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There was a reason Artemis hated being called Arty. She used to love being called Arty, but that was before her life was turned upside down at such a young age.

You see Arty was a small naive little blonde girl that did everything she was told. She loved her sister and her dad and especially her mom. She would wear her hair in little braids or pigtails and usually overalls. She always carried her teddy bear with her and she worshipped the ground her older sister walked on. She always looked up to Jade and wanted to be just like her. Arty was a girl that trusted the world and the people around her; she always wanted to see the good in the universe.

All that changed when her mother was arrested. She realized her father was not the person she thought him to be, he didn't even let her go to her mother's trial. Then Jade left and her tiny little heart shattered. After that night Arty was no more, the little naive trusting girl died that night her sister left. She was replaced by Artemis; she would never let anyone hurt her like that again. Her heart was hardened and she no longer trusted the world, no longer loved her father or her estranged sister. She never let herself love anyone fearing that they would hurt her in return. Her eyes showed wisdom beyond her years and she was covered in scars.

She decided that she would have to take up the responsibility of atoning her family's many sins. She would never follow that path of darkness like the rest of her family. As she got older she learned how to have faith in people but she would never truly trust them. She didn't even trust herself. Sure she loved her mother, but it wasn't the same as before. Some wounds never heal and Artemis's scarred heart was no exception. She keeps this all to herself because no one will truly understand the pain she has felt, the sting of betrayal, the pain of abandonment and the agony of being completely alone in the world. She would never show weakness again.

When she saw her sister again after all those years it was like her heart was ripped out of her chest. She stayed strong but that didn't dull the pain she felt. After all this time her sister laughed at her as if she meant nothing to her. The last bit of faith she had for her sister was completely gone. Jade was dead to her. It hurt to fight her family. Even though she hated them it still hurt, buts she never let it show. Artemis was too strong for that. She would never again let them make her cry herself to sleep. She would never let them tell her what to do. She would never again let herself get hurt like that ever again. She was Artemis not Arty and she was a fighter.

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