The Healer

In the Sindria Kingdom, little ten-year-old Aladdin was reading a large red book, given to him by his mentor, Miss Yamu. He was reading it in the palace's gardens.

Meanwhile Alibaba was taking a stroll, given that he had been training all day with Sharrkan. He soon noticed Aladdin.

"Hey Aladdin," Alibaba walked towards the small boy, "What do you have there?"

Aladdin smiled at his friend, "It's a book Miss Yamu gave to me! It's really interesting too."

"Aw, really?" He sat down next to him, "What's it about?"

"Well," he thought for a bit, "It's about this girl... and she's a healer."

"That... doesn't sound very... interesting, Aladdin." said Alibaba disappointingly, "Does she have anything cool though? Like a magical staff? Can she do magic?"

Aladdin looked sheepishly into his book, "...No, not really."

"Eh? Then what was the point for you to read such a book?" he said, losing interest.

"W-well, she has at most, an unlimited amount of magoi..."

Alibaba widened his eyes, "Magi said what now! Unlimited magoi?"

"At most." Aladdin smiled, "But she isn't a magi."

"Then, what is she?" inquired Alibaba.

"She's a healer!"

Alibaba just stared blankly at his friend, "You already told me that, Aladdin. I meant, what does that make her? If she isn't a magi, then what?"

"I don't really know either, Alibaba." He looked back down at the book, "But this person, she has had a hard life."

"... What do you mean?"

"She can never touch anyone." Aladdin said sadly.

"And why's that?" he asked, confused.

"It's because whenever she touches someone, her magoi is automatically transferred to that person."

"!" Alibaba grabbed his shoulder softly, "So she's, basically just a container of magoi?"

"Yeah..." Aladdin looked at him, "But it's okay! She's uses this to help heal people."

Alibaba gave a small smile, "I see." Then he thought for a second, "So why does she have an 'at most' unlimited amount of magoi?"

"Well, the book says that because of her condition, Rukh love to be around her a lot. But it all depends on how much she can hold in her body."

Then, Morgiana appeared before them, "Sorry for interrupting your conversation but, we are needed in the conference room."

Both of the boys glanced at each other, "Do you know what's it about, Mor?" asked Alibaba.

"Nope. I was just told by Ja'far to come get you guys." Morgiana started to walk off.

"Then we don't want to keep them waiting Alibaba!" Aladdin got up and was soon walking with Morgiana.

"H-hey! Wait for me!" shouted the blonde.

The trio entered the room and found that all the eight generals, Sinbad, and Hakuryuu were there also.

"Wow, looked like everyone was called down here." commented Alibaba.

Miss Yamu was in front of the room and looked over at them, "You three, go ahead and take a seat." They did as they were told, " Now everyone, I've gathered you here today to introduce one of my dearest friends." She motioned from the side, "You can come out now."

Then a girl came out. She was cover from head to toe with a white robe. The robe had a yellow lining and she had a face cover with the same design as well. The girl also had a golden head band that had ruffles on the outside. The head band had a swirl design with multicolor jems. She had deep brown eyes and a cute heart-shaped beauty mark on her right cheek. Strangely, there was some sort of tattoo on her forehead that was shaped as a 'V', covered by her bangs that were also a dark shade of brown.

She bowed, "Hello everyone, it's very nice to meet Yamu's other friends. I hope I won't be a bother." Though you couldn't see her mouth, you could tell by the tone of her voice that she was smiling.

Murmurs of greetings fill the room.

"Although I've just arrived, you'll have to excuse me. I need to change into some proper clothing than this heavy robe. Pardon." Yamu's friend left the room.

"Miss Yamu! Miss Yamu!" Aladdin called said mentor and walked to her.

"Yes Aladdin?" She lowered her head so she could hear him more clearly.

"Who is that girl?"

She smiled, "Well, Aladdin, it's that girl in the book I gave you."

Aladdin and Alibaba gasped.

"S-so that girl is! The Magoi Container!" asked Alibaba.

"'The Magoi Container'? How did you come up with that?" asked Yamu.

"Hehe, I just made it up right now! Cool, right?" smiled Alibaba.

"Yes! It's very catchy Alibaba!" commented Aladdin.

"Well besides that, she's the healer." said Yamu.

"I don't understand what you guys are talking about..." added Morgiana.

"I also do not understand." Hakuryuu said.

Yamu smiled at the group, "Don't you worry, I'll explain everything later."

Suddenly the girl appeared again, but she was acting very different. She now had a white no-sleeves shirt with three yellow buttons that only went half way, so you could see her belly. Her pants were puffy with the same designs as the robes earlier and they went just above her knees. She wore black flats and had a golden arm band on her right arm with the same swirl and multicolor jems as her head band, which she kept on.

She stretched, "Hm~, I feel so free now~" She looked at everyone and saw that their faces were confused, "Oh, sorry about that everyone! I just felt that with those robes I needed to be 'sewious'. Anyway, I'm Salena!" she said with a smile.

Upon closer inspection of her face, she practically resembled a toddler. With big, round eyes, round cheeks, a small nose, and a set of lips that naturally form a smile, she was -as you could say- the cutest thing ever. Second only to cute fluffy animals.

"Oh Mah GOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH~!" exclaimed Ja'far as he skipped towards her, sparkles all around him. "I just wanna hug you~!"

"No!" Yamu slapped his hands, "No touching!"

"B-b-but! Her cheeks!" Ja'far tried to pass Yamu but was held back.

"I'm sorry but, none of you can have any direct contact with her."


Both of the generals turn around and see... Sinbad squishing the little girl's cheeks.

"Wow, they are squishy." he said.

"S-s-s-s-SINBAD!" shouted Yamu.

Then all of a sudden, the 'V' on Salena's forehead started to glow and a tingly feeling was felt in Sinbad's hands. His eyes widen as he felt magoi rushing into his body. He let go as soon as the tingling started.

Salena stumbled a bit and rubbed her sore cheeks, "Gesh, mister. You sure squish hard."

The room went silent. Everyone was either shocked or confused about what just happened.

"Um,... Is everything okay?" She looked from one face to another, "W-was it something I did?" Her face showed concern.

"Ah, no, sweetie. You did nothing wrong." Sinbad said to her, "I just need to speak to everyone for a sec in the next room, okay?"

"Oh, um, okay."

Sinbad then lead everyone to the next room. That is, until Ja'far tried to run back to give her a hug, but was once again held back by Yamu.

"First off," said Sinbad as he sat down along a table, "Yamu, what is your relationship with Salena?"

"To know that," she began, "You'll need to start from the very beginning."