's assistant and an overall ass, had called Callie early this morning on her day off of work and class, demanding that she come into the office immediately. Daggett had a package she needed to deliver to a client; one that called for discretion. Apparently, she was discrete.

Hearing the office door open, Callie leapt to her feet nervously and turned to face her boss. Roland Daggett was a handsome, but cold man. He loved making Callie feel uncomfortable. His light eyes eyed her petite as he gestured for her to sit back down. Daggett straightened out his suit jacket before sitting down behind his desk, leaning back in the soft leather chair.

"Calliope, I apologize for calling you in on your day off, but I have a task that requires your wonderful discretion," Daggett began, placing a hand on a manila folder. "I would ask Stryver to deliver it for me, but this client of mine isn't very fond of Mr. Stryver. Besides a pretty, young girl wouldn't be as suspicious, so to speak, as a business man would be wandering around in the sewers."

Callie gaped in silent shock at him. "The sewers, Mr. Daggett?"

"Yes, and I would appreciate you to continue to be discrete, Ms. Ross," Daggett warned her softly, his eyes cold. Callie nodded quickly, standing up quickly, straightening her black pencil skirt before reaching out for the manila folder, joking, "I suppose this was a bad day to wear a skirt, huh?"

Daggett placed the folder in her small hand, smirking. "So it would seem. I suggest going through the subway tunnels, you wouldn't want to get wet. That will be all, Calliope."

Callie nodded, tucking a strand of her dark hair behind her ear, as she walked to the door. She was halfway through the door before she paused and turned back, asking, "Your client's name, sir?"

Daggett smirked. "Bane."

"How will I know if it's him?" Callie asked.

"You'll know," Daggett warned her, chuckling.

Callie was even more nervous now.


Callie drummed her fingers against the small café table as she stared out the window to the subway entrance that would ultimately lead her to this Bane character. Occasionally, her eyes would flicker to the manila folder that was peeking out of her huge, knock-off Prada hobo bag before taking a sip of her hot chocolate. After a few minutes, Callie knew she should just get it over with and go drop the package off, go home and curl up on the couch with a glass of wine while watching old reruns of Grey's Anatomy.

She stood up, grabbed her bag and as she turned to leave, Callie bumped into another body. Thankfully, the arm she didn't bump into was holding his cup of coffee, but it did spill all over the floor though. Callie cursed as she grabbed the napkins off her table. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I was in another world!"

The man she bumped into just waved her off, shooting her a charming smile. "It's fine! To be honest, I wasn't paying any attention myself, so it would seem we're both at fault here."

Callie smiled shyly, taking in his short, dark hair and dark eyes in a boyishly handsome face before her eyes noticed his uniform. Her smile dimmed a bit, but he didn't seem to notice. She hitched her bag up higher on her shoulder, as she said, "Well, let me replace your coffee, Officer. It's the least I can do."

"If you're gonna buy me a drink, can I at least have your name?" He asked cheekily, as he followed her to the register, where the girl behind the counter had noticed the spill and already began making him a new one.

Callie chuckled. "Very smooth, Officer-"

"Blake," he interjected, his eyes dancing with glee. "John Blake, ma'am."

She pursed her lips amusement as she began fishing through her bag for her wallet, but John Blake had already took the cup from the coffee girl with a smile, thanking her. Callie nodded at the girl before saying to John, "Well, it was nice to meet you, Officer Blake, and I really am sorry about bumping into you!"

"I'm not, Mysterious Woman," Blake told Callie playfully, grinning like a naughty boy. "You know my name; it's only fair that you tell me yours."

Callie murmured thanks to him as he opened the café door for her. "I suppose it would be fair…But what's the fun in that!"

She smirked shamelessly as she sauntered away towards the subway entrance, leaving Blake to stare after her with a goofy grin before turning around and entering the café once again.


Callie glanced behind her nervously as she crept through abandoned subway tunnels, which had been closed down since she was just a little girl, as she wondered where this Bane client could possibly be hiding down in the sewers. Crinkling her nose in disgust at a very questionable puddle, Callie delicately hopped over it as she mentally cursed her outfit choice today, but even if it was her day off and she was called in unexpectedly, Callie liked to make an impression. And, she doubted her ratty, but comfortable sweats would have made Daggett happy. She paused in the middle of a four-way crossing, surveying each option.

"I better be getting a bonus for this," Callie muttered, playing the 'Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo' game. She landed on the tunnel to her right. "If there are rats, I'm quitting. The hell with my two weeks' notice!'

She froze at the sound of a safety being turned off. Living in the Narrows, you tend to recognize noises and this was one she unfortunately knew all too well. Slowly, Callie raised her hands and turned to face the one holding the gun. There were two, filthy guys standing behind her; one had short hair and a cigarette hanging from his lips while the other one had longer hair that was dirty blonde and a scruffy beard on his face. They were both wearing clothes that have seen better days a very long time ago and bulletproof vests.

Blondie narrowed his eyes at her, while his partner leered. "What are you doin' down here, girly?"

Callie patted her purse. "I, uh, have a package for Bane. Daggett sent me."

The men exchanged looks; Blondie stepped back as he murmured something into his walkie while his friend circled Callie. "And, why would Daggett send a pretty girl down to the sewers to deliver a package?"

"It's my job," Callie explained, shrugging her shoulders. "I'm his courier, though I've never been sent to the sewers before…"

Blondie came forward, holding out his hand. "You've done your job, now you go."

Callie cradled her purse to her chest. "No, it is my job to deliver this package to Bane. No one else."

"Look, girly, I'm saving you the trouble of meetin' the guy. It's your choice," Blondie told Callie, who held her chin up and clutched the bag tighter. "Alright, sweetheart, it's your funeral. Follow us and try not to scream at every rat."

Callie glared at him as they began their journey. "Ass."


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