Finding Twilight and Rainbow Dash

It started like any other day I would go to work go home stay up either play video games or go to sleep but either way my life was dull everyday was like any other but still I was getting bored of it but it had to be done but either way I had to get through the day just to pay bills but someone had to get through each day .

As I was walking home I decided to take a detour and decided to walk down a new street just enjoy something in life ever since my wife and kids died things for me were just getting harder and harder but still I had to pull through while it wasn't easy so one day I started to watch a kids show called My little Pony Friendship is magic the only show that I was interested in for a while the only pony or should I say ponies that I was interested in were twilight and rainbow dash but in all my life I never stopped to think as to what would happen if I ever came across either or both of them . But then again it would be nice to at least meet them as I kept walking I noticed a cardboard box .

"Figures though who in there right mind would leave a cardboard box here on a street like this" I muttered . As I kept walking up to the box I could make out what could only but two young fillies one was Cyan with a rainbow mane and tail the other was purple with a horn and had what appeared to be a purple and pink mane and tail so I opened the box without disturbing either of them but sure enough one of them got a good look at me and pulled her hooves so she could try and keep warm but either way the other filly slowly but surely headed toward the cyan filly and tried to keep her warm as well as keep her warm . "Hey you two lost?" I asked . Neither one said anything so I had to assume that they were very young but then again . The first one that I noticed was Rainbow dash a Pegasus that I thought was a myth the same could be said for the other filly twilight sparkle in the show she was the brains of the group and sure enough she was always had her head in the books .

But what was I going to do? Take them to a local animal shelter ? Ah heck no the people would take one look at me and think I was nuts while on the other hand I could call one of my brothers to look after them but that would be a bad idea so this idea popped into my head and sure enough I went to pick them up and sure enough I could tell that both were shivering so I had on a spare coat my black leather trench coat I wrapped up Rainbow dash and I also had a spare hoodie lucky I was wearing two hoodies that's when I went to pick up

Twilight both were squirming but they soon settled down long enough for me to hold them as I started walking I started to figure that either of them weren't going to make it in this weather the walk wasn't long I just lived a house across but sure enough I didn't even notice the cardboard box there before but I soon got to the front porch and sure enough my hands were full but twilight was awake enough to use her horn to help me out the keys were floating magically in the air and she soon found the right key with the last of her strength I could tell that it was fading and fast the key inserted its self into the slot and turned luckily for me there was no one around on the street that I was living on I never put on the dead bolt unless I'm at work .

I soon opened the door while shifting Dash over Twilight in order to open the door and let them in even my arms were going numb so I quickly got in setting them both down on the couch while quickly rushing back to the door to grab my keys and at the same time closing the door and locking it . "Alright now that I got these two in what should I do next?"I quickly thought scanning my eye balls toward the kitchen . "I hope you guys like tomato soup need to get your strength but I must warn you its hot" I said but before I could start it up . I took a quick glance and sure enough they were both sad . I headed toward the living room .

"Look don't worry,Dash ,Twilight everything is going to be alright trust me believe me after you having some of this soup you two will be right as rain" I smiled . That perked both there heads and ears at attention with smiles on there faces .

" Now like I said its going to be hot so take your time in drinking the soup" I said heading back into the kitchen . Sure enough they understood and so I got right to work opening the cans with a can opener lucky me huh? Well once I poured both the can's contents into the pot I set it for low heat while I added some other things such as mushrooms a few extra tomato's cut up by me along with Onions along with some Dill as everything came together I decided to unwrap the small fillies and let them roam the house for a bit once that was done I took off my only hoodie underneath that I had a black sweat shirt underneath that I had a T shirt that I kept should it warm up . So I put them both in closet to dry off . I then put on my slippers and headed back into the kitchen while I went to work on the soup already it was coming along great I gave it a quick stir . I then headed back into my bedroom and I had to figure that my sweat pants were already soaked through and my legs were already wet .

"Well I can solve that I just have to change into a different pair and presto" I thought and sure enough I had to let them dry for a while . Meanwhile the two fillies were exploring every inch of my house so I had to give them names somehow it then hit me "why not call them the names from the show like Twilight and Rainbow it would make sense besides sooner or later there going to need a room of there own but for now better attend to that soup" I thought the soup was already coming along quite well and of course as the fanfics would have it Rainbow can't bake let alone cook at all it would end up in disaster like the time sweetie bell tried to cook for her family in one episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic while I'm not that bad I'm certainly better than Rarity when it comes to using the kitchen . As for Pinkie Pie she's good with baking so I had to figure that I was as well I looked at the Calendar and decided to make this day the first day that I found those two . Anyway though the soup was nice and warm that way it don't burn there little tongues . "Twilight Rainbow dinner's ready" I called . The two of them ran as fast there little legs can carry them they both saw the soup and wondered on how to get up there .

"Leave that to me" I said to them . I picked one up at a time and sure enough it worked . "Sounds like I'll need to build some things first in order for that to work but I'll worry about that tomorrow in any case I had better get these two rested and well fed" I thought .

And I did just that the two fillies were fascinated with what I had put in the soup and sure enough they ate the onions and cut up tomato I then added some sliced carrots into the soup and of course they ate them up and continued to polish the soup off It wasn't long till I heard one of them belch telling me that they were full I soon settled down to some soup myself . It wasn't that bad when I tried . "Well glad you two like it though" I said . And I too polished it off just like that and sure enough I to was full so I put the rest back into the pot and put the pot in the fridge but sure enough I was running out of room so I made some room by throwing out food that was in longer than I planned . I had enough room to put in the onion tomato tomato soup and so I closed the fridge both of them followed me from the kitchen and toward the living room I then collapsed onto the couch and sure enough so did the fillies Twilight on my stomach and Rainbow at my side . And so I dozed off to a good nap .