Hello Readers,

First, I want to apologize for my absence with the story! I got so enthralled with the Olympics and then, my laptop was broken and I had to wait for it to get fixed. When I finally got my laptop back – WHICH TOOK FOREVER – I just couldn't write the date that everyone is so anxiously waiting on! UGH!

Second, I started another job temporarily and those two jobs took away all of my will! I had no strength to write anything! But now that Fall Semester is going to start, I'm back down to just one job again!

Third, I haven't been back to see TDKR again, but I really want too! But my friends aren't as crazy about Batman as I am, except for my best friend's boyfriend, but that would be weird if we went to the movies together without her…LOL. Anyways. So, I'm struggling to remember all the awesomeness that happened in that movie so I could write my story, but my traitorous bitch brain, thought up of a new story! And, so I'm toying between the two.

This is where you lovelies come in!

Should I continue you 'Save Me' or start up a new story and plot – I would finish Save Me eventually. This new one would be different then Save Me.

Who Do You Think You Are? – Bane/OC/Blake (Can I just have them both? –sigh-)

Full Summary: Alexandria Renee Peters didn't always exist.No, she once was Nadia Mikhailovna Jakov, a Russian mercenary with a conscience who worked under a man called Bane until his views became distorted under Talia al Ghul's thumb. Five years later, she is Lexie Peters; a hardworking 9-5 employee at Wayne Enterprises, engaged to a sweet cop who believes in what he does, and a law abiding citizen. And then, Miranda Tate shows up.

Sooooo? Lol. I don't recall how long Talia was posing as Miranda Tate, but I'm going to say at least a year before the movie begins.

OH MY GOD! So, I've been having a Tom Hardy marathon at my place and I love on Netflix that you can find the actors and all the movies they're in on the site. Love it! But, I finally got to see Warrior, which was sooooooooo good and heartbreakingly beautiful, and Tom's body was to die for! NOMNOMNOMNOM! But I also watched his movie Bronson and that movie showed me how well of an actor he is! GOOD GOD, HE WAS BRILLIANT! Jesus. It was definitely interesting. But, as the movie was nearing to the end, HE FREAKIN' STARTS STRIPPING AND YOU SEE EVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRYTHIN G! I may have gotten a little bug eyed! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!